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Sears and Roebuck Bright as Day
S.R.& CO. Bright as Day mantle lamp. Circa 1912-1914. Made by Miller for Sears marketing.  Both Sears and Montgomery Wards had mantle lamps, both companys hoping to compete with the New at the time Aladdin Mantle lamps. But with strong marketing strategies and good customer service and sales the Aladdin lamps won over the general population! Making the other companys fall to the side!
This particular lamp came out of Nebraska! Very nice plating and in very nice condition. Notice it is missing it's flame spreader.
Will be interesting to compare the light output on this one against some of my Aladdin's!! 
Here's the S.R&CO. Bright as Day
in service! I used a trimmed down Aladdin model 11 flame spreader in place of the missing original. I used an Aladdin Kone-Kap mantle, This required a shim which I made out of brass, placed between the inside of the mantle and the gallery, for a very nice and firm fit! I wound up using a generic tripod for the shade. It fits good and holds the shade steady. It's not as bright as a model 11 Aladdin. But you still have more than enough light to read by!!
A very unique peice of lighting History!! 
More Non-Aladdin mantle lamps to come!!
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