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The French Southern and Antarctic Territories
are former dependencies of Madagascar. Postage stamps have been issued for the territory since 1955.

Postal Contact:

Agence des Timbres-Poste d'Outre-mer
85 Avenue de la Bourdonnais
75343 Paris Cedex 07, France

French Southern and Antarctic Lands - via the CIA:
Overseas Territory of France
Location: south of Africa, islands in the southern Indian Ocean, about equidistant between Africa, Antarctica, and Australia;
note: French Southern and Antarctic Lands includes Ile Amsterdam, Ile Saint-Paul, Iles Crozet, and Iles Kerguelen in the southern Indian Ocean, along with the French-claimed sector of Antarctica, "Adelie Land"; the US does not recognize the French claim to "Adelie Land". An Overseas Territory of France since 1955; administered from Paris by a high Commissioner of the Republic

Population: no indigenous inhabitants note: there were 101 (1997) mostly researchers whose numbers vary from winter (July) to summer (January)

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