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Bund Deutscher Philatelisten E.V.
Mildred-Scheel-Strasse 2
D-53175 Bonn, Germany
Phone: 0049 228 308 850, Fax: 0049 228 308 5812

Postal Authority

Deutsche Post | Homepage

-- Standing order for all new FDC or Maximum-Cards issues - also servive for the past FDC and MaximumCard from stock.

Sie erreichen uns wie folgt:

P. O. Box 100349
D-47880 KEMPEN
Vorster Str. 10
D-47906 KEMPEN

fon +49 (21 52) 5 30 85
fax +49 (21 52) 51 91 76
[email protected]

German Inflation Era ('19 - '23) - Collecting basics
from the introduction:
Before we even start discussing the actual stamps, there is one subject that we have to get out of the way. EXPERTIZING. Other than a common, mint example, everything in the inflation era has to be "expertized". Don't spend one extra cent on any premium for a color shade or "used" example if it is not expertized! I don't care who the seller is, what his assurances are, how good the deal looks, just don't do it, plain and simple... A list of the experts can be found at the back of the Michel catalog. (A 'Must Read' aj.)

Other Links:
Mint Stamps
"Used" stamps
Mint Sheets

The 'GPS' - German Philatelic Society

Berliner Ganzsachen-Sammler-Verein von 1901 e.V. (German Club)
BGSV (loosley translated: The citizen of Berlin complete thing collecting tank)

As 1. Chairmen of the BGSV I am to you for further information gladly at the disposal:

Franz Eberhard ruffle
Hermsdorfer dam 36
D-13467 Berlin
Telephone: +49 (0) 30 - 4 04 98 63

email the BGSV : [email protected]

BPP Homepage - German Society - mostly in German but authorative

German Stamps Page

German Stamps Page

English <---> German Stamp Vocabulary Cross Refernce
Basic stamp termonology in English with German translation and visa-versa.
email: [email protected]

Willkommen zu proPhil - German philatelic software - 32bit Windows

Rod's Briefmarken Zeitung - Articles on German ++ philately (including perfins
many articles.
email: [email protected]

Main Page SW Graham, Stamps of the Third Reich

stamp finder - Rhein Main Briefmarken Links
German only - extensive links to philately.

über 1100 Briefmarkenlinks
Infos von über 500 deutschen Städten

Briefmarkenauktionen in Deutschland

Unicover - Deutsche Post AG announced closing all foreign agencies effective December 31, 1999 ...
This followed the resignation of the Deutsche Post's Stamp Agencies in Switzerland and Italy.

Dealers Specializing in

53175 Bonn, Germany
email: [email protected]
(the site is in German only)

Welcome to Torsten Hornung`s Homepage - German stamp auctions

Beverly Stamp Company - Richardson, Texas - [Germany]
In business 25 years, and about the last 10 years full time. We only attend the Texas Stamp Dealers shows in Dallas. Our business is selling individual country collections. We do not count faulty issues, and mint issues w/o gum are counted at 50% of cv.

In addition to the country collections, we offer individual issues of German colonies, with special attention to used issues and town cancels. All dubious issues are sent to Germany for expertising. This is also true of old German states which we offer as individual issues. Another area of individual issues that we offer are Germany from about 1890 thru the inflation period, and all of the used inflation issues are signed as to the particular variety according to the Germany Specialized Michel catalog. Although we never have enough inventory we also specialize in German Occupation issues of WW II. Here again, all questionable issues are expertised or signed.

We welcome want lists for German colonies, old German states, and the Germania and inflation issues of Germany.

We do not handle nor offer topicals and U.S. - Der Sammler Treff

German Propaganda Forgeries for Great Britain by Wolfgang Prätzsch (.se)

OSS propagada stamp for 'Operation Cornflake'
Forgeries of WWII German stamps printed by the U.S. Office of Strategic Services 1942-1943.

on sale from:

Henry Gitner Philatelists, Inc.
PO Box 3077
Middletown, NY 10940 USA

Phone: 914-343-5151
Fax: 914-343-0068
1-800-94STAMP (in US only)
email: [email protected]

Literature / periodicals

going Postal ...

Deutschland im Internet nach Postleitzahlen / Germany in the WWW sort by postcodes - stamp finder - Rhein Main Briefmarken Links

Post-Direkt - Adress Management - German Postcode search

Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Conversion of German "Postleitzahlen" ZIP codes
Postage rates

Postal Authority, Societies, Clubs, Museums...

Deutsche Post AG -English - very informative; postally; link to stamps.

Deutsche Post AG - Deutsch- very informative; postally; link to 'Philatelie'

>Deutsche Post | Postage Stamps
isolated out of frames - URL minder couldn't reach main pages but found this one.

PostEurop - Germany / ALLEMAGNE - has url - "EUROPA Stamps"
Deutsche Post, A.G.
International Relations and Incoming Letter Mail - Abt. 243
Postfach 30 00
53105 Bonn, Germany
Mr Herbert-Michael Zapf
Tel: +49.228.1822430
Fax: +49.228.1826770
Mr Günter Böhm, Dipl. Ing.,
Directorate UPU Affairs
Tel: +49 228 182 2480
Fax: +49 228 182 6928
Language of correspondence: English
Web Site:

email: [email protected] - 2/99

Germany Philatelic Society and Its Activities

Munich Philatelic Library
Munich City Library, Floor 3.1
A short walk from the German Museum
Philatelistische Bibliothek
Rosenheimer Str. 5
D 81667 München, GERMANY
Phone: 089 / 48098-291
Fax: 089 / 48098-248
e-mail: [email protected]
site includes additional data..

Philatelic Museums & Libraries data - Germany
addresses and descriptions to 13 places...

Catalogs and Resources

Germany (& Specialized) - Download Album Pages: - $5 a year for all the countries you can eat!
including: Germany, German States, Berlin, Allied Occupation, Offices Abroad, Territories (WWI, WWII)
(Note: also under "Saar" are pages)

Free Album Pages? This site is sort of like "shareware" software.

Kabe German Albums - from LIGHTHOUSE (Worldwide) - [En, Gr, Fr, Sp]
Also In the US, Canada and Germany LIGHTHOUSE is exclusive agent for the stamp bureau of the NORWAY POST.
Vario album products

Head office & factory:
Postfach 13 40
21495 Geesthacht, Germany
Phone (49) 4152 801-0
Fax (49) 4152 801-222
E-Mail is 'forms' based on this site.

Germany catalog to 2/89 - APS's WPID data is in ASCII comma delimited format
...The data can be imported into a database program such as Access, Approach, dBase, Foxpro, Paradox etc., .
Also the data has not been updated in a number of years... - others are needed to continue this task.

ftp sites for the WPID data: - use this one!

To enter new information contact the co-ordinator J. M. Myerson ([email protected])
or e-mail: [email protected]

Deutsche Post | Postage Stamps - 1996-1999

A German-English philatelic dictionary:

German Stamps Page - English->German / German->English philatelic terms
lists recent issues and extensive software links right to the download link

German stamps forum : - Homepage

German stamps personal homepage

Germany -
After the Congress of Vienna, 1814-15, there was a confederation of 39 states under Austria. Under Brismarck, Prussia succeeded Austria as the leading German power, There was a union of Germany and founding of the second Reich in 1871 with the king of Prussia as the hereditary German emperor.

The German states were:

Baden (1851-1868)
Bavaria (1849-1920)
Bergedorf (1861-1867)
Bremen (1855-1867)
Brunswick (1852-1865)
Hamburg (1859-1869)
Hanover (1850-1864)
Lubeck (1859-1865)
Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1856-1867)
Mecklenberg-Strelitz (1864)
Oldenburg (1852-1867)
Prussia (1850-1867)
Saxony (1851-1857)
Schleswig-Holstein (1850-1866)
Thurn and Taxis (1852-1867)
Wurttemberg (1851-1920)

The North German Confederation issued stamps from 1868 to 1870.

Postage stamps have been issued for the German Empire since 1872.

Starting in 1948, stamps were issued for Berlin for use in the American, British and French sectors.

Starting in 1949, stamps were issued for the German Democratic Republic established in eastern Germany.


Deutsche Post AG
Versandstelle fur Postwertzeichen
60281 Frankfurt, Germany

and from Linn's: Deutsche Post AG
Versandstelle fur Postwertzeichen
Niederlassung Weiden
92632 Weiden, Germany

from Malte: Versandstelle fur Postvertzeichen
Postfach 120950, D-1000 BERLIN 12

German Stamp Office in North America ; buy at face value
via: Unicover World Trade Corporation, 1-800-443-4225

German Stamp Office in North America
1 Unicover Center
Cheyenne, WY 82008-0006, USA

Germany - via the CIA:
Location: Central Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, between the Netherlands and Poland, south of Denmark

Independence: 18 January 1871 (German Empire unification); divided into four zones of occupation (UK, US, USSR, and later, France) in 1945 following World War II; Federal Republic of Germany (FRG or West Germany) proclaimed 23 May 1949 and included the former UK, US, and French zones; German Democratic Republic (GDR or East Germany) proclaimed 7 October 1949 and included the former USSR zone; unification of West Germany and East Germany took place 3 October 1990; all four power rights formally relinquished 15 March 1991

National holiday: German Unity Day (Day of Unity), 3 October (1990)


Collector's Connection : 'Germany and Related Areas', 'Topics of the World' (@ boxLot) - Danbury, CT

Germany and states

these died?



bayern top ;

bayern top ; - dupe??

Germany - Linn's: Berlin (1948-90)
Stamp-issuing status: inactive; Population: 1.8 million. The capital of Prussia and, after 1871, of Germany. Surrounded by the Soviet Zone of Occupation, Berlin was divided into U.S., British, French and Soviet sectors in 1945. In 1948, political tension brought the creation of the zones of West (Allied) Berlin and East (Soviet) Berlin. The two zones each issued separate series of stamps, the East Zone in 1945 (the "Berlin Bears") and the West Zone from 1945 until 1990. Stamps of West Berlin were discontinued in 1990, with the reunion of the two Germanys, and they became obsolete December 31, 1991.

Gegoria issues - Linn's: Batum 1919-20 (1994- bogus issues - Georgian?)
Stamp-issuing status: inactive; Population: 30,000 (1914). A Georgian port on the Black Sea, Batum was annexed by Russia from Turkey in 1878 and became a major Russian naval base. During World War I, Batum was occupied by the Germans and the Turks, and in December 1918 by British forces. The port was evacuated by the British in July 1920. During the British occupation, three series of lithographed stamps (two overprinted "British Occupation"), as well as a number of Russian stamps overprinted and surcharged, were in use. After the British evacuation, stamps of Georgia were used, these being replaced by Russian stamps in 1923. Georgian issues replaced those of the Soviet Union in 1990. Since 1994, a large number of pictorial sets and souvenir sheets, described as local stamps, have appeared on the market. They are bogus, issued for sale to collectors, and have seen no postal use in Batum.

file: Germany: Thurn u.Taxis - ALEXANDER FERDINAND Fürst von Thurn und Taxis 8 Nov 1739, hereditary general postmaster of the empire, the Netherlands and Burgundy, ...
The present members of this family bear the title Prince[ss] von Thurn und Taxis (Serene Highness).
ALEXANDER FERDINAND Fürst von Thurn und Taxis 8 Nov 1739, hereditary general postmaster of the empire, the Netherlands and Burgundy, hereditary marshal of Hainault, etc (Frankfurt-am-Main 21 Mar
1704-Regensburg 17 Mar 1773); m.1st Frankfurt 11 Apr 1731 Sophie Christine
Margravine of Brandenburg-Bayreuth (Weferlingen 4 Jan 1710-Brussels 13
Jun 1739); m.2d Paris 22 Mar 1745 Charlotte Louise of Lorraine, Cts de
Lambesc (22 Jul 1724-Schloß Trugenhofen 6 Jan 1747); m.3d Regensburg 21
Sep 1750 Maria Henriette Pss zu Fürstenberg (Prague 31 Mar
1732-Regensburg 4 Jun 1772)

German site; mine ; HOSTS TOP100

redon without babelfish:

Kosel - Links w/babelfish: German to English

Kosel - Links - Briefmarken - Postverwaltungen - Postal Administrations (88 a/o 3/00) ; Engl->German

Kosel - Links - Briefmarken - Postverwaltungen - in Asien

German Zip Codes search engine - from Thomas Omerzu, Germany
follow 'Infopool' and you'll also find 'Bank codes, currency codes, lincense plate codes ..."

Briefmarkenversand Robert Brunel

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