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Wikipedia's List of people on stamps of the United States

  • Artistes - Timbres - La Poste [EN, FR] (French stamp artists from
    Cite: Entities : France
  • Biographies of People on Stamps
    An extensive system listing people who appear on stamps and what stamps on which they appear.
    Cite: Topical Directory : People
  • CMG Worldwide (not always philatelic)
    representing the families and estates of deceased celebrities. .e.g. Marilyn Monroe, Babe Ruth ...
    Cite: Topical Dir. : People
  • Coppoweb - e.g. : Cite: Topicals : The Arts : Sculpture
    extensife French site
  • Czech & Slovak Stamp Artists - Gerhard Batz , .de  
  • Famous Portraits on the Stamps of Israel - Sam Zwetchkenbaum, .us
    Famous Portraits on the Stamps of Israel ; diff. URL; diff. site?; same author!
  • Their Stamp on History
    ".. exploring the lives of important historical people through their pictures on postage stamps."
    See Also:
  • Our Archive of designers/engravers
  • Science : Topical Directory : Catelory
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