Snuff Wars

To Another Galaxy

by Honda


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WARNING: This story is a sci-fi story which contains elements of cannibalism, snuff, bdsm, ws and bestiality.


Part 4: To Another Galaxy (The Inauguration)

It was a dream finally come true. After many years of research and hard work they had finally finished the construction of their proud new intergalactic spaceship. It was a very auspicious moment and everyone had gathered around the huge spaceship for this very special occasion. The inauguration ceremony for this particular spaceship was very important because it was a symbolic message that the people of Onixia had been awaiting for a long time. They would finally be able to begin their search for their lost brothers and sisters who had been stranded on a planet called Terra hundreds of years ago.

Back then it had been a very prosperous time and they had very advanced technologies. They had built a similar spaceship named Dolcett and explored the galaxy with it. Unfortunately, soon after they had found a beautiful blue planet, which they had named Terra, trouble erupted back home and the Dolcett was lost during that period.

Whatever had happened to the Dolcett had remained a total mystery but one fact concerning the Dolcett had been confirmed through a transmission log that had survived the war. There had been a group of pioneers onboard the Dolcett, which had planned to settle on Terra. The last transmission before the Dolcett was lost had stated that it was on its way back to Onixia and that it had left the settlers behind on Terra after they had successfully settled there.

However, the Dolcett had never returned to Onixia. It had been an exploration vessel and had not been heavily armed. Many Onixians believe that the Dolcett had been attacked and destroyed by the Censorians on its way back. This was a very likely scenario, but there had never been any prove that the Censorians had had any involvement in that incident and no other related information had survived the war. The lost of the Dolcett had also resulted in the total lost of all research information gathered about the explored galaxy. That was also why not much information about Terra had survived the war and even less was known about its exact location. Nevertheless, the people of Onixia had never given up hope that one day they would be able to rediscover Terra and be reunited with their lost people.

For this reason, the inauguration ceremony for this spaceship was of very high importance. A special committee had specifically been created for this purpose to organise and conduct the event in the most elaborate and suitable way possible and to select the perfect candidate for the induction of the spaceship.

The new spaceship was to be named the Dolcett II to follow into the steps of the original Dolcett. Its purpose was to also explore the galaxy and most importantly to rediscover Terra. The exterior of the Dolcett II looked very much like the Dolcett, it had a dish-shaped hull as the main body of the spacecraft and two big cylindrical engines mounted on either side of it. The engines were capable of producing enough energy to accelerate beyond light speed. Between the two engines was a flat trapezoidal backup unit, which connected the two big engines and was used to produce a force field to protect the spaceship. There was an additional crystal chamber mounted in the centre, on the top of the main dish, which was not in the original Dolcett. This additional chamber was a special generator referred to as the cloaking mirror, which was able to modulate the reflective frequencies of the shield allowing it to reflect any energy rays. The device was designed to protect the Dolcett II. With it any laser beams or rays could be reflected back to the originating source thus any attacker would potentially be shooting themselves. As well as reflect attacks, it was also able to refract the surrounding light, thus shifting or hiding the true location of the Dolcett II when it was attacked, or it could render the Dolcett II completely invisible.

In addition, the Dolcett II had double the firepower of the Dolcett and it was possible to redirect the energy from the shields to the weapons system thereby increasing it tenth fold. In short, the Dolcett II was extremely important to the people of Onixia and it had improved defence capabilities to avoid it from having the same fate as the original Dolcett that was lost.

The ceremony was about to begin. The master of ceremonies, Commander Hurenfresser, was approaching the podium, which had been set up in front of the entrance to the Dolcett II. “Fellow cannibals and future meats, I am proud and happy to announce the completion of our new intergalactic space explorer, this magnificent spaceship behind me”, he turned around and pointed at the massive Dolcett II behind him. The spectators cheered and applauded. Trumpets and drums started playing announcing the arrival of Cynthia and everyone went quiet, startled by the sheer beauty of Cynthia. They quietly admired her beautiful and perfect body as the stunningly voluptuous Cynthia walked up the steps to the podium.

Cynthia was indeed very pretty. She had a perfectly build body with nice big firm breast, but not too big either. Her eyes were brown and she had nice shiny long black shoulder length hair. She was nineteen years old, but looked much younger with an almost child like look on her cute face and weighting about 50 kg she had a well balanced body with no excess weight and was very suitable for this occasion. Height wise she was perfect as well, being not too tall either with 165 cm she was just a head shorter than commander Hurenfresser.

She was wearing a white gown, similar to a wedding dress but her bottom and breasts were exposed giving everyone a nice view of her firm breasts and hot crotch while a pair of white stocking was the only things she was wearing for her lower body parts.

Cynthia had been a very lucky girl. There had been thousands of applicants who had volunteered for this special event and she was the lucky girl who had the honour of being chosen amongst them. There were many equally striking beauties like her, but after several rounds of insanely thorough selections she had emerged to be the most perfect of them all. At first she could not believe her luck. She never actually thought that she even had a chance to being selected, but fate was on her side. It was an absolute surprise to her that she had beaten all the beautiful women from the huge number of absolute stunning beauties but eventually she had gotten over her initial surprise and ended up in tears. She had been so overwhelmed and happy about her victory that tears of joy started to flow down her cheeks. Excited and trembling she had asked whether she could invite her family along to witness her happiest moment in life.

Her family lived in a remote area, which had still not been fully restored to its former glory. It was a rural area, which was more or less completely cut off from the rest of the planet. The only way of communication with that area was through a satellite link when the weather was clear enough and regular transport flights to bring in essential supplies. Apart from that, that area was very much inaccessible. The committee had to organise a special flight to her hometown to bring in her family and friends so that they could be with her and witness Cynthia’s greatest achievement in life. Her parents had been very proud and happy, and they told everyone they came across about their daughter’s important role at the special ceremony.

When Cynthia arrived at the podium, commander Hurenfresser let her address the crowd, her last speech before the great moment. “Thank you all for attending this very special ceremony. I would like to thank the organising committee for giving me this great opportunity to serve our great nation. I also want to thank my family and all my friends who I know are here watching me for all the support they had given me in the past.”, Cynthia said trembling. She was very excited and she knew that the ceremony was only seconds away and tried to hide her anticipation, trying to remain calm. “Please step up the gallows over there”, the commander told her pointing to the gallows behind them.

It was not a usual gallows where there was a trapdoor to be dropped from. It was a simple and tall structure, which served to alleviate her. The beam to which the rope was attached to was not directly above the platform of the gallows but half way between the hull of the Dolcett II and the gallows. When she arrived at the top of the gallows, everyone had an even better view of her and she was almost at the same level as the main hull of the Dolcett II.

“And now, fellow cannibals, let the inauguration begin.”, commander Hurenfresser said and ran up the gallows. There he unhooked the noose from its holding mast and slipped it over Cynthia’s head and letting it rest loosely around Cynthia’s neck. It was made out of pure silk and felt quite comfortable. Cynthia was very excited and loved the feel of the silk noose around her neck.

The commander was ready to start and so was Cynthia who was dripping wet. Everyone was silent and watched him and Cynthia with excitement. But instead of pushing her off the platform, the commander pulled down his pants and his little friend sprang to live. Cynthia turned around facing him with her butt.

He fondled her ass cheeks for a while and then thrust his erect member into her wet hot cunt. She moaned with pleasure while he slowly moved his member in and out of her. After a while both, the commander and Cynthia started panting and he shot his cum into her. Then he pulled out of her.

He turned her around so that she was facing her and gave her a goodbye kiss on her mouth. Then he stepped a step back and announced: “By the power of Onix, great founder and protector of Onixia, I hereby name this glorious spaceship which our future depends on ‘Dolcett II’. May it come under the protection of the mighty Onix.”, he said ceremonially and pushed Cynthia off the gallows towards the hull of the Dolcett II with one powerful push.

Cynthia fell off the gallows and swung across to the hull of the Dolcett II and ended up crashing against it. She crashed against the hull with such a great force that she was immediately bounced back. Her shoulder had absorbed most of force of the impact. As a result her shoulder blades were completely smashed and broken and her arms hung limply on both sides of her body. The force of the impact had sent her swinging back to the other side towards the gallows, but it was not sufficient to bring her completely back onto the platform. Swinging back towards the gallows, she had missed it by only a few centimetres and she was pulled back towards the Dolcett II again. Just like a pendulum, she was swinging back and forth between the Dolcett II and the gallows.

During her initial fall, her shoulders had absorbed most of the force and the rope around her neck was not pulled taut and had remained pretty loose around her neck when she had impacted against the Dolcett II. However, after a few swings between the Dolcett II and the gallows, gravity had claimed its part in this ceremony. Her body weight combined with the force of the swinging had tightened the rope around her neck. Her frantic kicking had also added to this effect slowly pulling the noose tighter around her neck.

Cynthia was still alive after swinging between the Dolcett II and the gallows for almost 15 minutes during which her legs were kicking all the while. The assembled crowd cheered and watched excitedly while Cynthia’s family and friends shouted their encouragement to Cynthia to hold on just a little longer. If she managed to stay alive for more than 20 minutes, her family would win a hefty extra amount of cash. This was an incentive to make her work harder to put on a good show for everyone.

Another five minutes had passed and Cynthia was still performing. Her legs were still kicking, but the swinging had almost come to a halt. Cynthia’s face was starting to turn blue and her wild kicking started to slow down until they were reduced to a mere jerking. She still needed to stay alive for a further twenty more seconds for her family to win the extra prize.

Her mother almost went hysteric when there were only ten seconds left. Slowly everyone started the count down: ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. A cheer went off among the spectators and Cynthia’s mother broke down in tears. “She has done it. My daughter has done it. Isn’t she the greatest?” She was very proud of her daughter and her friends congratulated her for giving birth to such an exceptional girl.

While Cynthia’s relatives and friends were celebrating she was experiencing her final moment of life. She was almost out of air and the noose around her neck was so taut that her neck was sore. Breathing was not possible for her any more and she was only staying alive on the remaining air in her lungs. No more air could get into her lungs and they started to hurt as the air ran out. The pain was excruciating. Cynthia shuddered for a last time while an orgasm, her final orgasm rippled through her body. The spectators could see her body jerking for the final time followed by a stream of golden piss from her pussy as she lost control over her body and drifted away and died.

They all knew that Cynthia had died, and hoped that her spirit would protect the Dolcett II during its long journey through space. Everyone was happy. Commander Hurenfresser stepped behind the podium again. “Cynthia had survived for a total of twenty two minutes and sixteen seconds”, he announced proudly. “Please put your hands together to applaud Cynthia for her great performance and important sacrifice for a final time”. The crowd went wild with clapping for about five minutes before quieting down. “The Dolcett II will begin its expedition to find Terra in exactly one months time,” he continued to announce. “The high commander has decided that admiral Tabero will be leading this expedition while captain Fraser will be in charge of the operation of this ship.” he concluded. His announcement was responded with further cheers from the crowd. The ceremony was over. It had been a total success and the Dolcett II was blessed.

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