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Norfolk Island Stamps
Sheila Grimshaw (proprietor)
Fletcher Christian Road
Mail: P. O. Box 291
Norfolk Island, South Pacific
  • Tel (Intl) +672 3 22253, Fax: (Intl) 672 3 22253
  • [email protected]
    Stocks Norfolk Isl; also has stocks of stamps from Australian Territories, Great Britain, New Zealand, Pitcairn Island and the Islands of the Pacific.
    Lyndsay J. Tooley
    PO Box 441
    2899 Norfolk Island
  • Tel.: +6723 23778, Fax: +6723 23779
  • [email protected]

    old: P. O. Box 165, Banora Point, NSW 2486, Australia
    Tel.: +61 (0)7 5524-1565
    older: P. O. Box 13013, La Jolla, CA 92039-3013, USA
    Tel.: +1 619-546-1122

    Bruce Taylor APTA-11
    PO Box 95, Burnt Pine 2899, Norfolk Island
  • Tel.: +6723 23705, Fax: +6723 23636
  • [email protected]
    Mail order, Retail. Stamps, new issues.

    (I think he's in the Post Office (cf. phones...)

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