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Academie Aerogrammes, Aerophilately, Air Mail, Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Astronomy, Astrophilately, Australia, Austria

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  • Academie (& Schools)
    1. Acad�mie Europ�enne de Philat�lie, European Union  
    2. Acad�mie de Philat�lie, Paris, France
    3. Acad�mie de Philat�lie de Belgique
    4. Acad�mie Qu�b�coise d'�tudes Philat�liques, Qu�b�c, Canada
  • Aerogrammes (Airletter Sheets)  
    1. Aerogramme Society - Tom Adami, ACT 2602, Australia (DEFUNCT)
      (International Philatelic Society of Aerogramme & Airletter Sheet Collectors)
      cf.: Aerogramme Society, ACT 2911, Australia & CA 93613, USA

    2. DE: European Aero Philatelic Club of Stuttgart
      (a Study Group for Aerogrammes)

      ->See Also:

      This directory: 'Stationery, Aerophilately, Air Mail, Astrophilately ..(FISA)'
      Specialized Philately : 1st Things 1st : Postal Stationery : Aerogrammes

  • Aerophilately (See Also: Airmail, Aerogrammes)
    1. FIP Commission for Aerophilately FIP
      FIP data c.2014.08
      ChairmanSecretaryBureau Members
      Wood, Ross
      P.O. Box 38, Mirrabooka
      Australia WA 6941
      [email protected]
      Banfield, Norman
      14, Rata Road
      5032 Raumati Beach
      New Zealand
      [email protected]
      Kron, Carlos - Parauay [email protected]
      Lin, Mao-Hsin - Chinese Taipei [email protected]
      Helm, Bedrich - Czech Rep. [email protected]








      old : http://www.americanairmailsociety.org/FIPAero/index.html c.2008 - '404' c.2014
      older: fipaerophilatelycommission.org (c.2010 ; still online c.2014)
      "If you have any airmail queries, please contact ..":
      Stephen Reinhard, Chairman, [email protected] (c.2006-12)
      P. O. Box 110, Mineola, NY 11501, USA
      Tel.: 001 516 294 0923 HM / 746 5543 OFC
      Bedrich Helm, Bureau Member, Czech Republic, [email protected] c.2008
      Fredrik Ydell, Bureau Member, Sweden, [email protected] c.2008
      Alexandru Dan Bartoc, Bureau Member, Romania, [email protected]


    2. F�d�ration Internationale des Soci�t�s A�rophilat�liques (FISA) FIP
      Alternate URL's: #1, #2

      c/ Jacqueline Lauwers-Bekaert,
      Belgielaan 87, B-9070 Destelbergen, Belgium
      Tlf.: 09/228.68.66

      President: Stephen Reinhard, @ (c.2008)
      Box 110, Mineola, NY 11501, USA
      Tel.: 516 294 0923={home}, 516 746 5543={ofc}, M: +1 516 902 6404

      Vice-President Astrophilately (c.2008) & Webmaster:
      Stefan Bruylants, @pandora & @telenet
      't Pleintje 13, 2861 O.L.Vr.-Waver, Belgium
      Tel: +32 15 252 888, Fax: +32 15 753 689
      also Pres.: Belgische Filatelie Vereniging Cosmos c.2008

      International Federation of Aero-Philatelic Societies
      (OR: International Federation of Aerophilatelic Societies)
      Internationaler Verband der Aero-Philatelisten Vereine
      Federacion Internacional de Sociedades Aerofilatelicas

      "FISA is the international representative of the interests of the aerophilatelic and astrophilatelic community. The main task for FISA is to promote and defend Aerophilately and Astrophilately in the international world of philately... (and) aims to join together all Aerophilatelic and Astrophilatelic Societies in the world." (c.2008)
      Official Journal: The F.I.S.A. Bulletin

    3. Americas : FIAF's Commission for Aerophilately (covering the Americas)

    4. AR: Sociedad Argentina de Aerofilatelia, Argentina

    5. BE: Brabant : Soci�t� A�rophilat�lique Belge ("S.A.B."), Belgium
    6. BE: Oost Vlaanderen : Aerofil V.Z.W., Gent, Belgium (East Flanders)
    7. BE: West-Vlaanderen : Aerofil V.Z.W., Izegem, Belgium (West Flanders)
    8. BE: West-Vlaanderen : Aerofil V.Z.W., Antwerpen, Belgium (West Flanders)
    9. BE: Liege - Luik : Philaclub Aeropost, Bullingen, Belgium

    10. BR: C�rculo de Aerofilatelistas do Brasil <--

    11. CA: Canadian Aerophilatelic Society, Canada *

    12. CH: Schweizerischer Aerophilatelisten-Verein, Switzerland
      (Swiss Aerophilatelic Society)

    13. CO: Federacion Filatelica Colombiana, Columbia

    14. CZ: Gesellschaft f�r Aerophilatelie, Czech Republic

    15. DE: Aero-Philatelisten-Club Deutschlands e.V. (APCD), Germany
    16. DE: Deutscher A�ro-Philatelisten-Club (DAPC), Germany
    17. DE: Deutscher Aero - Philatelisten Club e.V. K�ln, Germany
    18. DE: Europaischer Aero-Philatelisten-Club, Germany
    19. DE: Internationaler Aero-Philatelisten Club, Germany
      aka: DE: Internationaler Aero-Philatelisten- Club -Otto Lilienthal- e.V., Germany

    20. ES: Comisi�n Aerofilatelia de FESOFI, Spain
    21. ES: Canarias : Grupo Aerofilat�lico Canario, Spain

    22. FR: Cercle A�rophilat�lique Fran�ais, France

    23. HU: Magyar B�lyeggyjtk Orsz�gos Sz�vets�ge (MABEOSZ), Hungary

    24. IN : Aerophilatelic Club of India

    25. IT : Associazione Italiana di Aerofilatelia (AIDA)

    26. NL: Nederlandse Vereniging van Aero-Philat. De Vliegende Hollander

    27. US: CO: Rocky Mountain Aerophilatelic Club
    28. US: IL : Aeronautica & Air Label Collectors Club
    29. US: IL : Aerophilatelic Federation of the Americas
      does not exist? - ajw

    30. ZA: Aerophilatelic Society of Southern Africa

      See Also: Aerogrammes

  • Air Mail

      The Stories Behind Postage Stamps (1957 video)
      ". . .aviation history as told through postage stamps."

      Available on DVD at Amazon.com

      Narrated by well-known CBS newsman Robert Trout, this 13-minute program displays several early airmail stamps to tell the story of early attempts at long distance flights noting that the U.S. government was the first to bankroll airplanes in order to develope the first airmail routes in 1918.

      Showing an example of the first airmail stamp - the infamous "upside down Jenny" (Scott # C-3 inverted) and saying it's worth $4,000! - the story covers the barnstormers who bought up surplus Jennys after World War I and focuses on Charles Lindbergh's flying activities and the stamps that resulted.

      This and more than 60,000 other "ephemeral" (advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur) films were archived by Rick Prelinger in New York City beginning in 1983. In 2002, the film collection was acquired by the Library of Congress, Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division.

      You can visit the Prelinger Archive here.

      Source: Don Shilling's The Stamp Collecting Round Up

      And : Janice Dugas's Secrets to Stamp Collecting

    1. AT: �sterreichischer Flugpostsammlerverein (�FSV), Austria
    2. AT: Freunde der �sterreichische Ballonpost, Austria

    3. AU: Australian Airmail Society, Australia
    4. AU : WA : The Air Mail Circle (Of PSWA)

    5. CA: Canadian Air Mail Collectors Club, Canada *

      See Also: Canadian Forces Air Squadron Commemorative Philatelic Covers, .ca-BC

    6. CH: Club Philat�lique et A�ropostal de Geneve, Switzerland
    7. CH: Philatelisten-Club Swissair, Switzerland

    8. CN: China Air Mail Society, P.R. China

    9. DE: Interessengemeinschaft Lufthansa Aerophilatelie e.V., Germany
    10. DE: UNO-Flugpostsammlergemeinschaft e.V., Germany
    11. DE: Philatelistenclub "Graf Zeppelin" Freudenstadt e.V.
    12. DE: Zeppelinpost-Arbeitsgemeinschaft (Zeppelin Study Group), Germany
    13. DE: Zeppelins Study Group (Associated) {ZSG}

    14. IE : Irish Airmail Society, Ireland

    15. IT : Circolo Filatelico Scledense 'Almerico da Schio, Pioniere Dell 'Aeronautica', Italy

    16. NO: Nordisk Luftpostsamler Foreining, Norway

    17. NZ: Airmail Society of New Zealand (AMSNZ), New Zealand

    18. UK: Air Crash Study Group (of the Wreck and Crash Mail Society), UK
    19. UK: British Air Mail Society (Formerly: British Aerophilatelic Federation c.2006), UK
    20. UK: Greek Airposts Society  

    21. US: American Air Mail Society (AAMS) {has RSS feed}

      AAMS Study Groups (c.2008):

      CA: Canadian Air Mail Collectors Club (above)
      UK: Scotland: Rocket Mail Society, UK (below)
    22. US: Balloon Post Collectors Club
    23. US: Zeppelin Collectors Club
    24. US: MA: 1934 Emergency Air Mail Study Unit
    25. US: PA: Beacon Study Group (not listed c.2010)
    26. US: CT: Pan American Study Unit
    27. AAMS Chapters (c.2008):
      CA: Canadian Aerophilatelic Society, Canada (above)
    28. US: (Northeast): Metropolitan Air Post Society (MAPS)
    29. US: (Northwest): Northwest Chapter, American Air Mail Society
    30. US: (Southeast): Southeast Air Mail Society, American Air Mail Society
    31. US: CA: Southern California Air Mail Society
    32. US: CO: Rocky Mountain Aerophilatelic Club (above)
      US: IL : Aeronautica & Air Label Collectors Club (above)
    33. US: IL : Chicago Air Mail Society
    34. US: IL : Jack Knight Air Mail Society
    35. US: OH: The Dayton Stamp Club
    36. US: VA: AAMS - Virginia Chapter
    37. US: WI: AAMS - General Billy Mitchell Chapter
    38. Other:

    39. US: CA: California Air Mail Society (Northern)
    40. US: CT: AAMS - New England Air Museum Chapter (not on AAMS list c.2008)
    41. US: IN : Gilmore Chapter, American Air Mail Society (not on AAMS list c.2008)
      OR: AAMS - Northwest Chapter (as 'Northwest' above)
    42. US: TX: Air Mail Study Group - BNAPS
    43. US: TX: AAMS - C.R. Smith Chapter (not on AAMS list c.2009,10)

      ->See Also: 'Aerogrammes, Aerophilately, Astrophilately ..(FISA)'

      &: Aerophilately Webring

      &: The Airmail Stamp Museum (cc)

      See Also:
      Air Mail Stamps @ Amazom.com

  • Albania
    1. The Albania Study Circle, UK

      ->See Also: Clubs : (in) Albania

  • Algeria
    1. PHIL.EA France-Alg�rie, France

  • Argentina
    1. ()

      See Also: Clubs : (in) Argentina

  • Armenia
    1. US : CA : Armenian Philatelic Association

      See Also: Clubs : (in) Armenia

  • Astronomy

    1. DE: Astronomie & Philatelie Arbeitsgemeinschaft, Germany

    2. US : Astronomy Study Unit (of ATA)

  • Astrophilately
    1. FIP Commission for Astrophilately FIP
      Chairman: Capt. Igor G. Rodin, @ (c.2008 FISA, c.2014 FIP)
      P.O. Box 972, Moscow, 101000 - Russia
      F: +7 499 740 7595

      Secretary: Jaromir Matejka @ (c.2014)
      V�Ph, Getreidemarkt 1, A-1060 Wien, Austria

      Bureau Members c.2014
      Avedis Ketchian, Argentina - [email protected]
      Carol Cheung, Hong Kong - [email protected]
      Julius Cacka, Czech Rep. - [email protected]

    2. AT: Gm�nder Weltraumfreunde, Austria

    3. BE: Belgische Filatelie Vereniging COSMOS, Belgium
    4. BE: Spoetnik-Filatelie, Belgium

    5. CH: Gesellschaft der Weltall-Philatelisten, Switzerland

    6. CZ: Sekce KOSMOS, Czech Republic

    7. DE: Weltraum-Philatelie e.V., Germany

    8. ES: Comisi�n Astrofilatelia de FESOFI, Spain

    9. FR: Association Astrophilatelique De France, France

    10. NL: Ruimtevaart Filatelie Club Nederland, Holland

    11. UK: Astro Space Stamp Society (ASSS), UK
    12. UK: Scotland: Rocket Mail Society - AAMS SG*

    13. US: Space Topic Study Unit, USA

      ->See Also: 'Space', 'Aerophilately ..(FISA)', 'Airmail' ... Astronomy

      And : Space Covers... What are they?, Joe Frasketi's Space Covers

      And his ETR RangeRats page
      Especially for RCA and PAA Tracking Station and Ship Personnel
      (USAF-NASA-BENDIX-ETC personnel also welcome).

      "I salute -- from my space helmet -- the Range Rats,
      the unsung heroes of the space race to the future."
      Buzz Aldrin, Gemini XII, Apollo XI

  • Australia
    1. AU: NSW: Australian States Study Circle of the RSPC

    2. UK: British Society of Australian Philately  

    3. US : Society of Australasian Specialists/Oceania

      -> See Also: Clubs : (in) Australia

  • Austria
    1. Austrian Philatelic Society (APS), UK
      {Formerly: the Austrian Stamp Club of Great Britain (ASCGB)
      which joined: the Association of Austrian Philatelists (AAP)
      a/o 10/2000}

    2. US: Austria Philatelic Society (APS), USA
      {Formerly?: Austria Philatelic Society of New York}

      -> See Also: Clubs : (in) Austria

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