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"A threefold cord is not quickly broken" - Ecclesiastes 4:12


( there's more stuff here than you can find! - ed.)

Artpool Projects (1992-2006)   which included Artistamps

Bélyegképek 1987   Museum of Fine Art, Budapest (via Artpool)

The Artistamp Collection   The CD ROM version of Guy Bleus's Collection (via Artpool)

Online Artistamp Gallery   at the Electronic Museum of Mail Art (EMMA)

old: http://www.actlab.utexas.edu/emma/Gallery/artistampgallery.html ; url updated c.201505

Artistamp Inc.   The Resolution of Michael Bidner's Artistamp Project.

('404' c.2009 ed.) cf. below

International Art Post Gallery   Stamps produced by Banana Productions .

Solo Exhibitions

(external links are in the graphic)

Mike Bidner   Artistampex: A Tribute

Michael T. Bidner   Artistamps

Dominique Johns   JCM's permanent exhibition of Bugpost stamps

Alyce Cornyn-Selby   Artistamps, Rubberstamps, & Faux Postage

Lia Garavini   Artistamps

Michael Thompson   Artistamps and much, much more.

OR Post :  Artistamp prints by geORge brett

Sedang   The Postage Stamps (cf. Bruce Grenville)

Steve Smith   DAZE of ISSUE, humorous postage stamp parodies.

Artistamp Publishers

International Art Post   Have your personal artistamps printed and perforated!

mheditions   Artistamp Publisher in Paris

Fake and Weird Stamps

Stamp Fakes & Forgeries in the Stamp Yellow Pages

formerly: http://www.raster.it/stefano/a/ '404' c.201101 Weird Stamps   Identify your weird stamps and help others indentify theirs.

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