"For six centuries before independence ... Malaysia - the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula ... plus the norther third of the island of Borneo, were controlled, in whole or in part, by outsiders: The Prince of Palembang, the kings of Siam, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Brooke family (the famous White Rajas of Sarawak in northern Borneo), the British, the Japanese and the Brithish again. [T.R. Reid, National Geographic, Vol. 192 #2, August 1997 pg. 105]

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Labuan formerly known as Victoria island is, since 1946, a territory of Malaysia being part of the state of Sabah. It comprises one main island (75 sq.km.) and six other smaller ones off the coast of Sabah, and Brunei. The islands have a total population of 75,000 and are best known as an offshore banking center. In Malay,it is called Pulau Labuan (Labuan in Malay means anchorage).

In 1984, Labuan was made part of the Federal Territory of Malaysia, and in 1990 it was declared and still is an International Offshore Financial Centre (IOFC).

1 History

In 1840 the British used the previously-uninhabited island as a base for operations against piracy and later as a station for the submarine cable between Singapore and Hong Kong. The Sultan of Brunei ceded Labuan to Britain in 1846, and the island became a Crown Colony in 18481848 is a leap year starting on Saturday (link will take you to calendar). Events Sri Lanka The Revolution of 1848 (qv. a series of widespread but failed struggles for more liberal governments, from Brazil to Hungary. January 24 California gold rush: Jame. It was made a part of North BorneoNorth Borneo was a British Protectorate and later Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom, situated in what is now the province of Sabah Malaysia. North Borneo ( In Detail) ( Full size) National motto: Land Below the Wind Official language English Politi on 1 January 1890Events January 2 Alice Sanger becomes the first female staffer for the U. White House. January 25 The United Mine Workers of America is founded. January 25 Nellie Bly completes her round-the-world journey in 72 days. March 1 Leon Bourgeois succeeds Ernest, then on 30 October 1906Events January 8 Landslide in Haverstraw, New York kills 20 January 31 Earthquake in Ecuador (8. 6 in Richter scale) February 11 Pope Pius X publishes the encyclical Vehementer nos''. February 15 Representatives of the Labour Representation Committee in t joined to the Straits Settlements instead.

Labuan was occupied by Japanese forces from December 1941 to June 1945, after which it was under British military administration (along with the rest of the Straits Settlements]], then rejoined to North Borneo, on 15 July 1946, which in turn became a part of Malaysia when it was formed.

2 Postage stamps and postal history

A post office was operating in Labuan by 1864, and used a circular date stamp as postmark. The postage stamps of India and Hong Kong were used on some mail, but they were probably carried there by individuals, instead of being on sale in Labuan. Mail was routed through Singapore. From 1867 Labuan officially used the postage stamps of the Straits Settlements, then issued its own beginning in May 1879.

The first stamps of Labuan depict the usual profile of Queen Victoria, but are unusual for being inscribed in Arabic and Chinese scripts in addition to "LABUAN POSTAGE". Perennial shortages necessitated a variety of surcharges in between the several reprints and color changes of the 1880s. The original stamps were engraved, but the last of the design, in April 1894, were done by lithography.

Beginning in May 1894, the designs of North Borneo were printed in different colors, with "LABUAN" either engraved into the vignette or overprinted. On 24 September 1896, the 50th anniversary of the cession was marked by overprinting "1846 / JUBILEE / 1896" on the overprinted North Borneo designs. Additional overprints appeared through the 1890s. In 1899 many types were surcharged with a value of 4 cents.

A last Labuan-only design came out in 1902, depicting a crown and inscribed "LABUAN COLONY". After the incorporation into the Straits Settlements in 1906, Labuan ceased issuing its own stamps, although they remained valid for some time. Many of the remainders were cancelled to order for sale to collectors, and are now worth only pennies; genuine postal uses are worth much more.