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(An automous region of Portugal 1980 )

Madeira -
was occupied by the Portuguese in the 16th century. It gained partial automomy as a region of Portugal in 1980. The first postage stamps were issued in 1868

Direccao de Filatelia
Avenida Casal Ribiero, 28-6
1000 Lisbon Codex, Portugal

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Madeira Directory - MIRADOURO: Stamps And Coins
Local dealers:

39 Rua 31 de Janeiro
Tel: 230084
Home Page: not available
Email: not available

75 Loja C r/c Avenida Arriaga
Tel: 223070
Home Page: not available
Email: not available

CTT Correios (Portugal)
Philatelic Department
Av. Casal Ribeiro, 28-4º - 1049-052 Lisboa Codex

Phone: 21 311 17 00
Fax: 21 311 18 48
email: [email protected]

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Madeira Island: Government
"Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal. Autonomy was granted soon after the revolution of the 25th April 1974, that swept away the last vestiges of the Salazar dictatorship, that had governed mainland Portugal, the islands and the colonies since 1928. The level of autonomy is ever changing and ever disputed, but is ultimately decided upon by the Assembleia da Republica that sits in Lisbon.

To the outside world Madeirans are, to all intents and purposes, Portuguese. They carry Portuguese passports, vote in Portuguese elections, and pay Portuguese taxes. Where they differ from the rest (with the exception of their island brethren on the Azores) is that they are also represented at a local level by the Regional Government. ..."

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