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Michael Thomas Bidner

Resident of London, Ontario, Canada


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From the IDAC Database File #0184

London Free Press, April 7, 1989


London artist died of AIDs

Michael Bidner created artistamps

London artist Michael Bidner, who was known earlier in his career for his work with graphics, died Wednesday at Parkwood Hospital. He had been suffering from AIDs. "I carried his work for many years. He had a wonderful, whimsical sense of humor and it came out in his work," said Nancy Poole, executive director of the London Regional Art and Historical Museums. "He also had a tolerance and abiding affection for people. He viewed life with a very kind eye but a very perceptive one, the eye of the artist." Poole said when she was dealing with Bidner, "He did a remarkable series of prints" which were later bought by the McIntosh Gallery. In more recent years, Bidner, 44, compiled a catelogue of what he called "artistamps," non-postage stamps created by artists. Artistamps feature all types of images, often spoofs of official stamps. His career also included numerous projects in commercial and fine art and communications. Bidner's funeral will be 10:30 a.m. Saturday at St. Martin of Tours church.

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