The Foundling Exchange Club.
Organising Secretary  - David M Stirling
The Foundling Exchange Club was founded in 1940 with the express intent of assisting Cinderella Collectors build their collections by excvhanging their unwanted duplicates or categories for other equally valued material . It has successfully survived over the years ans aided countless collectors with their collections. Amongst the members over the years, we can number August Bourdi, Judge Paul RampacherR , Paul Gapp, Harry F. Rooke and many other well known names in Cinderella Philately.
      Membership is free and open to any Cinderella Collector of good standing. There is a blacklist, seen only by the Organising Secretary. The rules are simple. Any material will be accepted provided common cheistmas seals, boys townand other junk is not sent in.
     There are over eight million cinderellas in the pool and we have forgeries, fakes, fantasies, bogus stamps, local stamps, philatelic souveniers, proof, essays, muestras, saggios, specimens,black prints, bus tram ans railway tickets, bus tram and railway parcels stamps, modern US locals, private posts, strike post stamps, home made stamps, art stamps, kinderpost (poste enfantine), Poster stamps of all types Segals, Official Cierros, Carrier stamps, Forwarder's fanks. All are also wanted in to the pool. Common USA and similar christmas seals are definately not wanted and will be returned. Old Salvatorian Seminary and similar early charities are accepted. THe material in the pool is of a vast complexity.
      If you wish to take part in the finest collection builder ever deviised, e mail me at



        and I wwill give you address to send to. Material must be received here first but exchanges generally are posted out the same day as material received in to the pool.

Join in now..............Build your collection............Help other collectors.

Note there has never yet been a dis satiisfied user in all the years since 1940!

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