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(former French, Spanish & British Morocco & French and Spanish Tangier)

Morocco -
was invaded by Arabs in the 7th century. Conflicting French and Spanish interests in the region in the 19th century led to the Treaty of Fez, 1912, establishing Spanish Morocco (capital, Tetouan) and French Morocco (capital, Rabat). Tangier became an international zone from 1923 to 1956. The protectorates gained independence, 1956, and became the Kingdom of Morocco, 1957. The Spanish withdrew from former Spanish Sahara in 1975 and Morocco laid claim to the area. Postage stamps have been issued from 1891 (French Morocco), 1898 (British Morocco), 1903 (Spanish Morocco), 1918 (Tangier, French), 1929 (Tangier, Spanish) and 1956 (Morocco).

Postal Contacts:

Direction Centrale des Postes et Services Financiers,
Direction des Services Postaux,
Service de la Philatelie,
10000 Rabat Complex Des P & T,

Int'l Customer Service:

Division commerciale
Mme Hiba Belbachir
Chef de Division
Boulevard Moulay Ismaïl
10000 RABAT

Téléphone (+212 7) 70 20 56
Téléfax (+212 7) 20 40 89
From the UPU

Morocco - CIA Data :
Location: Northern Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, between Algeria and Western Sahara

Independence: 2 March 1956 (from France)

Inter Governmental Philatelic Agency Online
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Morocco Stamp New Issues.
by Jollian

>The Moroccan Post - English page
Write to the following E.mail address: [email protected]
For further informations please inquire at any of our post offices counters or the " philately " service :

Direction des Services Postaux ,
Complexe PTT 10 000 Rabat
tel. (07) 70.46.21

and from , "I found this site to download very slowly, but it is a very complete site, with stamp images going back to 1956 and an index of topical subject issues." (they offer same url without /English.. see below)

>Morocco's Post - Main entrance - offers English and French links
no /English ...

>Morocco's Post - Philately - English - with codes, rates ..

Itissalat Al Maghrib - Moroc Telecom

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