The Circular Delivery Company Limited.
Forgery 1.
      The Circular Delivery Company Limited was the last of the Brydone Companies and was formed and registered on 22 February, 1868. New stamps were prepared for the seven cities which had previosly had stamps, and two new cities. The stamps were printed in sheets of 81 (9X9) having nine rows of stamps, each row being for a different city. There were four values only, farthing, green, halfpenny, blue, three farthings, brown,  and one penny, pale scarlet. A vertical column from each sheet of values would thus produce a complete set of the four values from all nine cities. The Cities, in their oder in the sheet, were Dundee, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, Aberdeen, Birmingham, London, Metropolitan and Edinburgh & Leith. Only one printing was made of these stamps, though they were later extensively forged, indeed the first forgery was noted by Dr Magnus in "Le Timbrophile" in October, 1868.
       Following prosecution against them, the Circular Delivery Company Limited went out of business on 2 June, 1869
       The original stamps had  the letters T N D and C inserted into the four corners of the design. Rgere is no evidence available to show that these stamps ever saw actual usage, and it is more likely that they were produced for sale to collectors, which is exactly what happened. They are not uncommon, although they are far outnumbered by supplies of some of the forgery types. Copies with a blue pencil line across them are from the Lincoln stock, he being under the impression that it was illegal to sell them unused.
       The first forgery appeared in 1868 and is dangerous, as it also has the letters in the corners. It is only known in imperforate condition.
Coloured dot in left                Value reads ONE                   FARTHINGS                    Coloured dot in E
leg of H of FARTHING              HALFPENNY                     evenly spaced                          of ONE
No coloured dot in                  Value reads HALF             HIN of FARTHINGS               No coloured dot
H of FARTHING                           PENNY                       crushed together                      in E of ONE
Letters of ONE FARTHING      Value reads ONE            THREE FARTHINGS     Three dots in white frame
       equally spaced.                    HALFPENNY             one word evenly spaced           over N of ONE
Letter of ONE smaller              Value reads HALF            Space between THREE     No dots in white frame     than FARTHING                       PENNY                          and FARTHINGS          over N of ONE
Forgery 1.
ONE FARTHING letters            Value reads ONE             Normal H and well         Value tablet broader. ONE
  thinner and smaller. O                HALFPENNY                    formed G in                 PENNY taller. Small
       broken at left                                                               FARTHINGS            between Y and tablet end
ONE FARTHING letters            Value reads HALF          Left lower limb of H of    Value tablet narrow, and
taller and thicker. Narrow                PENNY                   FARTHING missing &     ONE PENNY letters
     O and broad G                                                               G is deformed            shorter. Space between
                                                                                                                              Y and tablet end
Forgery 1.
Mark to left of O of               Coloured flaw in                Coloured line under           Coloured bracket shape
ONE bracket shape           upright of E of PENNY       RTHINGS of FARTHINGS       to left of O of ONE
No bracket shaped                No coloured flaw               No coloured line under        No coloured bracket
          mark                                                              RTHINGS of FARTHINGS                 shape
Forgery 1.