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From Linn's Stamp News:
A republic in West Africa. Cameroun was a German protectorate until 1915, when it was occupied by the British and French. In 1922, it was mandated to these countries by the League of Nations. The French portion became the independent State of Cameroun in 1960, with the southern portion of the British mandate joining it in 1961. The northern portion of the British mandate joined Nigeria. In 1972, Cameroun changed its official designation to the United Republic of Cameroon.


Principale Philatelique
Centre Philatelique PTT
Yaounde, Cameroon
and ala Malte:
Philatelic Service
Yaound� R.P.
United Republic of Cameroon

 In French!!Les obliterations du Cameroun 1914-1960 by Jr., H. Kraja, M.P. Bratzel, R.J. Maddocks - Postmarks and postal history of Cameroun under French administration. A complete listing of all post offices, their classification and dates of opening and closure; illustrations of almost 400 postmarks and their dates of use; location map; fully referenced. In French. Also see: The Postmarks and Postal History of the Cameroons under British Administration 1916-1961 - same authors; in English.

Universal Postal Union Addresses for International customer relations

Minist�re des postes et t�l�communications
Direction des postes
M. Younouss Djibrine
Sous-Directeur de la r�glementation et des affaires internationales
T�l�phone (+237) 22 74 15
T�l�fax (+237) 22 43 65

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CIA data: Cameroon
Western Africa, bordering the Bight of Biafra, between Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria
Independence: 1 January 1960 (from UN trusteeship under French administration)
National holiday: National Day, 20 May (1972)

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