Here you'll find some pictures from times past. Just to prove we're all just a bunch of good ol' boys.

Don Brown Seems to just keep 
bringing them in. Here's a real nice bass 
from the Lake of the Ozarks.....

.....and a beer from home.

Joe Saucier brings in a limit

Our first weigh in of the new millenium.
at Lake of the Ozarks.

Ready to weigh?

Two very alive bass brought in by
Larry Harniteaux, Sr.
Who is this guy "BILL"??????

Mike Vallino, "DANCES" at
Lake of the Ozarks.

A couple of pics from Crab Orchard

Larry Heagy and his new 21 ft Express               Joe Saucier and Gary Burnett working hard

Dan Stuckenbrach's
big fish at Lake of the Ozarks
Tom Jenkins "sets'em free".....
after they're weighed, of course.

Terry Keuthe and the big bass from 
Smithland Pool #1


Dennis Hunnicut with Big Bass at Table Rock
& his partner Burt Houston

Table Rock weigh-in...
appropriately, on the bottom of a boat.

Tom and Donna Rauls

on Table Rock Lake, Missouri

 Accommodations at Lazy Lees Resort .....
Tim Shevcik and his 5 pounder 
from Crab Orchard

Table Rock Lake '99

We do this EVERY spring and fall, folks ...... why not come join us??

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