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General Post Office
M. Joe Doyle
Manager Customer Services
Room 2-200
O'Connell Street

Téléphone (+353 1) 705 8333
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Philatelic Bureau , Orders Department
PO Box 1991,GPO
Dublin 1, Ireland

Tel : 01 7057400
Fax : 01 8722683
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Ireland -
was occupied by Goidelic speaking Celts during the Iron Age. They were converted to Christianity by Saint Patrick in the 5th century. Henry II of England declared himself lord of Ireland in 1171, but English influence was restricted to the area around Dublin. Henry VIII took the title of King of Ireland in 1542. A struggle for Irish freedom developed in the 18th and 19th centuries including such revolutionary movements as Wolfe Tone's United Irishmen, Young Ireland and the Fenians. Armed rebellion led to a republic proclaimed by Sinn Fein in 1919.

Partition was proposed by Britain in 1920 and a treaty was signed giving dominion status in 1921. The country was renamed Eire in 1937 and left the Commonwealth in 1949.

The first postage stamps were issued in 1922.

The Controller
Philatelic Bureau
General Post
Office, Dublin 1, Ireland

site lists issues of 1991

and from Linn's: Agency:
Box 378
Malverne, NY 11565
Ireland - via the CIA:
Location: Western Europe, occupying five-sixths of the island of Ireland in the North Atlantic Ocean, west of Great Britain

Independence: 6 December 1921 (from UK)

Ireland - FIP DATA

Federation of Philatelic Societies of Ireland
P.O. Box 5685
Dublin 4

Éire Philatelic Association
...a mutual interest in collecting Irish stamps and postal history. The ÉPA has maintained its international character and as of May, 1998 has 566 members. The ÉPA is an affiliate of the American Philatelic Society and the Federation of Philatelic Societies of Ireland

Contact the secretary:

Myron Hill III
P.O.Box 121
College Park,

20741-1210 USA

Éire Philatelic Association
The É.P.A. is an affiliate of the American Philatelic Society and the Federation of Philatelic Societies of Ireland.
E-Newsletter (also on-line including archives with an index) E-mailto:[email protected]
Membership info:
Contact the secretary,
Myron G. Hill III, P.O. Box 1210, College Park, MD 20741-1210
Auction info:
J. E. Foley, Box 183, Riva, MD 21140-0183, USA
Records An Post info:
e-mailto:[email protected]
Fax: ++353 (0)1 8722683

The Irish Philatelic Newsletter - on-line version
"The Irish Philatelic Newsletter is a periodic publication for the members of the Éire Philatelic Association, the Irish Airmail Society, the Irish Philatelic Circle and the Forschungs-und Arbeitsgemeinschaft Irland e.V. The newsletter will be e-mailed to all interested members."
The on-line often includes graphics and features such as this little gem on perfins from Vol 2 No 1, Jan. 2000:
Perfin Discovery
William Shields
[email protected]
Just a note to inform you that a major Irish Perfin has been discovered.
Roy Gault in Great Britain is doing a new Irish Perfin album and also an album of Perfins on the 1922 Overprints. A number of years age when I started collecting the perfins I got in touch with Norah Wright who just passed away last year. She was quite a character. Told me that she collected the junk and now everybody wants a piece of the action. She was not trading or selling or giving away anything except the information she has accumulated over the years. I started on my own and decided that the most common die was the C.I.E., a railroad that was still in use at the time. When I got 50-60 perfins on different stamps she seemed quite impressed. She said that I was coming along but I would not be complete until I have one on the SE watermark. She said that hers was on the 2d map.

Since Roy Gault, Paddy Murphy and myself are into the new publication of the album, I had mentioned it to Roy. He said that he did not believe it. The stamp was 20 plus years old before the die came into use. The previous die was the plain CIE. Paddy Murphy told Roy that he had one. Roy still didn't believe it and requested he send it to him. While looking for it, Paddy found 3 other copies and he sent them to Gault to verify that they were real and he also gave Roy a pick of the litter.
There is not yet an estimated value of the perfin but I can assure you that this is a major find in Irish perfins. I and others have found numerous dies which can be proven from old trade catalogues and phone directories but this is a beaut. I just wonder how and why this watermark SE stamp was ever used. Whoever purchased Norah's perfins just auctioned off at Whyte's, also must have got the 2d map. Unless they look for it, it will go unnoticed since its the most common and nobody ever bothers to do watermarking. I have gone through thousands in my lifetime ,but I never bothered either.
Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.
God Bless and good collecting,

An Irish (Laraway's) Stamp Gallery (and stamp shop)
This is the jumping off point for viewing the extensive gallery of Irish Stamp Varieties. These include varieties that are listed in catalogs and those that are unlisted. The gallery is less than 50% completed, but there is quite a bit there already. It is recommended that you read the "Intro to Stamp Varieties" before viewing the stamps. email: [email protected]

PostEurop - Ireland / IRLANDE - has url - "EUROPA Stamps"
An Post, General Post Office
O'Connell Street
Dublin 1, Ireland
Mr Eamonn A. Ryan
General Manager, Letters Services
Tel: +353.1.7057085
Fax: +353.1.7057447
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Customs Procedures
EUROPA Stamps <--------------*
Single Currency
Chairmanship: Mr Michael O’Keeffe
Secretariat: Mr Enda Kelly
Represented in MB by: Mr Eamonn A. Ryan, Chairman
Language of correspondence: English
Web Site:
email: [email protected] - 2/99

>Ireland's Postal authority: An Post on-line (.asp)
email: [email protected]

>Ireland's Postal authority: An Post on-line (front door)
email: [email protected]

Postage rates

Philatelic Museums & Libraries data - Ireland (Eire)
National Museum,
Kildare Street,
Dublin 2
National Museum including a small number of Irish and other postal history exhibits.

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