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Stamps play an important role and have an education value as they enriches one's knowledge in education, history, culture, religion and so on. Stamp-collecting is also a relaxing and amusing hobby. By exchanging stamps, it can strengthen the bonds of friendship between people.

From time to time, Brunei Darussalam has issued a number of commemorative stamps to mark significant local and international events, besides definitive stamp issues. In addition to the above, thematic stamps are issued which usually depict interesting subjects like birds, flora and fauna, culture and so on.

In Brunei Darussalam Philatelic Bureau, stamps as well as other philatelic products are available for sale.

Collectors can either purchase mint stamps or stamps cancelled to order.

First Day Covers
First Day Cover are issued to complement a new stamp issue. Covers will be affixed with the newly issued stamps and cancelled with a special first day of issue datestamp. However, a service fee of 20 cents per cover is charged.

Stamp Albums
Attractive albums containing a collection of all stamp issues of the year with their technical and design details are available.

Miniature Sheets
Miniature Sheets are printed occasionally with a full set of stamps to complement a particular issue.

Prepaid pictorial aerogrammes used for correspondance to all countries are available.

Brunei Darussalam Philatelic Bureau provides the following services to both local and overseas customers:-

a)         Standing Order Deposit Account (SODA)	   An initial advance of Brunei Darussalam $30.00	   (Approximately 10 Pounds or US$15.00) is required to open this account. A SODA           holder will automatically receive the required items for each stamp issue Application           forms for SODA is available on request.b)         Advance Orders	   Advance Orders can be made through an advance order form submitted to the           Bureau prior to each new issue together with sufficient payment by bankdraft,           money order or postal order made payable to Postmastrer-General, Negara           Brunei Darussalam.c)         Order by Post	   Order by post for ordinary stamps and postal stationaries are accepted and           provided by the Philatelic Bureau, Order should be accompined with the           appropriate remittance.d)         Mailing List           Customers can request their names to be included in the mailing list to receive any           information on future stamp issue of Brunei Darussalam.e)         Philatelic Counters
The philatelic counter at present is only available at the Mail and Parcel Processing Centre. This counter sells past and new stamp issues and other philatelic products. However, first day covers are available at all post office counters, but only on the first day of stamp issue. 
Overseas Sales Agents for Brunei Darussalam Stamps1) Crown Agents Stamp Bureau Old Inn House 2 Carshalton Road, Sutton Surrey SMI 4RN, United Kingdom.2) Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corporation 460 West 34th Street, New York N.Y.10001, United States of AmericaIf you require more informations, please write to the following address: Controller of Posts Philatelic Bureau P.O.Box 3000, Bandar Seri Begawan 1930 Brunei Darussalam.