Welcome To S.A.D.I.! The Web home of StormNicki! This place will have my dolls or i guess pixel works. There maybe a place for my art. Anyways i'll give you a fair warning of things on here.

There is A barbie doll type Nudity going on here. This warning is applied to the bases. There is also so "gay" like content. This is the only warning you get its in the base section and in the doll section.


1/13/2018: Base section reworked. Added more bases that wasn't released. Some are unfinished and probably never was going to be! Enjoy~SN

11/11/2017: New Graphics! Again. Easier on the eyes I think.~SN

3/13/2014: New graphics! 2 new sections! and a move ): We are coming up on the 1 year anniversary of my site being down and I can't seem to get a hold of my host any more. So after much and long thought I decide to place my site up on another host until I can get a hold of my host. When my site is back up with my host everything well be transferred there. :). Any ways I took the bases down. I am unsure if I will ever place them back up or not. If I do it'll be updated. Meanwhile I will be working on getting the pages that are not up done and placed up. After that I will be updating the doll section and the doll pages them self with new dolls. Maybe by then I will be willing to restore my base page. ~SN

02/14/2013: It was brought to my attention that the parent base page was down. That was suppose to up. The only page on there that wasn't suppose to be up is Snow. Any ways I got the missing page up and I have created a 404 page so I'm gonna be updating the site with that link.~SN