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Mauritius -
was settled by the French in 1722 and was ceded to Britain in 1814; governed jointly with as a single colony until 1903. Her first postage stamps were issued in 1847 making her the first British colony and the fifth country in the world to issue postage stamps. Mauritius became an independent sovereign state within the Commonwealth in 1968 and independent as a republic since 1992.

Mauritius was also the first colony to order stamps via the Crown Agents (1848), the world's first surcharges were prepared in her name in 1854, though not issued until 1858.
Postal Contact:

Philatelic Bureau
Port Louis, Mauritius

Mauritius - CIA Data :
Location: Southern Africa, island in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar
Independence: 12 March 1968 (from the UK)

Postal Services Stamps of Mauritius Image Gallery
with links to FDC images.

Ministry of Telecommunications & IT - Postal Services Division
We provide services to our customers through a network of 93 full fledged Post Offices, 6 Postal Agencies and 1 Mobile Post Office. We also provide services to and from Rodrigues an island situated some 350 miles North East of Mauritius, and which forms an integral part of our Republic.

Post Office Head Quarters
Quay Street
Port Louis
Tel (+230) 208 2851
Fax (+230) 212 9640

Ministry of Telecommunications & IT - Postal Services - Philately
Notes the:
Mauritius Postal Museum
Place Du Quai,
Port Louis
(M-F 9a-4p & Sat. 9-11:30a : Free)
"On permanent display are philatelic archive paraphernalia dating back to the mid 19th century, cancelling machines and cancelling devices, letter boxes, telegraph machines, stamp vending machines and many other items (such as) Stamps, postal stationery, original artwork, printing plates ... Major collections from private individuals and from the Postal Services own collection are exhibited regularly.

"... also sells philatelic materials to enable philatelists mount their collections. Souvenirs are also available for sale. Order for Souvenirs may be placed with the Philatelic Bureau in Port Louis.

(the page also lists their current stamp program - aj.)

Ministry of Telecommunications & IT - Postal Services : Tariffs (includes 1997 stamp program)
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Crown Agents Stamp Bureau (still their worldwide agent)  

Mauritus Local & Rural Posts 1848-1890 by Dave Tarry

(An IOSC article hosted at stampdomain.)

Government Of Mauritius - Official Home Page

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