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  1. Kaczynski, William (Author w/Charmian Brinson)
    Fleeing from the Fuhrer: A Postal History of Refugees from the Nazis
    Cite : Philately : Research : Israel
  2. Kalantarian, Sergey - Artsakh - Arvest (Rep. of Mountainous Karabakh), RMK
  3. Kanafanim, Zaher Sami (France, Middle East)
  4. Kaminsky, Jack - Jack & Jill (Kiloware) .us-
  5. Kaplan Stamps, Dave (sales: US) .us-NY 10956  
  6. Kaplenk, Dwane T. (club contact)
    Clubs : USA : WI
    Clubs : USA : IL
  7. Kapustin, Igor V - Arctica Antarctica philatelia (stamps, boooks, links) .ru
    Cite : Topical Index : Arctic
  8. Karamitsos, A. (auctions, worldwide, Specialty: Greek area, Levant, Cyprus, literature; online resources) 54623 .gr
  9. Karassek, R. - Stamp-Briefmarken, @ (Worldwide), .de
    Zum Witthage 8, 28870 Ottersberg - Fax: 0049-4293-783068
    Old URL
  10. Karman, Hans (postal history from Australia & Asia Pacific)
    'Frank & Free' et al
  11. Karoly, Szucs (Hungary, revenues)
  12. Karpovich, Mikhas (and Rastsislau Permiakou) - Belarussian International Stamp Co. , .by)
    (CIS: .ru & reps, Baltic States)
    Cite: Entities : Notes on the Former Soviet Union
  13. Katz Stamp Company, Stuart E-mail (US, Disney, Di, Entertainment; PayPal) .us-MA 01941
  14. Kaufman Philatelics, A. Keith (sales) .us-CA 90230
  15. Kavcic, Peter (scuba, underwater life)
  16. Kay, Michael.co (Accessories) .uk-
  17. Kay (Guernsey) Ltd., Bridger & - .gg
  18. Kebel, Larry - Glenwood Stamp Exchange (sales) .us-
  19. Keber, Joze - .si (Slovakia)
    Joe's Stamp Suburbia - no DNS 7/01
    ( KOROŠKO FILATELISTIČNO DRUŠTVO, .si; single pg; links to above)
  20. Keiser, Dick - DK Enterprises (P/H, U.S., WW, Scouts, C'wealth) .us-WA 98383
  21. Keithley, Kaleb S. [PWO] Various Philatelic Items - EN - .us-__
  22. Kelleher Co. Inc., Daniel F. - Stanley J. Richmond, (collections; Est. 1885) .us-MA
  23. Kelleher Co. LLC, Daniel F. (auctions), .us-CT
  24. Keller's Rock Shop, Bob (article: Collecting Rock Stamps)
    Cite: Topicals : The Physical World
  25. Kellermann, Greg - Bel-Aire Collectibles, .us-
    Alt: Bel-Aire Collectibles, .us-
    Alt is via Stampguyz (who is now '404'?) ; ck!
  26. Kellermann, Kim - Pomfret Stamps, .us-
  27. Kellogg, Jim - @ [PWO] - Third Reich Stamps Group (via Yahoo!) [EN] .AU
    Cite/Ref: Basics : Newsgroups : Online
    Cite : Clubs : Topical : Germany
  28. Kelly, Gladys - The Glad Shoppe - (Glad Cachets / FDC's, PayPal) .us-TX 77520 »
    also limited edition (max 100 made) T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs & Mousepads w/cachets
    Cite: Dealers Topical Index : Supplies : Specialty Items
  29. Kemp, Bill - Stamp Studio ( Alt URL) (ww, topicals; PayPal) .us-CA 91733
  30. Kerstetter, Raymond W. - Luray-Belmont Co. (ex-USSR, .yu) .us-VA 22303
  31. Khan, Zahid (closet collector/trader) .ca-BC  
  32. Kiddle, Charles - World Poster Stamps, .uk-HA
    Also chairman: CSC's WWI Study Group c.2002  
  33. Kiddle, Francis Edgar,RDP, FRPSL
    (Expertization: QV to KGV: .ma, .kw, .gi), .uk-HA
    & contact for FIP's Commission for Literature
    & heads ABPS's International Committee (FIP Co-ord.)
    Patron c.2008: Hampshire Phil. Fed.
    Hon Life President: Fleet & North Hants Philatelic Society, UK
    Contact: Great Britain Overprints Society, UK
    APS Contact c.2012: Cinderella Stamp Club, UK
  34. Kilory, Constantine K. - Baltic States Stamps (sic) .lt
  35. Kimmerly Stamp Auctions, Ian (Canada, ww) .ca-ON
  36. Kimonides, Andrew - Andex Stamps Pty. Ltd. (Australia, Br C'wealth, Pacific) .au-VIC 3084  
  37. King, Everett - @ Everett's Stamp Mart (Australia, New Zealand, GB) Whitethorn, .us-CA
  38. King, Lois and Carl - L and C Stamps, @, MSDA (US, ww) .us-MO 65302
  39. King, M. (Author)
    Newark on Trent: A history of its post to 1908, ppb 1985)
    Cite : Dealers : USA : IL  
  40. Kitchen, Scott - Kitchen's Ink Productions,
    Cite: Gen. Links: Resources (esp. charity page)
    Hosts: Jockey Hollow Stamp Club, NJ 07960, USA
    Feature Exhibit: Thomas Nast - The Who Drew Santa Claus
  41. Kitchin, I.D.W. - Macray Watson Auctions, .au-VIC
    (Public Auction Division of Premier Philatelic Auctions Pty Ltd.)
  42. Kitto, Melissa
  43. Kleintank, Mike - Norwood Cachet (Multicolor US FDC's) .us-
    '404': http://pw2.netcom.com/~mikek5/norwood2.htm (comes up Earthlink)
  44. Klengler Publishing House, A. (literature: China) .de
  45. Klinger, Roland (US: Flag over Porch stamps)  
  46. Klug, Janet - aka: 'Tonga Jan' (South Pacific, Tin Can Mail)
    Cite: Entities : USA (FOSS)
    Ref.: Clubs Index : Fellowship of Somoan Specialsts (FOSS)
    Hosts the American Philatelic Congress site (they sell books)
    Hosts : Clermont County Stamp Club, OH, USA
    and more... Like President APS c.2007
  47. Knight, George - Camberwell Stamps (auctions, Asia, Europe, Americas) .au-VIC 3130
  48. Knudsen, Frode Vesterby - .dk (Horses, Artic/SubArctic Mammals)
  49. Ko, Danny - .hk (Hong Kong)  
  50. Koch, G. (Gunhard) [former sekreterare HFF], .fi
    Cite: Articles : Philatelic Experts, Forgery Links
    Cite: Entities : Finland
    xRef./Cite: Dealers : Austria
    See also: Letter from Mr. Kock, HFF.
    old: www.geocities.com/Augusta/5525/experts.html (c.2009)
    old: members.nbci.com/porti/manual.htm, [email protected] (c.2001)
    old: personal.inet.fi/yritys/porssitieto/manual.htm 'forwards' c.2008
  51. Kock, Meyer de - Gelmi Philatelists (sales), .za
    Alt: Gelmi Philatelists, .za
  52. Koechlin, Nicolas - La Philatélie - Sommaire (?club?) .fr
  53. Koenen, Martin - .de (directory in German)
    aka: stamp-finder - Rhein-Main-Briefmarken-Links
    Cite: Gen. Links: Resources
  54. Koepp, Barbara - @ - Stamps n' Stuff (Sales) .us-IA 50325
  55. Köhler, Heinrich (sales) - owner: Volker Parthen, .de
  56. Kolbe, Guido [ URL], 'Mein Hobby Briefmarken', .de
  57. Kolosov, Les - .by - Old Byelorussian Letters
    Cite: Entities Index : Belarus
  58. Kondrikova, Tatiana - Raritan Stamps (Russia, retail, auctions) .us-NJ 08904
  59. Konkolski, Richard ( Paquebot: Ship markings & cancels)
  60. Konopka, Dr. Janusz - Profilex (Poland, Australia, Agency) .pl
  61. Koeppel, Adolph (Author)
    The Court fee and Revenue stamps of the princely states of India:
    An encyclopedia and reference manual
    Cite : Dealers : India
  62. Konrad, John P. @ - Stamp & Coin Store (US, ww) .us- WA 98101
  63. Koreisha, Sergio
  64. Korhonen, Marku - .fi (Austria, Czech, Hungary postal history)
  65. Kosciolek's First Day Covers, Edward (FDC's, cachets)
  66. Kosel KG, Adolf (Austria) .at
    including resources like the black 'Stamps Top 100' ratings ..
    and German lanugage Stamps Top 150 and a 'lexikon'; see: Tools
  67. Kovac, Imre (Hungary, painting)
  68. Kowalski, Donald T. (Approvals: US, British Commonwealth) .us-CA
  69. Kragh, Jesper - .dk (Europe, Bosnia, Croatia, Estonia)
  70. Krause, Barry (Author)
    Collecting Stamps for Pleasure and Profit
    Cite : Homepage : Xmas Book List  
  71. Krenz, R. - stamp.de Philatelie Online (sales: Germany, Europe, ww) .de D-22967
    old: mrk.de/philatelie - Pilatelistischen Büro´s - R. Krenz
    cf: Phildirekt - Ralf Krenz (trading) .de
    Neuartige eCommerz Plattform für Briefmarkensammler und -händler
    Wiesengrund 1, D-22967 Tremsbuettel
  72. Kristensson, Adam
  73. Kulseth, Vidar - .no (Norway)  
  74. Kunc, Lubor - @, Czech Entires (sales), .cz
    Cite: Dealers : .cz ; need addr
    Cite: Entities Index : Cz
    Czech Philately On Line - Lubor Kunc, .cz ; 5/2
    Cite: Entities Index : Cz
  75. Kunz, Rick - The RPO Postmark Page - @
    Cite: Topical Dir. Transportation : By Rail
  76. Kuzui, M. (Medical Stamps) [JP] .jp
    Cite: Topicals Dir. : The Arts : Medicine


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