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  1. ()

    See Also: : Bosnia, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Mentenegro, ...

  1. Filatelistengroep Het Baltische Gebied, Netherlands
    "Most members direct their attention to the stamps, cancels, or the postal history of one or more of the independent countries Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania of the 1918-1940 period."

  2. Baltic States Philatelic Society (x) (BSPS) (Alt. URL)
    Anatoly Chlenov : [email protected]
    5719 Drysdale Ct, San Jose, CA 95124, USA

  3. Club Baltique de Montr�al (N.D.G.), Quebec, Canada

    See Also: Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania (the 3 'Baltic' states)

  1. US: American Belgian Philatelic Society

  2. UK : Belgian Congo Study Circle

  3. UK : Belgian Study Circle

    ->See Also: Clubs (in) : Belgium

  1. Bicycle Stamps Club

    (BSC's AU contact)
    Tony Teideman, @, Editor c.2004
    P.O. Box 90, Baulkham Hills, NSW 1755, Australia

    (BSC's UK contact), England
    Brian Sole (Pres./Treas. c.2004)
    3 Stockfield Road, Claygate, Esher, Surrey KT10 0QG, UK

    (BSC's USA contact), IN 47304, USA
    Bill Eubanks (c.2004)
    21304 2nd Ave SE, Bothell, WA 98021-7550, USA

    The Bicycle Stamps Club was formed in 1980 as the Bicycles On Stamps Study Unit of the American Topical Association. The first issue of Spoken' Word, (then) the club's newsletter, was dated August, 1980... In the Summer of 1986, the magazine was scheduled for semi-annual delivery and the name was changed to Bicycle Stamps. ..The Club has been a member of the British Thematic Association for some time and has seen a gradual but steady increase in membership; numbering about 100 by the middle of this decade. (c.2004)

  1. Aves Philatelicae Scandiae (APS)
    Jan-Erik Malmstigen, .se
    Medlemsblad: Steen Clausen, @get2net
    Skolevej 11, DK-2600 GLOSTRUP, Danmark

  2. Averøy Frimerkeklubb, 6350 Bruhagen, Norway

  3. Bird Stamp Society, UK

  • Bloggers
    1. - Philately (not strictly clubs but individuals)
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    2. (RO/EN)
      From: Kallai Laszlo of Bucharest - Romania
      Tel.: +(4)0722.714. 394, Fax: +(4)0318.166. 897
      e-Mail: [email protected], yahoo mesenger: laszlo_kallai (

    3. StampLand, Romania (in English)

      See Also:

      Trading Groups

    1. Booklet Collectors Club, NJ 08077, USA

    2. Suomen Postimerkkivihkojen Kerailijat ry
      (The Finnish Society for Stamp Booklets)
      Tinasepantie 57, 00620 Helsinki, Finland
    3. Association des collectionneurs de carnets et publicitimbres, France

    4. Overprinted Booklets Collectors Club, Australia

    1. Bechuanaland & Botswana Philatelic Society, UK

      ->See Also: Phil. Orgs. : (in) Botswana

    1. US: Bosnia Study Group (BSG)


    1. US: NY: Brazil Philatelic Association

      ->See Also: Clubs : (in) Brazil



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