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SOAS Goes To Calais


“SOAS Goes to Calais” is a SOAS SU society which works against the devastating effects of an inhumane border regime in Northern France and across Europe. 


We do this by organising regular solidarity trips to the Calais region and other parts of Europe, in which we volunteer with local organisations, carry out frontline support work with refugees and migrants in camps and elsewhere, and put on occasional musical events. In recent years, we've also organised trips to Paris and Athens.


In London, we organise public meetings and talks to raise awareness of the issue, and hold fundraising parties and concerts, open to SOAS students and the general public. Through our work runs the belief that this is a political issue as well as a humanitarian one.


Our ultimate aim is to open the borders across and beyond Europe, and to see migrants and refugees received with dignity and respect, whoever they are and wherever they go.


We are travelling to Calais on the weekend of 24-26 March 2023, for volunteering and for musical activities involving the SOAS Ceilidh Band.


You are invited to join us.


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