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  1. American Topical Association, NM 87181, USA
    Chapters, Units (cc's)
  2. APS Local Clubs Directory and specialty orgs.
  3. AskPhil  
  4. Francis Chan, (now  
  5. Joseph Luft
    Cite: Gen. Links: Resources
  6. Linn's Stamp News, .us-OH  
  7. PhilaGuide (directory) - Wim J. Bonger, .NL
    Cite: Gen. Links: Resources (others here too)
  8. Stamp Domain (resources and free web pages; mostly UK)  
  9. Texas Philatelic Association
    List of Chapters & TX clubs
  10. UK Philately, UK
    "UK Philately Internet Site Terms and Conditions. and ukphilately are trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of ABPS in the United Kingdom "
  11. Verband Schweizerischer Philatelisten-Vereine (VSPV), Switzertland
  12. Virtiual Stamp Club
    List of hosted APS Chapters
    Esp. Wisconsin Fed.
    and List of hosted APS Affilates

    See Also:
    USPS Zip Code Look Up (due to be replaced 6/2002)

    and a hundred more . . .like FIP, IFSDA . . .


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