Web Resources for
Pitcairn Islands Collectors

Source: http://www.philatelist.nu/pitcairnresources/resources.html

Hopefully you will find things of interest and help to you in your collecting interests. Some links will lead you to others that are not listed here. Enjoy! This list can be bookmarked on your browser or printed out as a list for later use.

All Links are current (and checked) as of November 4, 2000

Discription and URL (Discription is linked)
genealogy http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~gsnell/genealo.htm 
Pitcairn Island Web Site http://www.lareau.org/pitc.html
Pitcairn Island Government web page  http://users.iconz.co.nz/pitcairn/
Pitcairn Islands Study Center Homepage  http://library.puc.edu/pitcairn/index.html 
Pitcairn Island and Mangareva  http://fp.thesalmons.org/lynn/pitcairn1.html 
Who's Who on Pitcairn http://www.lareau.org/pitcres.html
The Pitcairn Island Photo Album http://www.lareau.org/album.html
Pitcairn Island Virtual Shopping Mall - Stamps & Postal Items  http://www.lareau.org/pivsm1.html
Dave Brown's Handmade Curios from Pitcairn Island  http://www.lareau.org/pitc12.html
Pitcairn Place Names http://www.lareau.org/pitplace.html 
StampsAU http://www.stampsau.com.au/ 
Antarctic Postal History: An Introduction to B.A.E. III Philately  http://www.south-pole.com/p0000147.htm 
Norfolk Post - Norfolk Island. http://www.stamps.gov.nf/stamps1999.htm
Norfolk Island - The Web Site http://www.pitcairners.org
eGroups : FRIENDSofPITCAIRN http://www.egroups.com/group/FRIENDSofPITCAIRN 
Pitcairn Stamp Exhibit http://www.philatelist.nu/pitcairn