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'U' Topics:
Ukraine, UK, USA

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And: Wikipedia's List of postage stamp collectors' clubs and societies

  • Ukraine

    1. FR: Soci�t� franco-ukrainienne de philat�lie

  • United Kingdom (UK) {or: Great Britain (GB)} & Related
    1. Australian C'wealth Collectors Club of NSW - KGV Study Group, NSW, Australia

    2. British Collectors Club of Nova Scotia, Canada

    3. Club Philatelique Franco Britannique (CPFB), France

    4. Commonwealth Study Group of PSSA, Australia

    5. Forschungsgemeinschaft Gro�britannien e.V. (FgGB), Germany

    6. Forschungsgemeinschaft Kanalinseln und Insel Man, Germany
      formerly/aka: Forschungsgemeinschaft Channel Islands (FGCI)

      FGCI Incorporates:

      1. Channel Islands Specialists' Society (CISS) (English arm) c.2008
      CISS Journal : Les Iles Normandes
      New site has no more contact data c.2008
      - EXCEPT: re membership (English):
      "orders with Sheila Marshall" ; but no data

      2. The FCGI's: AG IOM (Isle of Man) Study Circle, Germany
      Publication: INSELRUNDSCHAU

      3. FAI (the Irish branch) - see: Ireland
      but I wonder it's really 'incoprated' into FGCI ?

    7. Great Britain & Commonwealth Philatelic Society, Switzerland
      incl.: IG Platten und Stempel
      (Study Group for Plates & Cancellations) (c.2008)
      aka?: Great Britain & International Philatelic Society (c.2001)

    8. Great Britain Collectors Club (GBCC), OH 45103, USA  

    9. Great Britain Society of South Africa

    10. Great Britain Machin Study Group, CO, USA  

    11. Modern British Philatelic Circle, UK

    12. Great Britain Overprints Society, UK

    13. Smaller Channel Islands Philatelic Society, UK

    14. Studiegroep Britannia, The Netherlands

      ->See Also:

      Clubs : (in) UK

      & Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Feldpost 1939 - 1945 e.V., Germany
      Covering occupation of the Channel Islands et al.

  • United States of America (USA)

    1. ArGe USA/Canada, Germany

    2. USA en Canada Filatelie, The Netherlands

    3. American Stamp Club of Great Britain, UK

      ->See Also: Clubs : (in) United States of America


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