Sonicnet Online Chat 1999

Mr. Bungle: Mike and Trey:Trey and Mike are in da house!

Mr. Bungle: Mike: Hi, f*ckers, fire away!

Kilbacca: Why did you guys wear masks and use pseudonyms in the past? Does that make it easier to perform?

Mr. Bungle: Mike:The opposite, it was harder to play with all that sh*t on. That's why I don't do it anymore. I would be floundering around up there, and I wouldn't be able to play. People, try wearing a leather bondage mask to a 110 degree gig.

Kilbacca: So few Bungle songs are credited to more than one or two people. Are you guys control freaks or do you just have really complete song ideas?

Mr. Bungle: Trey:hmmm, a little bit of both. When you write a song, you hear it completely in your head, every last detail, so you try to release it as completely as you can.

Mr. Bungle: Mike:We know each other well enough to know what the other members are going for, we get along pretty easily in the compositional dept. When Trey or Trevor has an idea, we all know how to release it becuase we all speak the same language.

Kilbacca: MP & TD: Was Fantomas just a once in a lifetime project? It's been the best album released all year.

Mr. Bungle: Mike:No, there will be more, I have enough material for the second one, but, when I'll be able to do it, I can't really say.

Kilbacca: Who, if anyone specifically, inspired "Vanity Fair"?

Mr. Bungle: Mike:I would probably say the phenomenon of Michael Jackson. Michael and his boys.

Prolapse_98: Are there ANY plans whatsoever that you guys might ever come and play in the UK? If not with this tour, then ever?

Mr. Bungle: Mike:Of course, we just have to wait and see when our record comes out. It's kind of frustrating becuase we have gotten a buncha offers, but our record isn't out over there yet. It would be frustrating to go over there without our record being released, so we'll just have to sit on our hands for a little bit.

Kilbacca: Have you guys completely given up on using movie clips on Bungle albums?

Mr. Bungle: Mike:We haven't really given up on anything, why give up? Life is so beautiful.

Terminal_Spirit_Disease: will you guys play any black metal songs on tour, hehehe

Mr. Bungle: Trey:Death metal.

Mr. Bungle: Mike:Only death metal, no black metal, no power metal, no blood metal.

Mr. Bungle: Trey:White metal.

Kilbacca: Me and my friend made a video for Techno Allah/Violenza/After-School, can we give it to you at the Boston show next Thursday?

Mr. Bungle: Mike:Sure.

Mr. Bungle: Trey:Great.

myassisonfire99: what kind of musical background do the members of mr bungle have?

Mr. Bungle: Mike:None for me. That's kind of a long answer.

Mr. Bungle: Trey:That's gonna be too complicated.

Mr. Bungle: Mike:We'll write a thesis on it someday. (loud belch)

ChaosSmile: When is the cover album coming out?

Mr. Bungle: Mike:Noooooo, never. The album cover has a palm tree with people dancing on it.

Mr. Bungle: Trey:All the albums have covers.

myassisonfire99: how do you feel about people recording your shows on video ?

Mr. Bungle: Mike:I don't really care too much, I just don't like seeing them for sale. I'm glad some people have, they're really funny.

Mr. Bungle: Trey:We got some free copies of a Japanese video.

Mr. Bungle: Mike:I asked a guy in England for free copies of a video, and he got some guys to kick me out of his store. So there's definitely a dark side to it. When you see a copy of your record on sale on for $160, a promo version a week before it comes out, that's just pathetic.

ChaosSmile: Danny Heifetz.....Do you agree that Russia produces some of the finest classical musicians?????

Mr. Bungle: Danny: I think that Russia produces some of the finest musicians, ever, sometimes.

mrmoyda: I love the lyrics to "air-condiontioned nightmare", is it true they were inspired by Henry Miller's book by the same title?

Mr. Bungle: Trey:Thanks.

Mr. Bungle: Mike:No, just stole the title. I think it's a great book, but I didn't model the song lyrics after that all. Took the title, gave it a new story.

walkingparadox432: What part of california has 64 simultaneous tracks?

Mr. Bungle: Trey:Sound Castle.

Mr. Bungle: Mike:That would be "Robots" and "Air Conditioned Nightmare." We're ashamed to say.

koculus: Danny Heifetz, Any news on Dieselhed projects?

Mr. Bungle: Danny: Zach invites me to Passover every year. I miss a really good Sedar every year. I spend every other Passover with my mom and dad. Adam's middle name is Benjamin. Shawn's Catholic and Virgil drinks Bushmills. Deiselhead e-mailed me, they just got done with the final overdubs, it should be done by January or February. Hopefully we'll play some shows, it will be on Bongload Records again.

therealEU: What is the song "My ass is on fire" about?!

Mr. Bungle: Trey:I don't know, I didn't write it. It's about farting.

Mr. Bungle: Danny:Buger pimp and drunkness monster are my new heroes. Burger Pimp wears his baseball cap sideways. He's in Len.

AnalyChallanged : Is it true the anthony keidis from RHCP demanded that you'll be removed from festivals in europe, and if so, why?

Mr. Bungle: Trey:It's true, we don't know why, ask him. Ask Anthony Keidis.

Mr. Bungle: Danny:I don't really know, it's something that happened about eight years ago, he's a grudge holder. Here's a treat: (fart) That's what we call "Taco Depot." I'm only eight. You ever watch "Southpark"? I'm glad it's out there for the kids.

MR_BUNGLE_FANTOMAS_FNM: Patton said that a millenium New Year's Eve-show with Mr. Bungle, Fantomas,the Melvins and Grip Inc. could be possible. Might it happen?

Mr. Bungle: Danny:I'm kind of opposed to it, for selfish reasons, I was planning on going to Australlia, but I 'might get f*cked over. It's a really great idea, I don't wanna do it. Maybe we'll know something by the end of the tour.

strom_thurman : I heard that you encourage people to dress like tourists at your shows. Is this true??

Mr. Bungle: Danny:Yeah, we sell 'em the f*cking clothes at the shows.

Mr. Bungle: Trey:It's the new hipster revolution.

Mr. Bungle: Danny:We've got a new class of people, the hipstourist, Jump the gun on getting old, go to a Mr. Bungle show. Bypass the best years of your life. Act 41, run in front of a car, be a suicidal jerk, go to a bungle show.

Mr. Bungle: Trey:Stop buying recrods. Once people get old, they stop buying records.

ioctl666: What is your feelings on taping shows? I have found them to be better than any album and it would be cool to hear them again.

Mr. Bungle: Trey:The band policy says no taping. Personally, it's different among the band members.

Mr. Bungle: Danny:It certainly didn't hurt the Grateful Dead.

Mr. Bungle: Trey:I don't care anymore.

Mr. Bungle: Danny:It's a drag when people sell our records before they come out for a lot of money.

Mr. Bungle: Trey:The things that we want to hide, like our demo tapes, we should just put it up on MP3 to avoid people cashing in on it.

Mr. Bungle: Danny:There's some stuff that really is personal, people don't understand, it wasn't for people to hear, it was for us.

Mr. Bungle: Trey:It's an open question.

the_ego_groovy: Would you play in Ecuador for the sake of eccentricity?

Mr. Bungle: Trey:I would prefer Antarctica.

Mr. Bungle: Danny:I wold play Ecuador to get a little trip out to the islands.

Mr. Bungle: Danny:There are definitely more f*cked up places to play for thrills. Like New York.

Mr. Bungle: Trey:We could dig a deep hole in the ground and tunnel for hundreds of miles and come up and play Jones Beach.

Mr. Bungle: Danny:We could open for Robert Palmer.

mrkocol: It's been a treat to hear some of the old covers (like The Stroke), yet can we look forward to any new ones as the tour progresses?

Mr. Bungle: Danny:No. We didn't have much time to do the new album, it took months. It took a long time to record the record. It was a low priority, now that we have three albums, we have a lot of material to play. We have played some covers in Australlia and elsewhere, but not in America yet.

merrygovolante: was California a "theme" album from the start...or did it just develop over time?

Mr. Bungle: Trey:The latter, it developed over time.

PMCD75: any plans for a video from "California"?

Mr. Bungle: Trey:Not yet. But there's a possibility.

SpareCoxy : Did you guys condone the riot at Woodstock after RHCP?

Mr. Bungle: Trey:If all of the bands would go up in flames at once, I would condone it.

Gabara70: Will Ipecac records be releasing any Bungle singles or ep's maybe?

Mr. Bungle: Trey:No, probably not.

Kilbacca: Did you see the episode of Baywatch where someone got the Bends?

Mr. Bungle: Trey:No, missed that one! Sh*t! I knew i missed one of those! There's an earthquake going on in here! (soundcheck)

myassisonfire99: are you guys still wearing masks on stage, i havent seen you yet, but i will in august.

Mr. Bungle: Trey:We already answered that, but, no.

myassisonfire99: at the end of the song egg, there is a recording of you guys doing something, it sounds like train hopping, what exactly are you doing?

Mr. Bungle: Trey:We were trying to train hop. It was our post-train-hopping period, where we were paranoid of being caught, because Trevor had gotten caught. He had crossed the boundary, he was hopping them by himself.


Mr. Bungle: Trey:No idea.

rickflag: Who chose to use Goldie to make your live dance remix of My Ass is on Fire?

Mr. Bungle: Trey:Mike.

tlk2me420: why dont blondes drink koolaid? .........cause they cant figure out how to fit 2 gallons of water into those tiny little packets.

Mr. Bungle: Trey:Someone just answered their own question! Hmmm . . .i don't have a comment for that, they can talk to themselves!

permorama: are there gonna be any more tribute albums coming out soon that mr. bungle will appear on?

Mr. Bungle: Trey:We've never done one, but different band members have been involved on different tribute things. If someone asks us and we like it, sure. What we've all done so far have been great.

pinkbluefish: Have you guys covered any videogame music, besides the SMB theme?

Mr. Bungle: Trey:We did RBI. The really early baseball simulation game. Great game, I don't know anything about baseball, but I know so many stats of different ball players. It keeps me in conversations, it makes me seem like a jock.

therealEU : What did you guys think of Episode One?

Mr. Bungle: Trey:Haven't seen it.

Rael_NYC: what is your favorite porno movie?

Mr. Bungle: Trey:"Brown."

praxisss : You're not really going to let warner do some hip-hop remix of Retrovertigo are you?

Mr. Bungle: Trey:Hmmm, that's a really good question. I'm not sure, let me think about this . Uh, who f*ckin' cares?

mrkocol : What does "Ride si sapis" mean?

Mr. Bungle: Trey:Ask Mike. I didn't write it.

jhonold: Do you cover a different song at each show?

Mr. Bungle: Trey:No, our set lists have been really consistent for the first time. We've been afraid to deviate becuase of potential problems. The more comfortable that we get, the more room we'll have to improvise. We just had something terrible happen the other night. Mike's sampler got fried. It was in Iowa City, we got it fixed.

Zulphikar: would you like to see the lead singer of the scorpions naked?

Mr. Bungle: Trey:Jesus, what kind of a question is that?? I thinkI'd rather see Rudy Shenker naked, the guitar player from the Scorpions. I'd like to see all of them naked. I 'd like to see them swallow a live scorpion, I think they would do it, I have nothing against the scorpions. Oh, f*ck, Tonight we're playing Minneapolis, which is where, last year, we had the worst disaster of our musical careers. So we're hoping that, we should be playing a free show to vindicate ourselves. A buncha technical problems, But I think we'll have our shit together tonight, we apololgize, but tonight should be a good show.


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