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Ilias Mastrogiannis, muleteer, Island of Hydra, Greece. Photo: Ed Emery


A series of studies of the history, current situation, and future prospects of donkeys

and donkey cultures around the world, including also mules.

This volume contains papers presented at our five

international Donkey & Mule Conferences


held at The Free University of Hydra, Greece [2005]


and at the School of Oriental and African Studies

(SOAS), London [2012, 2014 and 2016]





[in alphabetical order of authors]






1. The use of donkeys and mules among the ancient north Arabian nomads

in the light of the epigraphic evidence

Mohammad I. Ababneh [Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg] [PDF]


2. Donkeys in Greece

Georgios Arsenos and Elias Papadopoulos [Aristotle University, Thessaloniki] [PDF]


3. Donkeys and mules in the New World

John Barker [Independent researcher] [PDF]


4. Mules in Central America pre-Panama Canal

 John Barker [Independent researcher] [PDF]


5. Wild asses and donkeys in Africa: interdisciplinary evidence for their

biogeography, history and current use

Roger Blench [Kay Williamson Educational Foundation] [PDF]


6. The Judas Collar program: feral donkeys in Western Australia

Jill Bough [University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia] [PDF]


7. The donkey (and mule) in the Gallipoli Campaign of World War I

Jill Bough [University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia] [PDF]


8. An historical recognition of the employment of the mule in the Italian army

Giovanni Brajon [Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale del Lazio e della Toscana] [PDF]


9. Donkeys and mules of the Indian Ocean: breeding and trade in the long

nineteenth century, 1780s to 1918

William G. Clarence-Smith [SOAS, University of London] [PDF]


10. Eating equids: a historical survey

William G. Clarence-Smith [SOAS, University of London] [PDF]


11. The rise and fall of the donkey: the Central Mediterranean islands

Charles Dalli [University of Malta] [PDF]


12. The donkey and mule culture of the Island of Hydra, Greece

Ed Emery [SOAS, University of London] [PDF]


13. The Roboski Massacre - December 2011: Kurds, mules and cross-border trade

Ed Emery [SOAS, University of London] [PDF]


14. The story of a little donkey

Yiannis Gavalas [Island of Hydra] [PDF]


15. A veterinary visit to the Island of Hydra, Greece, October 2010

Elisa Geskou [Greek Animal Welfare] [PDF]


16. Glimpses of long-distance pack donkeys

Jill Goulder [University College London] [PDF]


17. Care and development of donkey transportation in ancient Egypt

M.Y. Matoock [Faculty. of Veterinary Medicine, University of Cairo [PDF]


18. Comparing the physiological and biochemical parameters of mules and

hinnies to horses and donkeys

Amy K. McLean [North Carolina State University] [PDF]


19. The Miranda Donkey: A tale of heritage construction and rural revival

Teresa Novoa [Universidade Nova de Lisboa] [PDF]


20. Nutritional qualities of donkey milk

Paolo Polidori and Silvia Vincenzetti [University of Camerino, Italy] [PDF]


21. The work of the Donkey Rescue Centre in Corfu, Greece

Judy Quinn [Corfu Donkey Rescue] [PDF]

22. The cantes muleros and the traditional musical festivals of the Alpujarras

Andrew B. Rosenfeld [Mount St. Marys University] [PDF]


23. The work of the Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt (SPARE)

Amina Sarwat Abaza [Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt] [PDF]


24. Ancient alternative gaits in Mediterranean donkeys, and their importance

in modern tourist and recreational activities

Marko Suklje [PDF]


25. The story of the donkey Foula and the mule Koula and/or the history of Greece

during the Occupation-Resistance and the Civil War (1940-50)

Tasoula Vervenioti [Historian, Athens] [PDF]


26. The use of mules in Eastern Turkey

Orhan Yılmaz, Fsun Coşkun, Yakup Erdal Ertrk, Mehmet Ertuğrul [PDF]




The Golden Ass

Apuleius [PDF]


The Donkey

A fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm [PDF]


Donkeys boost Ethiopian literacy

Elizabeth Blunt [BBC News] [PDF]


A donkey runs for parliament in Paris, 1899

La Feuille, Paris, 1899 [PDF]


Donkey Express

A London cartoon, 1856 [PDF]
















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