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Costa Rica
- was visited by Christopher Columbus in 1402 and named Costa Rica (rich coast) in the belief that vast gold treasures existed. The country became independent from Spain in 1821, a member of the Federation of Central America, 1824-39 and independent again in 1839. The first Costa Rican postage stamps were issued in 1863.

CIA Data on Costa Rica
Middle America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, between Nicaragua and Panama
Independence: 15 September 1821 (from Spain) National holiday: Independence Day, 15 September (1821)

Associación Filatelica de Costa Rica
Mario A. Masis Brenes
Apartado 3441
San José
Costa Rica
Phone: 00506 233 9416

Society for Costa Rica Collectors

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The Post Office of Costa Rica (English & Spanish)
Philatelic Bureau
Postal Services
and offers 'free email'

Requested by mail:
Philatelic office
Mail of Costa Rica, CORP.
San José, Costa Rica
Oficina Filatelica
Correo Central, Apdo
8000-1000, San Jose, Costa Rica

And from Malte:

Direccion Nacional de Correos
Oficina Filatelica
Centro Postal Zapote
Correo Interno

Lic. Luis Mora Vargas
Gerente Comercialización
Centro Postal Zapote
Correo Interno
Téléphone (+506) 233 94 11
Téléphone (+506) 253 19 01 int: 247/274/268
Téléphone (+506) 253 19 01 int: 205/229
Téléfax (+506) 233 94 11
From the UPU international custormer service list.

Brief History of the Post Office of Costa Rica
"... The 15 of September of 1862 the secretary of State in the Office of External Relationships, D. Juan Volio, course a note to the Ministry of Costa Rica in Washington in order to commending him the impression of 250.000 stamps of each one of the values settled down in I articulate him 5º of the law 2. At the same time it indicated that the stamps took the weapons of the Republic the best thing recorded that it was possible." The work was commended to the signature American Bank Company he/she Notices that October 11 1862 answered accepting the work. ...

Postage rates
- from Mark Sietz

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