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 HEADMASTER & FACULTY/TEACHER/STUDENT of Saint Academic Myriad Day School(NC) Virtual School

Kahime Abrams, MBA, MST

 Boys and Girls High School-Advanced Regents Diploma with Designation, 1996
B.S. Alliance University, 2003 (Computer Science)
B.S. B.A. Ehkputseh Bible College (continuing 2022 with a sextuple or octuple major equivalent)
M.B.A. American Intercontinental University, 2004 (Global Technology Management)
M.S.T. Pace University, 2007 (Adolescent Education Mathematics 7-12 via NYC Teaching Fellows)
e-M.D. Myriad School of Medicine-Classic Judaic University-Guyana (completed June 2018 - nonclinical degree pre-second M.D. or pre-chiro perhaps or PhD equivalent[non-thesis] or pre-vet/pre-PA-C) 

 (2nd HS/1st Homeschool Online-Esque Diploma, expected 2019/2021/2022)  - Academic Myriad School - 15 homeschool courses equivalent to HS courses GPA 4.0 or 121/100 weighted

Kahime Abrams holds NYS & NC Math Teacher Licenses & NYS Administration - PPS License.


Address/Mailing Address: 

St. Academic Myriad School (NC) Virtual School

c/o K. Abrams - 2022 Current Vendorer Academic Myriad: NC SES Provider/Vendor

739 Dumont Ave. 4B

Brooklyn, NY 11207


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