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Museo de Filatelia de Oaxaca, A.C


Reforma 504, Centro
Oaxaca, Oax, México. C.P. 68000

Festival and Conference
December 15 - 19, 1999

Jas is most grateful to Alejandra Mora, Director of the Museo de Filatelia de Oaxaca for her invitation to participate in the Festival - ARTE POSTAL HACIA EL NUEVO MILENIO and her generous hospitality, to Michael Hernández de Luna and Michael Thompson for the offer of accommodation in their apartment in Oaxaca during the Festival and especially to The Canada Council for the Arts for its Travel Grant, without which Jas' attendance at this Festival would not have been possible.


Wednesday, December 15th
8 P.M. - Press Conference with participating Artists: Antonío Caro (Colombia), Arnaldo Coen (México), Jas W Felter (Canada), Manuel Marín (México), Michael Hernández de Luna (U.S.A.), Ulises Mora (México), Michael Thompson (U.S.A.), Clemente Padín (Uruguay), Gerardo Yépiz (México ), and Ludwig Zeller (Chile).

Thursday, December 16th
7:30 P.M. - Official Opening   Exhibition - ARTE POSTAL HACIA EL NUEVO MILENIO.  Native music executed by musicians of the town of Ocotlán, Oaxaca (flute and drum), live. 10 P.M. - Performance:   Clemente Padín vs. Gerardo Yépiz

Friday, December 17th
12:00 NOON - Workshop:   The Production of Artistamps.
6 P.M. - Open Discussion:   Mail Art Towards the New Millennium

Saturday, December 18th
11 A.M. - Sound Installation:   La Radia by the composer Manuel Rocha Iturbide.   This electroacústico concert will be transmitted by radio and invited guests will hear the concert broadcast through a collection of approximately 200 antique radios located in the village of Xoxacotlán, a few minutes outside of Oaxaca.  The event will be documented in photographs and on video.
8:30 P.M. - Electronic Music Concert in the patio of the Institute of Graphical Arts of Oaxaca, in collaboration with the Fonoteca Eduardo Mata.   Programme will consist of the execution of music made by computer, works of composers of various countries.   Coordination:  Manuel Rocha Iturbida

Sunday, December 19th
An expedition to the archaeological zone of Monte Albán for delegates visiting Oaxaca for the first time.

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