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"Our biggest failure is our failure to see patterns." - Marilyn Ferguson (American writer)


Online ver.   Event & Exhibition Documentation

Online ver.   Artistamps In The Evolving Mail-Art Network  by Anna Banana, 1997

Online ver.   Publications in the FIVE/CINQ Archives:  Recent additions

Online The JCM Cigarette Pack & Foil Collection

(Also the book sub-set via the 'Museum Shop'..)

Online version   US Law and Artistamps from the United States Code

Online version   Edgardo Antonio Vigo (1927 - 1997) by Clemente Padin (Spanish)

Online ver.   Edgardo Antonio Vigo (1927 - 1997) by Clemente Padin (English)

Online ver.   Pacific Rim Artistamp Congress Report by John Held, Jr.

Online version.   Jas W Felter - A Brief Biography

Online version   Jas W Felter - Exhibition History

Online ver.   Jas' 1996 Report to The Specific Research Institute

Online version.   JAS NEWS

Online version.   COMMENTS of the works of Jas

Online version.   PROFILE - James W. Felter -- Mraur Post

Online version.   The Collected Writings of J.W. Felter on Artistamps

Online version.   The TAM Mail-Interview Project by Ruud Janssen

Online version.   Mail-Art, A Personal Introduction by Michael Lumb

Online version.   ART IS STAMPS by Guy Bleus

Online version.   ARTE POSTALE! 1979-1995 by Vittore Baroni

Online version.   The First California Artistamp Exhibit by Patricia Tavenner

Online version.   Introducing International Artistamps by The Stamp Art Gallery

(John Held, Jr. Curator)

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