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  The Rayo is a center draught lamp. Brass with a nickel plating. The Chiminey was a 2 5/8 x 10 inch. Usually topped off by a 10 inch No. 2 Miller shade.
  Rayo was registered to the Standard Oil Company. It is easily rewicked and it's operation is simple and practical. Giving off enough light to read by.
This is the Rayo Parts Breakdown
Early Base (Font) Clover cutouts
around base. Late style base has slits with dimples around the base
  Burner-Flame Spreader-Gallery
    Early Model Rayo Hanging lamp    
Nickel plated folding shade tripod
Another picture of the tripod. Notice the patent date!
Flame Spreader. This is the more common style. You may run across others that are marked differently. 1905, Perfection, Ect. Or even one's with different patent dates! This style spreader will also work in a B&H lamp, as will the B&H in the Rayo!
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