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And: Wikipedia's List of postage stamp collectors' clubs and societies

  • eBay (Auctions)
    1. eBay User's Stamp Club, USA
  • eGroups - online chat groups or forums

    1. Stamp Collecting Forum - Brad Hooper, New Zealand

    See Also:

  • YaHOo! Groups - Philately
  • YaHOo! Groups - Stamps
  • Google Groups - Philately
  • Google Groups - Stamps
  • rec.collecting.stamps via Google
  • Bloggers
  • Traders

  • Egypt
    1. Egypt Study Circle, UK
  • El Salvador
    1. Sociedad Filatelica de El Salvador
      aka: El Salvador Philatelic Society, El Salvador
  • E-mail Lists - @ (join and get offers to trade or..)
    1. Stamp Trade Mailing List on YaHOo!
    2. Stamp Central Trading list on YaHOo!
  • Engraved Stamps (intaglio)
    1. The Art of Engraved Stamps Society , France (Engl., French)
      Aka: Art du Timbre Gravé {ATG}
  • Ephemera
    1. Aeronautica & Air Label Collectors Club, IL, USA
    2. Association des Collectionneurs de Machines à Affranchir, France
      (Association of Collectors of Postage Machines)
    3. Ephemera Society of Australia, VIC, Australia
    4. Letter Box Study Group, The (LBSG), UK
    5. Postal Label Study Group (PLSG), USA
    6. Postal Order Society, UK

      ->See Also:

    7. Society of Ration Token Collectors
      601 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, North Residence Bldg. - No.506
      Washington, D.C. 20004, USA  
  • Eritrea
    1. Ethiopian Collectors Club, UK
      Covering Ethiopia & Eritrea..
  • Errors
    1. Errors, Freaks and Oddities Collectors Club - Peter Rikard, GA, USA
  • Estonia
    1. Eesti Filatelistit ry, Finland
      (The Finnish Society for Estonian Philately)

    2. Estonian Philatelic Society (USA), NY 10803, USA
    3. Eesti Filatelistide Ühing Rootsis (EFÜR) (x)
      (The Swedish Estonian Philatelic Society)
      Meets: 1st Tuesday (except for January, July and August) at 18.00
      At: The Estonian House, Wallingatan 34, Stockholm
      Anders Håkansson, President: [email protected]
      Rådmansgatan 25, SE-114 25 Stockholm, Sweden

    4. Club Philatelique Baltique de Montréal
      J-J Raudsepp, 6133 Sherbrooke W. No 1, Montréal, Québec, Canada H4A 1Y4

    5. ArGe Estland e.V., Germany

      ->See Also: Clubs in Estonia, Clubs (about the) Baltics
      Especially: Rahvusvaheline Eesti Filatelistide Selts
      ( International Estonian Philatelic Society ), Estonia
      Estnischer Philatelistenverband
      (Estonian Philatelic Federation), Estonia

      ->See Also: Estonia Dealers Directory
  • Ethiopia
    1. Ethiopian Collectors Club, UK
      Covering Ethiopia & Eritrea..
    2. Ethiopian Philatelic Society, WA 98231, USA (U)
  • Ethnic (Peoples - e.g. Women, Lesbians, Blacks... etc.)
    1. Lesbian Stamp Club, OH, USA
    2. Gay & Lesbian History on Stamps Club (GLHSC), TX 75251, USA
    3. Ebony Society of Philatelic Events and Reflections (ESPER), TX 78468, USA
    4. Stamps on Black History (not a club; see 'Ethnic' above)
  • Europa (Europe)
    1. Gruppo Europa, di CIFT, Italy
    2. Filatelistische Contactgroep Oost Europa (East Europe), Netherlands  
  • Exhibiting
    1. American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors, GA 30648, USA
    2. Exhibition Study Group, UK


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