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War, Writing

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  • War
    1. Anglo Boer War Philatelic Society, UK

    2. Association de l'histoire postale de la Guerre 1870/1871, France

    3. Krigs- og Feltpostforeningen (War-time Norway) [NO, EN], Norway
      aka: War and Fieldpost Association


      W W I
    4. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Feldpost 1914 - 1918,
    5. ArGe Deutsche Besetzung im 1. Weltkrieg e.V.
    6. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Feld- und Zensurpost 1914-1918, Austria
    7. WWI Study Group CSC, UK
    8. Feldpost der Belgier in Deutschland nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg 1918-1935
      (Field Post of the Belgians in Germany after the First World War)
      via: German (Deutsche) Wikipeda

    9. Studiekring Wereloorlog I en II, Overijse, Belgium


      W W I & II

    10. Filatelistische Contactgroep Oost Europa, Netherlands
      features much "during and shortly after the two world wars"


      W W II
    11. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Feldpost 1939 - 1945 e.V.

    12. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Generalgouvernement (1939 - 45) e.V. (Polish occupation), Germany

    13. Allied Occupation of Germany after WWII (a YaHOo! eGroup)
      Stamps, Covers and Postal History
      Including: American, British, French and Russian zones,
      & including Berlin.

    14. Centro Italiano Filatelia Resistenza
      (Italian Center for Resistance Philately)

    15. Dai-Nippon Postal Collectors (a YaHOo! eGroup)
      "A Group for the discussion of postal history of Japanese occupied Borneo, Burma, Dutch East Indies and Malaya During WWII."

    16. Dai Nippon, Netherlands
      Philately of the Netherlands Indies during the Japanese occupation (1942-1945), the Republic of Indonesia (1945-1949), and related areas.

    17. Holocaust Study Circle (of the SIP)
      Cite: Clubs : Topical : Israel

    18. WW2 Study Group CSC, UK

      ->See Also:

      Topical Philately : Censored Mail
      Clubs : Topical : Military

      USA's Homeland Security - for the lastes 'threat level' ;<

  • Writing

    1. Association Internationale des Journalistes Philat�liques (AIJP)  

    2. Philatelic Webmasters Organization (PWO) - Victor Manta, .ch
      a/o 7/2001 renamed from:
      Association of Philatelic Web Publishers (APWP)
      NB: we are a member

    3. Association internationale des �diteurs
      de Catalogues de Timbres-poste (ASCAT), France

    4. Association de la Presse Philat�lique Francophone (APPF)

    5. Indonesian Philatelic Writers Society  

    6. International Philatelic Press Club, NY 12603-2018, USA

    8. Philatelic Writers Society, UK

    9. Unione Stampa Filatelica Italiana, Italy
      (Italian Philatelic Writers Union)

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