[These are the articles as they will appear in the book. In alphabetical order of presenters. ]

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0. PREFACE  [Download PDF]


1. Stories of sponges: survival and prosperity in the island society of Symi in the South-Eastern Aegean, 1850-1950.   

Theofania Angelopoulou [University of Crete] [PDF pending]


2. The global commerce in sponges, 1815-1945

William Clarence-Smith [SOAS, University of London] [Download PDF]


3. The Cuban sponge economy, 1850s-1980s

William Clarence-Smith [SOAS, University of London] [Download PDF]


4. An oral history of the sponge-fishing industry of the Island of Hydra, Greece

Ed Emery [SOAS, University of London] [Download PDF]


5. Restoration of sponge beds in the Florida Keys

Ed Emery [SOAS, University of London] [Download PDF]


6. SACOLEVE: Spatial and temporal adaptation of a traditional Mediterranean fishery facing regional change: combining history and ecology to study past, present and future of sponge harvesting

Maďa Fourt [Aix Marseille Univ., Avignon Univ., CNRS, IRD, IMBE, Marseille]

Daniel Faget [Aix Marseille Univ., CNRS, TELEMME, Aix-en-Provence]

Thierry Pérez [Aix Marseille Univ., Avignon Univ., CNRS, IRD, IMBE, Marseille] [Download PDF]


7. Sexing the sponge: Luxury, trade and the female body

Joyce Goggin [Universiteit van Amsterdam] [Download PDF]


8. On The sponge fishing activity and community of the island of Kalymnos by Evdokia Olympitou

Gelina Harlaftis [Institute for Mediterranean Studies / Ionian University] [Download PDF]


9. Beneath the 12-Mile Reef: Archival curio of 20th century sponger culture

Hannah Hjerpe-Schroeder [Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia] [Download PDF]


10. Sponges of economic value from Singapore

Lim Swee Cheng [National University of Singapore] [Download PDF]


11. Prospecting for sponges: Philippine waters and the rise of economic zoology, 1881-1916

Anthony Medrano [History and South Asian Studies, Harvard University] [Download PDF]


12. On the status of Spongia officinalis, the sponge by definition, and implications for conservation. A review

Roberto Pronzato [Universitŕ di Genova] and Renata Manconi [Universitŕ di Sassari]   [Download PDF]


13. The hidden divers: Sponge harvesting in the archaeological record of the Mediterranean basin

Emilio Rodríguez-Álvarez [School of Anthropology, University of Arizona] [Download PDF]


14. Sponges versus foams: Nature and human artefact 

Axel Thallemer [National University of Singapore] [Download PDF]




     Stories of the Sponge Fishers

     Yannis Yérakis, with a preface by Spiro Ampelas [Download PDF]



     On the Sponge Industry of Hydra: Endless pain upon pain…

     Yiannis A. Karamitsos [Download PDF]



     Manolis Tsakiris [Download PDF]



     The Sponge Collection of Kostas Argitis [Hydra] [Download PDF]



               O Karaghiozis sfoungaras – Hydra – 19 May 2018

     Jason Melissinos [Download PDF]