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Mongolia -
was assimilated into China and divided into Inner and Outer Mongolia. Outer Mongolia declared itself an independent monarchy in 1911 and changed its name to Mongolian People's Republic in 1924. Postage stamps have been issued from 1924.

Postal Contacts:

Directeur de Bureau des Philatelistes
Box 175
Ulan Bator, Mongolia

Int'l Customer Service from the UPU:

Mongol Post Company
M. Dondov Buyan
Head of Operational Division
13, POB - 11

Téléphone (+976 1) 321 976
Téléfax (+976 1) 314 124

Mongolia - CIA Data :

Location: Northern Asia, between China and Russia
Independence: 13 March 1921 (from China)

Mongolia - FIP DATA

Federation of Mongolian Philatelists
P.O. Box 175 CPO
Oulan Bator, Mongolia
Phone: 00976 1 360 298

Mongolia Stamp New Issues.

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