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This is a recommended reading list. Some of the books or sites here made no direct contribution towards anything I have written but they did provide me with a wider or at least ancillary view of the overall subject that was worth having.

The list does of course include my sources but I should add that the information I have used is essentially driven out of various notes that I accumulated over many years. I may be overlooking some of the sources I used originally, especially as many books were borrowed. My apologies to any writer I have momentarily forgotten. It follows that this page is subject to continuous review.


The Stamp Atlas by Stuart Rossiter and John Flower;
XLCR Stamp Finder and Collector's Dictionary published by Thomas Cliffe Ltd;
Ask Phil;
1966 British Commonwealth stamp catalogue by Stanley Gibbons Ltd;
1970 Europe and Colonies stamp catalogue by Stanley Gibbons Ltd;
Stamps of the World stamp catalogue (various issues) by Stanley Gibbons Ltd;
and, indeed, anything and everything published by Stanley Gibbons Ltd


A Corner of a Foreign Field: The Indian History of a British Sport by Ramachandra Guha;
A History of Australian Cricket by Chris Harte;
A History of Cricket by H S Altham;
A Social History of English Cricket by Derek Birley;
An Index to Waghorn by Martin Wilson;
At the Sign of the Wicket: Cricket 1742–1751 by FS Ashley-Cooper in Cricket Magazine (1900);
Autobiography by Sir Neville Cardus;
Beyond a Boundary by C L R James;
Brightly Fades the Don by Jack Fingleton;
Chertsey Cricket Club website;
Cardus on Cricket by Sir Neville Cardus;
Correct Account of Matches 1786 to 1822 by Henry Bentley;
CricInfo website;
CricketArchive website;
CricketEurope website;
Cricket Quarterly edited by Rowland Bowen;
Cricket Scores 1730–1773 by H T Waghorn;
Cricket: History of its Growth and Development by Rowland Bowen;
Dartford Cricket Club website;
Dates in Cricket History by H S Altham;
Fresh Light on 18th Century Cricket by G B Buckley;
Fresh Light on Pre-Victorian Cricket by G B Buckley;
Grand Matches of Cricket 1771 to 1791 by W Epps;
How We Recovered The Ashes (1903-04) by Pelham Warner (1904);
Jack on Cricket blogspot;
John Nyren’s "The Cricketers of My Time" by Ashley Mote;
Kent Cricket Matches by F S Ashley-Cooper;
More Than A Game by John Major;
My Dear Victorious Stod by David Frith;
No Balls and Googlies by Geoff Tibballs;
Nottingham Old Club Match Scores by William North (1832);
On Top Down Under by Ray Robinson (1975);
Pageant of Cricket by David Frith (London: Macmillan, 1987);
Playfair Cricket Annual: various issues
Pre-Victorian Sussex Cricket by HF & AP Squire;
Principal Matches 1790–1805 by Samuel Britcher;
Scores & Biographies (15 volumes) by Arthur Haygarth;
Second Innings by Sir Neville Cardus;
Some Cricket Records by Stephen Green: Archives, XVIII, 80 (1988), pp. 187-190;
Start of Play by David Underdown;
Sussex Cricket in the Eighteenth Century by Timothy J McCann;
The 17th Century Game of Cricket: A Reconstruction of the Game by David Terry;
The Cricket Field by James Pycroft (1851);
The Dawn of Cricket by H T Waghorn;
The Duke who was Cricket by John Marshall;
The Fast Men by David Frith;
The Glory Days of Cricket by Ashley Mote;
The Golden Age of Cricket by David Frith;
The Hambledon Cricket Chronicle by FS Ashley-Cooper;
The Language of Cricket by John Eddowes (Manchester: Caranet, 1997);
The Laws of Cricket: their history and growth by R S Rait Kerr (London: Longmans, Green, 1950);
The Playfair Book of Cricket Records by Roy Webber;
WG Grace: His Life and Times by Eric Midwinter;
Wisden at Lord's by Graeme Wright;
Wisden Cricketers Almanack (annual): various issues
Wisden online


English Football: A Fans' Handbook (Rough Guides);
World Soccer Magazine (easily the most informative and sensibly objective publication available)
The Rough Guide to English Football (Dan Goldstein) (excellent for historical information)
European clubs and squads
Worldwide coverage
Statistical database of British clubs and players
League records of every English club
European Cups Archive
FA Premiership website
Sky TV football
Football News
European stadiums
Sporting Life

General Sources

An Intellectual and Cultural History of the Western World, volumes I-III;
Calendar website;
Chambers Biographical Dictionary;
Chambers Dictionary of World History;
Churchwarden’s Accounts for Great St. Mary’s Church, Cambridge (1504-1635);
Encyclopaedia Britannica;
Europe Since Napoleon by David Thomson;
Factbook of History (chronological record);
Hutchinson's 20th Century Encyclopaedia;
Journey Through the Weald by Ben Darby (London: Robert Hale, 1986);
Manly and Muscular Diversions: public schools and the nineteenth-century sporting revival by Tony Money (London: Duckworth, 1997);
Microsoft Encarta;
Muir's Historical Atlas;
Natural History of Wiltshire by John Aubrey (1686);
Ogilby’s Road Maps of England and Wales (from Ogilby’s Britannia 1675) by John Ogilby (Reading: Osprey Publications Ltd. 1971);
Oxford English Dictionary (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1987)
Quilt Winders and Pod Shavers: the history of cricket bat and ball manufacture by Hugh Barty-King (London: MacDonald and James, 1979);
Revel, Riot and Rebellion: popular politics and culture in England 1603-1660 by David Underdown (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1987);
Sport and Pastime in Stuart Oxford by Percy Manning (Oxford Historical Society, 1923 volume, pp.85-135);
Sunday in Tudor and Stuart Times by W B Whitaker (London: Houghton, 1933);
Sussex Records Society Volume XLIX (Churchwardens’ Presentments);
The English Dialect Dictionary (volume VI, 1905) by Joseph Wright;
The Historical Dictionary of Golfing Terms by Peter Davies (London: Robson Books, 1988);
The History of the Woollen and Worsted Industries by E Lipson (London: A & C Black, 1921);
The Place Names of Surrey by JEB Gover, A Mawer and FM Stenton (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1934);
The Traditional Games of England, Scotland and Ireland by Alice B Gomme (1894 and 1898) (London: Thames and Hudson, 1984);
The Wool Trade in Medieval History by Eileen Power (London: Oxford University Press, 1965);
The Wool Trade in Tudor and Stuart England by Peter J Bowden (London: Cass, 1971);
Tournaments by Richard Barber and Juliet Barker (Woodbridge: Boydell Press, 1989);
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