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David Hill Limited
642 Main St, No. 100
Barboursville, WV 25504
  • Tel.: 304-736-4383
    Cross Streets: Between CR-60/9/CR-60/5/Water St and CR-31
    Worldwide, Supplies, Retail Store

    Old? (c.1999):
    6433 United States (US) Rt. 60 E.
    Barboursville, WV 25504
    David W. White APS-06 (# 189853-P)
    R 5 Box 304E
    Charleston, WV 25312
  • Tel.: 304-965-1790
    Worldwide (Lots, Collections, Packets, Singles, Sets)
    Edward Roth APS-06 (# 189853-P)
    P. O. Box 4252
    Parkersburg, WV 26104
  • Tel.: 304-679-5609
    Covers, Postcards, Used Postal Stationery
    Jeron Stamps
    Jerry L. Ray
    APS-06 (# 095136-P)
    P. O. Box 970
    Poca, WV 25159
  • Tel.: 304-755-7628
  • @aol
    United States, Great Britain, Souvenir Sheets, United Nations
    Simpson's Album Pages
    Richard Simpson
    HC 79, Box 52 E
  • Tel.: 304-822-3494
  • @-mail
  • (his stamps @ Stamps2go auctions )
    20,000 Album pages for 300 countries on CD & c.2006: "Pre-printed album pages for over 50,000 country/era combinations."
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