Greetings!!! I am Higgins. Here are some stamps I made from some reproductions from a catalogue from the show at the MoMa that my friend, Nat, who lives upstairs, brought over with a ticket to go there and see these eclectic Creativitys. But I made these stamps instead and hope to go see the show.

As a Portrait Painter I thought Richter pretty good and so made them German stamps, as he called them, "Philosophers, Composers, Writers, & Scientists.

For this show of yours I have done an 'OVERPRINT' on these stamps.

Traditionally when one country over-runs another, but doesn't have money to print stamps, they usually use the old stamps but with their own stuff on top...

I do not know why the Germans refer to their country as the FATHERLAND

Nor do I understand why the Russians call the homeland MOTHERLAND.

by E.F. Higgins III
Doo Da Postage Works
United States of America, 2002

Four of one hundred different artistamps, 4.4 x 3.5cm each.

From four full sheets (27.9 x 21.6cm.) of twenty-five stamps each.
Perforationed, initialed, A/P.

Permanent Collection
Gift of the artist

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