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The Faroes -
are a self-governing part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Stamps had been issued by Denmark for the islands since 1919 and their own first issue appeared in Janurary 1975. It became independant (postaly) 1. April 1976.

Postal Contacts: (below at bottom)


Nordica Inc.
Box 284, Old Bethpage, NY 11804
Faroeo - Postal History Intro
The Faroe Islands, situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, are a self-governing part of the Kingdom of Denmark and comprise 18 separate islands with a total area of 540 square miles. In 1975 the population of the Faroes was 40,000 persons - most of whom were resident in the capital, Thorshavn.

The first post office was established in Thorshavn in 1870. Subsidiary post offices were opened in Trangisvaag and Klaksvig in 1887 and 1888 respectively. ...
Faroe Islands via the CIA :
Northern Europe, island group between the Norwegian Sea and the north Atlantic Ocean, about one-half of the way from Iceland to Norway.
A self-governing overseas administrative division of Denmark since 1948
National holiday: Birthday of the Queen, 16 April (1940)
Faroe Islands - Jeff's Stamp Page; good stuff - aj.
Links offered:
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(Noted on the Postal History link:
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Faroe Islands Stamp Links
>Faroe Island's Postal Authority 'Posta faroe Islands' (formerly: 'Postverk Føroya') - including English, German, French pages - lists all issues
Present is a very nice little postal history of the island under the heading 'Postal Matters' as well as rates, codes and a page titled 'Post Offices' which has listings of what type of postmarks are used at each one.

They also offer a 'subscription service' for new issues - aj

Posta Faroe, Philatelic Office: [email protected]

Svanbjørg Manai, Sales & Marketing: [email protected] (speaks English very well - aj c.2011)
Who notes in an email correcting an email address (c.2011): "Postverk Føroya has changed its identity. This happend in 2008. Our name is now Posta Faroe Islands. Our first issue was not in 1919, if you mean faroese issue. It was Danish issue in 1919. But we had our first issue in Janurary 1975 and became independant (post) 1. April 1976." (duly noted above)

Customer service:
Óðinshædd 2 (Odinshaedd 2), FO-100 Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
[email protected], Tel. + 298 34 62 00, Fax + 298 34 62 01
(I assume the '+' indicates you may need to add a '0' for operator ; consult with your telephone operator - aj)
Postnumre ; Danish postcode search engine for Danmark, Greenland, and Faroe Island
at Post Danmark 6/4/00 aj.
Postage rates
from Markus Seitz
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