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M. Mohammad Reza Shirzad
Director General of Postal Operations Engineering
ADDRESS: 15587-31354
Téléphone (+98 21) 860 1029
Téléfax (+98 21) 811 4228
From UPU

Iran -
was ruled by the Arabs, Turks and Mongols until the Sasavid dynasty of the 16th through 18th centuries and the Qajar dynasty, 19th and 20th century. A military coup in 1921 brought independence under Reza Shah Pahlavi in 1925. Name of country changed from Persia to Iran in 1935.

Postage stamps have been issued since 1868.

Philatelic Bureau
Directorate General of Internal Post
Box 16315-174
Tehran, I.R. Iran

and from ePhilatelic:

M. Reza Shamouli
Director General of Postal Operations Engineering


Phone (+98 21) 862 900
Fax (+98 21) 868 064

Iran - via the CIA:
Location: Middle East, bordering the Gulf of Oman, the Persian Gulf, and the Caspian Sea, between Iraq and Pakistan
Independence: 1 April 1979 (Islamic Republic of Iran proclaimed)

Iran / Persia - FIP DATA

Iranian Philatelic Society
6/28 Andisheh 1 St., Beheshti Ave
Teheran 15697, Iran
Phone: 0098 21 84 7534
Fax: 0098 21 874 5399

The Iran Philatelic Study Circle - APS Affilate # 208

PersiPhila: Iran stamps and postal history
PO Box 1589
Glendora, CA 91740-1589, USA
Fax: 1-626-963-1232

PersiPhila Article: Foundation of the Postal System in Iran
Opening paragraph:
"As recorded by Herodotus and Xenophon, the first regular postal system in the history was established in Iran during the reign of the first king of the Achaemenid (Hakhamaneshi) dynasty, Cyrus the Great, in 6th century BC This communication service was covering the Persian Empire from Europe, Asia Minor, and Egypt to Babylon, Aden, and Arabia to Indian Ocean. The messengers were carrying mail by day and night; the relay stations were built only so far distant from each other so that a horse could run without resting or feeding. Thousands of kilometers roads were built to facilitate the delivery of mail throughout the Persian Empire. "

PersiPhila Article: Study of the Forgeries in the Iranian Philately
"One of the most challenging aspect of philately in general is to distinguish and identify the forgeries. The term "Forgery" in philately purely refers to the stamps or overprints made from the fake or imitation of original cliches or handstamps. Forgery in philately was not necessarily meant to defraud the collectors alone, but as we have seen, during the World War II, both allies and axis printed forgeries as propaganda means to discredit their foes. Another purpose of forgeries, which to this date exist, is to defraud the post office. We must not forget that postage stamps are as valuable as banknote. ...
- has many pictures of fakes.. aj.

Is It Genuine? - Distinguishing Genuine Iranian Philatelic Material
WARNING: Forged/counterfeited, reprinted, and canceled-to-order material is found in the philatelic marketplace for virtually all unoverprinted stamps issued prior to 1925 and all overprinted and surcharged stamps issued prior to 1928 (plus some issued later). In many cases, the existence of nongenuine material passing as genuine has completely saturated the marketplace. Most of these are fairly easy to distinguish; others less so.

This means that no one may offer such Iranian material as genuine in good faith without first applying special knowledge in addition to what may be available in the major philatelic catalogues.

from the Iran Philatelic Study Circle (IPSC)

Definitions of forgery, reprint, imitation, bogus, and canceled-to-order (cto).
Legal obligations of buyers and sellers of philatelic material in the United States. (To be added later.)
Part 1: The Lions (1868-79).
Part 2: Other 19th century stamps (1876-1900).
Part 3: Early 20th century stamps (1901-25).
Part 4: Modern stamps (1926 to the present).
Part 5: Postal stationary.
Part 6: Cancels and covers.

See also related information on the top six scams of Iranian material in the philatelic market place.

cool tool - aj.

What Is It? - Uncatalogued Iranian Philatelic Material
A Summary of Issued, Local, Rebellion, Essay, Unissued, Cinderella, Bogus, and Other Iranian Philatelic Material Not Currently Recognized in the Major Catalogues

Iranian Friendship Circle Webring list ; '404'???

Tambr - Persian Iranian Stamps - Online Museum of Persian Stamps

Online Museum of Persian Stamps

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Persia (Iran) - the first so-called Lion issues and the provisional issues for Meshed. - Welcome to Rainer's Pages
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Bushire (Persia?) - Download Album Pages: - $5 a year for all the countries you can eat!
Free Album Pages? This site is sort of like "shareware" software.

Linn's: Iranian (Persian) British ovrprnt issues Bushire 1915
An Iranian port on the Persian Gulf. Bushire was occupied by British forces from Aug. 8, 1915, to Oct. 16, 1915. During the British occupation, Persian stamps were overprinted and used in Bushire.

Linn's: Iranian issues: AZERBAIJAN (1945-46)

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