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The Former Yugoslav Republic of (FYRO)
(MACÉDOINE / Makedonija)

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Macedonia -
was incorporated into Serbia after the Balkan Wars. It was united, in 1918, into what was to become Yugoslavia. Macedonia was occupied by Bulgaria during World War II, 1941-44 and declared itself independent in 1991. Postage stamps have been issued since 1992

"Historic Development of the Post

The postal traffic in Macedonia dates from the distant past. Numerous historic documents bear witness that the conveyance of information and messages served the warring parties in this region even in Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Byzantium, Ottoman Empire (when the first posts were established) and during the two world wars.

The first post office in Macedonia was established in the town of Bitola in 1843 and after that post offices were also opened in the towns of Skopje (1849) and Stip (1864) . The first postage stamp was printed in 1963 marking the start of stamp usage in the postal traffic on the territory of Macedonia. ..."
(from their post website - aj.)

Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of - CIA Data:
Location: Southeastern Europe, north of Greece
Independence: 17 September 1991 (from Yugoslavia)

Encyclopedia.com - Macedonia, Republic of
Macedonian Makedoniya, officially Republic of Macedonia, independent republic (1994 prelim. pop. 1,936,877), 9,925 sq mi (25,713 sq km) in the S central Balkan peninsula; formerly a constituent republic of Yugoslavia; Skopje is the capital.. After Albania, Macedonia is the poorest and most economically underdeveloped nation in the Balkans....

Sinisa Pavleski's Macedonia Stamps
A truly nice site featuring images of all issues along with data! (through 2000) - He trades too. [email protected] ( 4/6/2001 )

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