UK Wedding & Destination Photography 

  Your wedding day will be a culmination of months of planning, and it's all about celebration the love you have for each other, and sharing the day with the friends and family you love the most.

Although UK weddings may have similar elements, every wedding is unique. It is unique because every couple bring their own personaility and design to their celebrations.

So, what can you expect from a typical wedding in the UK? I have been fortunate to have the best wedding photographers in the UK impart their expert knowledge.



Photographs & words © the following photographers;

Wedding Photographer Surrey - Soven Amatya Photography

London Wedding Photographer - Ami Robertson Photography

Cotswolds Wedding Photographer - Dan Morris Photography

London Wedding Photographer - Rik Pennington Photography

Lancashire Wedding Photographer - David Scholes Photography

London Wedding Photographer - Andy Tyler Weddings

Wedding Photographer Surrey - Louise Adby Photography

Cambridge Wedding Photographer - Ben Minnaar Photography

Birmingham Wedding Photographer - ArtisanX Photography

Manchester Wedding Photographer- Phil Salisbury Photography

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer - HBA Photography

Destination Wedding Photographer - Miki Studios

Engagament Shoot


Ami Robertson Photography


Once you have chosen your wedding photographer, I always think it's a great idea to have a pre-wedding or engagement session. So many people immediately assume that is way too cheesy or not something 'they would do' when the truth of the matter is that they are just nervous about being in front of the camera which is even more reason to have one.

If you have chosen the right photographer for you then a pre-wedding shoot is going to be nothing but fun and also a great way to spend a couple of hours somewhere you like. 

Unlike the wedding you have total flexibility for the location, so if you want photos on Brighton Pier go for it. Or maybe you want an East London vibe around Shoreditch. The possibilities are endless for location which can totally represent who you both are as a couple.

On the day trust your photographer, this is the time to get to know them more, have a laugh and collaborate in the creative process. They will be working hard to get you comfortable and create beautiful images that capture this exciting time in your lives together. 

I love doing pre-wedding shoots with my couples, it always reinforces our working relationship and when it then comes to the day I am even more like an additional guest rather than 'the photographer' plus we always get some EPIC images that make all of us smile. 


Engagement SHoot


Getting Ready

  Dan Morris Photography  

Morning prep for me is the time to settle nerves for both myself, and the bridal or grooms party. It’s always daunting knocking that door and not knowing what to expect. 

I want to be that friendly face which people automatically feel comfortable with. I don’t go in taking photos right away.

I’ll try and chat with as many people there as possible before I start taking photos. Making people feel at ease with me being around sets the tone for the rest of the day. Prep is usually fun but can be a little nervy for some, through plenty of experience, I want to be the person that people ignore and carry on their morning without worry.

People being themselves around me is where I tend to find those best images. It’s one of my favourite parts of a wedding day. 

   Getting Ready  
   Rik Pennington Photography  

Photographing the getting ready shots before the wedding ceremony is one of my favourite parts of the day. 

It’s the time when excitement and nerves are running high and it’s a great time for the photographer to establish relationships with the bride and her bridal party.

As a documentary wedding photographer, I want to blend in with the events that are happening around me, so I just let things flow and do my thing! Brides are rarely self-conscious or concerned with the photographer during getting ready, as it’s such an exciting time and there’s so much going on.

Of course, if there are any parts of the getting ready that you are uncomfortable with being photographed just let your photographer know and they’ll be accommodating to your needs, but otherwise just enjoy the time!

   Getting Ready  

The Ceremony

   David Scholes Photography  


It goes without saying that the ceremony is the main part of the wedding day. This is what it’s all about and what the friends and family are here to see. I love not knowing what is going to happen.

Is the groom going to let the nerves get the better of him? Will it be the bride’s father? Will a light-hearted funny moment happen as the bride gets down the aisle creating an ice breaker?

Whatever, I need to make sure I’m ready for whatever happens and I get so much satisfaction from capturing expressions from the couples as they see each other for the first time, knowing I’m capturing moments they are going to love looking back on.

Probably my favourite part of the whole day however is the bit just after the ceremony as the couple walk out of the venue/church.

Sometimes it’s though a shower of confetti which makes for an exciting photo with loads of genuine expressions, but I love the first reactions the guests all have when they see them. The big ‘arms open’ gesture with big wide smiles before they go in for the squeeze. The hugs and ‘high-fives’.

Traditionally this was a time when the couples parents in particular would expect group family photos to be taken and I used to find they would be looking at me waiting for instruction and while I like to get these done sooner rather than later, I don’t want to miss those moments just mentioned, so my tip for capturing this is to vanish for a moment and capture the first few shots from further away before coming back in close

  Hugs after ceremony  

Group Photos & Cocktails

   Andy Tyler Weddings  

 After the wedding ceremony finishes, celebrations usually kick off with drinks and nibbles for the guests. 

This is a great opportunity for photos of wedding guests enjoying themselves but also a good time to take any group photos of the wedding party and family. Group photos may seem boring but in future years their value will appreciate.

With a little organisation beforehand, they can be done quickly so you can get back to the rest of your guests and the party.


Some great tips for group photos:

1.      Create a list of each photo you’d like along with the names of the people included.

2.     Print three copies; one for your wedding photographer and one for someone on either side of the family who knows everyone on that side. These two people will be in charge of getting all the people in for each photo, so loud voices come in handy!

3.     Find a place away from the wedding reception to take the group photos. This will help speed them up by minimising distractions!

4.     Ask your caterer to have some drinks and canapés served to everyone in the group photos at the chosen location.

5.     Struggling to whittle down the number of group photos? Ask yourself for each photo, who is going to want a print of that photo on their mantelpiece? If there isn’t anyone, you can probably combine that photo with another one.


6.     Finally, start with the photo with the most people, and then you can let people who are no longer needed head back in to the reception. Then work your way down to the photo with the least number of people. 

   Group Photos  

Couple Portraits

   Louise Adby Photography  

Most couples I work with dread having staged photos of just the two of them, feeling awkward or believing they will receive something cheesy or uncomfortable. My goal during this time is to be as quick as possible so you can get back to enjoying your celebrations, but also to create something that has emotion and feels un-staged. 

I believe in giving a little direction, but only so you know how to stand so you can relax into each other and forget I am there. I don't want to force anyone into a pose that feels unnatural. It's all about the connection between the two of you!

I want to capture the love between you guys as cheesy as that sounds: passion, laughter or just a silly fun moment. I will give little prompts so you can interact with each other. Sometimes I ask my couples to tell each other five things they love about each other, or to say silly words in an accent of their choice, anything that helps you to feel at ease and to create a somewhat natural moment. 

A lot of elements have to come together nicely to create the perfect portrait; the moment and connection is my top priority, followed by light and composition. I will also make sure to have a close up where the focus is on two of you and one which includes the broader scene so you can remember your lovely venue and its surroundings. 

Alongside the romantic portraits, I do also like to create a more traditional "mantle-piece" portrait, which is your, looking straight to camera pose, close up and full length. These I find are perfect as gifts for parents or to use on thank you cards.

  Couple Portrait  

The Speeches

   Ben Minnaar Photography  

Weddings can feel so jam packed full of moments from a photographer’s perspective. There always seems to be a million things going on and never has this been truer than during speeches.

To key the phrase ‘for every action is a reaction’; once a speech starts the reactions start and boy do you get some.

From whimpering lips and tears down cheeks to roars of laugher and guests falling off chairs it is key, as a photographer to get on your hands and knees, get close and photograph all those awesome moments.

  The Speeches  
   ArtisanX Photography   

 Speeches are one of the most anticipated parts of any wedding, and the dynamic between the speakers could not be more different.

Consider the variation in tone between a best man/woman cracking jokes and having the room in hysterics, to that of a family member making an emotional speech as one of their children has just gotten married.


My advice to those giving the speeches is this – know the room. Be conscious who your talking to, be responsible and plan-in-advance! Speeches don’t have to be great big, long winded epics anymore, but a few bullet points will go a long way to you delivering a fantastic speech!


Cake Cutting & First Dance

  Phil Salisbury Photography  

 The cutting of the cake and your first dance are two very traditional parts to a wedding. I am frequently asked "When do we cut the cake?" For me this is entirely down to you, there's the traditions and the running order of the day where it may be convenient to do so. 

However, remember it's your wedding day so do things your way and that's my biggest tip! Don't conform to social norms, make sure your day is just how you want it to be not how everyone else does it. When it comes to first dances’ I've seen many variations.

A simple two step sway for the more reserved and intimate couple through to a full-on flash mob with almost the entire congregation joining in!

Whatever works best for you just roll with it. Remember to keep true to yourself and feel comfortable with it.

This will be conveyed in the photographer’s images they create.

  First Dance  

Evening Couple Portraits

  HBA Photography  

 Wedding parties are fun, right?! OMG, we LOVE a wedding party.  We also love it when the lights go down and we're able to take 2 minutes away from all the crazy to create some epic night time portraits. 

We might head outside and use your venue as the interest, or even some adverse weather. Dancing in the rain anyone?  Or maybe your wedding venue has some cool features indoors that look amazing at night - Either way, we can't help ourselves...

We always like to finish the night on a super cool, dramatic portrait. 

  Evening Couple Portrait  

The Party

   Soven Amatya Photography  

There's nothing like throwing the most epic party that will be remembered for years by all your guests and captured by your wedding photographer. 

Whether that's the songs, the dancing or even the games the guests can play - all make for a having an awesome party!

  The Party  

Destination Weddings (outside UK)

  Miki Studios  

We love our job as London wedding photographers and filmmakers but it’s always a great honour and adventure to travel to shoot and film weddings. These days many couples pay for their own weddings. 

This has given couples a license to break from expected norms of the past and create the wedding they really want. And what couples increasingly want is to get married abroad with one in six British weddings now taking place outside the UK.

Having shot destination wedding film and photography all over the world we can certainly see the appeal. Taking your closest family and friends with you to somewhere exotic to celebrate your union over a relaxing few days (not hours) in glorious sunshine or amongst breath-taking scenery. What’s not to love!

However, planning a destination can feel daunting and it’s when faced with this hurdle some couples back out. However, careful planning and preparation of your destination wedding can make the planning fun and allows you to create not just an amazing day or holiday but a once in a lifetime experience, that you get to share with those you love most.

Popular destination wedding hotspots are The Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Thailand, Italy, France, Spain and Scandinavian and Nordic countries. All these locations have fantastic wedding venues and local suppliers experienced in delivering beautiful bespoke destination weddings.

As we’ve photographed and filmed numerous destination weddings, we would like to share with you, the benefit of our experience by listing our top do’s and don’ts when it comes to planning your destination wedding.


Here are some things to consider:

- Choose a wedding location that suits you as a couple. Somewhere that holds special memories or somewhere you have both always dreamed of going to. Think about the kind of people you are and choose a wedding to suit you. If you’re at your most comfortable then your guests will be too.


- Think about using a wedding planner if you can afford one. Planning a destination wedding is more complicated than getting married locally as you are dealing with a different culture in a different time zone and suppliers that aren’t easy to pop along and see. If you can’t afford an actual wedding planner there are some great wedding planning apps that you
can use.

- Give your guests as much notice as possible of your destination wedding date, time, and location. When planning a destination wedding you really need to keep your guests up to date so that they can start saving money, booking annual leave, and planning their trip to your wedding. A great way to let everyone know where you’re at with your wedding is by

- Create a wedding website. There’s lots of help available online to make creating one.

- Choose a location that covers all your events. One of the best things about a destination wedding is that you get to spend days with your wedding guests not just a few hours so choose a wedding location and venue that caters for all of you. So that everybody can relax for a couple of days before the wedding.

- Visit before the wedding. Go scout out the place and see if it is what you’re looking for. Plus, it’s an excuse for a holiday!


- Look to source things locally as you could save yourself a lot of money.

  Destination Wedding  


Rik Pennington Photography