Women’s Underground -part V (Sorority House)

Six o’clock on Saturday evening approached and Gina, along with Andrea and Jessie, drove Simon from the Women’s Collective wherehouse, where he’d endured a steady onslaught of foot odor in the waiting room, to the Gamma Delta sorority house. They walked a nervous Simon to the front door. The sound of female shrieking and laughter unnerved him even more; and as accustomed as he’d become to the humiliations, he considered beating a hasty retreat.

A young woman -- her name, Lauren -- answered the door and peered out. She was about six feet tall, dressed in a basketball outfit, with hightops and no socks as far as Simon could tell. Her hair looked wet with sweat. She noticed Simon and grinned.

”Is this our gift,” asked Lauren with a sly tone of voice.

”He is,” answered Gina, “if you can assure us you girls have stinky feet.”

”Oh, rest assured, our feet stink,” remarked Lauren with a grin. “And we’ve invited some friends from the baseball, volleyball and basketball teams; their feet’ll stink too. So can we have him?”

Gina pushed Simon forward until Lauren grasped him by the arm. A few more girls -- both of them strong, athletic girls who looked just as sweaty as Lauren -- opened the door and smiled. They both graabbed hold of Simon, almost possessively.

One of them called inside with a loud, brash voice. “That guy’s here to smell our feet.” There were howls and catcalls from inside.

Simon froze with fear.

”Have fun,” laughed Gina as she and the others stepped away. “When you’re done, you can le him go. He’ll have earned some rest after this weekend. But with a little more training, we can make him into an excellent footboy. He’s a great foot licker and toe sniffer.”

”Great,” answered Lauren with a chuckle. “Thanks.”

Lauren and the others yanked Simon inside and slammed the door shut behind them.

There were about seven or so tall, healthy young women in the room, some of them watching t.v. and others just sitting down , chatting in groups. Most of them appeared to be dressed in sports gear -- basketball, volleyball -- and those that were looked as if they’d just returned from a lengthy run. Hair was tied back into ponytails and teeshirts clung to their sweaty bodies. Most were dressed in sweats or shorts, and wore athletic shoes on their feet.

”Welcome to Gamma Delta,” remarked Lauren as she pushed Simon inside. The girls turned to glance at Simon, and a few greeted him with whistled and hoots.

”And the stinkiest feet on campus,” quipped a girl in baseball gear by the name of Sue. The young women laughed, but most of them appeared to be too engrossed in some activity or other to pay much attention to him. They continued to watch t.v. and talk amongst themselves as if he weren’t even there.

”Oh, my God,” remarked one of the girls sitting at a dining table. “You’re in my psych class.”

Simon blushed. Simon recognized her.

”Yeah, I know you,” interjected someone else. “I’ve seen you on campus.” She beamed with recognition.

The other girls turned their interest once again to Simon, now that he’d been spotted as a fellow student. Some stood up and approached him.

”Lauren spoke up. “This’ll be a first. We haven’t had a fellow classman do our sweaty feet. What a trip.”

”The first girl stepped before him. “Hi I’m Allison,” she declared as she looked him over. “Not bad,” she said sizing him up.

”Pretty cute,” added someone else, as everyone giggled. Sue pulled up his shirt and peered underneath. “I can’t wait to see what you look like under all those clothes.”

”I can’t get over this,” said Allison to the others. “This guy’s in my class and I’m going to rub my smelly feet in his face.” Allison then turned once again to Simon. “I won’t be able to think of you the same way. Not just another guy, but a guy who sniffed and licked raunchy Gamma Delta feet.”

The girls began to feel him him, some of them grabbing his ass and others sliding their hands over his legs and chest. Simon was still crimson with embarrassment.

Lauren then turned to Simon and grinned. “Look how much he’s blushing.”

The others tittered. “You would too if you were him if you knew what you were in for,” explained Katie, the girl Charlene had spoken to the other day. Katie looked Simon in the eye. “You do know what you’re in for, right?” Simon gulped, audibly; and the girls laughed hysterically. “I guess you do.”

”But perhaps we’ll let you off the hook,” said Katie.

”What are you doing?” replied a girl by the name of Amy. “We’ve planned this. And I didn’t get my feet all sweaty for nothing, you know.”

”I feel bad, since he’s a classmate and all. Everytime he sees one of us, we’ll probably tease him about it. He’ll never be able to forget it. Unless it doesn’t matter to him and he’s willing to be our footboy on a more regular basis.” Everyone laughed at the presumptuous suggestion.

Katie turned to Simon. “If you can do what we can do, you’re free to leave.” Simon pondered this. Could there be a catch? But it didn’t matter. It was a chance worth taking. “If not, we’re going to have some fun with you, understood?” Perhaps no good could come of this at all.

At that moment, Katie put one foot in front of the other and lowered her body to the floor whereupon she opened her legs, forming a perfect 180 degree angle. But it was one thing for a woman to perform such a feat, it was another for a man. But Simon was going to give it his best. The others applauded, laughing now that they knew what Katie had in mind.

He ignored the mocking laughter and sat down. He then opened his legs as far as they could go, straining with every muscle; but all he could muster was a 150 degree angle. The girls giggled at his evident effort.

Katie leaped to a standing position and laughed heartily. “Alright, footboy. I’ll give you another chance or it’s stinky foot time.” With that said, Katie promptly performed a cartwheel and then with a flourish, she performed a back flip, much to the amusement and applause of the women present.

Simon had never done a cartwheel before, let alone a back flip. But he was sure as hell going to try. He didn’t relish the though of spending another evening with stinky feet rubbed in his face; nor did he relish the thought of how much he’d be teased by these women in the future. So he prepared himself and threw himself into a routine.

But Simon overestimated the distance and his feet hit a nearby desk, throwing his balance off. He fell to the floor, knocking over the garbage can with a crash.

The girls crowded about him, giggling and grinning at his ill-fated attempt at dignity. Katie then stood before him, arms at her side. “I guess you know what you’ll be doing tonight. I hope you like really stinky feet.”

Just as Simon attempted to stand, the girls grabbed him by his feet and began to haul him along the carpeted floor. “Others grabbed hold of his arms which were trailing behind him.

”Can we take his clothes off,” asked Kristen. “Just like it is at the Collective.”

”Definitely,” replied Lauren. “Let’s strip him.” And the girls eagerly undertook the task of denuding poor Simon. Amidst girlish giggles, Simon could hear his shoes fall to the floor, and his trouser zipper undone. Some of the girls were singing the Stripper Song and whistling as his pants were yanked off of him. If he was embarrassed before, he was even more so now. He could feel his entire body blush as the girls pulled his clothes off.

”And his shorts,” asked Kristen. “I’m curious.”

”As we all are,” replied Lauren. “Go ahead.” And with that said, Kristen grabbed hold of his shorts, and slid them down his legs and off his feet. She waved his shorts in the air as the girls stood about him and smiled. “I still can’t believe you’re in my class,” added Allison. “But you’ve got a nice body,” she added.

”Oh baby,” remarked Sue.

”And then Lauren pressed a sneaker-covered foot onto his chest , pushing him to the floor. “Now you’re here to serve us. And if you do a good job, you might just get your clothes back. We want quality service. So we’ll expect you to smell our feet as if there were no more pleasing smell than the odor of our feet. You’re going to lick our feet as if there’s nothing you’d rather taste than our dirty, sweaty feet. And you’re going to rub our feet and suck on our toes with every attempt at making us feel good.”

Lauren continued. “In short, we expect total foot worship. We want enthusiasm and we want skill. We will know half-hearted sniffs, so if you our feet stink, too bad. We know they stink and we don’t care. And if you think our feet are dirty, too bad; because you’re going to be licking everyone’s feet. and you’re going to lick them clean. We’ve been on our feet all day and our stinky feet could use a little t.l.c. So do as you’re told and there should be no problem is. And, remember, service with a smile. Is that understood?”

Simon gazed at the women and knew that they were completely serious about the foot worship. What choice did he have? he resolved to get it over with. And with a nod, he agreed to Lauren’s terms.

"You've come t a convenient time because we're doing a study," resumed Lauren. “A biological study. On human foot odor. And you're going to help us out. You smell our feet and give us a little feedback on the odors. But we need one person to smell everyone's feet so we don't have too many variables. This is a great day for science."

The women were in stitches; and they were clearly having a considerable amount of fun at his expense. They continued to hold him tight; but Simon elected not to put up a fight. The women at the Collective had already taken the fight out of him.

Lauren then grabbed a chair and set it just to the side of Simon. She then grabbed her hightop by the heel and pulled it off, revealing a sweaty size 10 1/2 foot. She'd been wearing her hightops without socks; and by the potency of the immediate odor, she'd likely been wearing them without socks for some time. It was the smell of pungent sneakers and sour-smelling feet. And as Lauren removed her other shoe, the scent became all the more potent.

With her feet still moist and warm from having been in her sneakers, Lauren placed the sole of her right foot overtop Simon's face, clutching at his nose with her sweaty toes.

"One small step for woman," remarked Lauren as she curled her stinky toes over his nose, "and one great leap for womankind."

The others laughed at the witticism.

"Now I want you to smell my feet. And I know they stink, I can smell them from here." Having said that, Lauren pressed the toes of one foot against his nostrils, even going so far as to thrust a couple of toes into his nostrils for a few seconds. "Show me what an eager foot sniffer you are." She took her other foot and began to slide it over Simon's face; and when she wasn't forcing him to sniff one set of toes, she has the other set of toes pressed against his nose.

The heady, gamy stench of her toes was foul; and that she so freely rubbed her unwashed, sporty feet over his face was especially degrading. He struggled, instinctively repulsed by the odor, but the girls were holding him too tight.

"Are you going to do as you're told, or are we going to have to tie you up?" asked Lauren. Simon, realizing that struggle was futile, agreed to do what he was told. The girls, hesitant at first, let go of his arms and legs, but they remained close by, should Simon attempt to get away. He figured that good behavior might make things easier for him.

Simon controlled his repulsion as the girls watched Lauren's treatment of him with lewd remarks and giggles. She slide her toes under his nostrils, compelling him to sniff each of her dirty, cheesy toes; wriggling them playfully as she slid them over his nose. "I just love getting my toes sniffed after a long day on my feet. Oh, I deserve this."

”Pretty pungent, huh?” asked Lauren as she pushed the ball of her right foot against his nostrils and wriggling her toes some more. It looked as if the nails had been painted weeks before, but the paint job had chipped considerably. Lauren didn’t take great care of her feet; but they were soft and smooth, presumably because her feet spent so much time sweating in her sneakers.

Within minutes, the other girls stepped away ether to resume their studies or to talk amongst themselves. A few of them remained to watch Lauren humiliate Simon with her ripe feet. “It smells like the locker room,” remarked Allison with a smile, her sneakered foot resting against Simon’s head. Along with the odor of Lauren’s sweaty feet, Simon could detect the unmistakable stench of Allison’s ratty running sneakers. And it was a warning of things to come.

Now clean my feet,” ordered Lauren quite suddenly. She pulled her feet away from his face. “Well, sit up then.” Simon did just that; and when Lauren offered him one of her feet, the soles slightly darkened from walking around barefoot, he took it in his hands. He gazed at it, at the large size and at the long toes which she kept in constant motion. He could still smell the sour stench of her gym feet; but Lauren was in no mood to waste time.

She pressed her foot up to his mouth, with two of her toes pressed up inside his nostrils. “I want a really good foot lick. Lots of tongue.” Simon, eyes closed, extended his tongue , and began to lick the bitter sweat form her dirty heel, and scraping at the hardened kin with his teeth. Making use of the skills he’d been tough since Friday, he proceeded to polish her dirty, stinky feet with his tongue; and he mustered as much enthusiasm as possible.

Lauren was pleased. “At this rate, I don’t think I’ll want to let you go. You’re going to make lots of smelly feet, happy feet tonight.”

Allison and Kristen, still sitting with Lauren, laughed at the remark. “I can’t wait for my turn,” said Kristen. “I’d love to see what he does with my raunchy-smelling feet. Let me know when you’re done with him. I could really use a foot rub.” Kristen tapped Simon’s naked torso with her running shoe before walking away.

And then the doorbell rang. “It must be Stephanie and the others,” declared Allison as she leaped to her feet. Simon attempted to turn his face to see who it might be, but Lauren was sliding her other foot over his face while he licked between her toes and scraped at the ball of her foot with his teeth. His entire world was Lauren’s pungent, unwashed feet; he could see nothing else.

There were girlish squeals. “He’s naked,” remarked a high-pitched female voice. There were giggles. “Stephanie brought a few of her friends,” said Allison to Lauren.

”Are they here to get their toes sucked or sniffed?” asked Lauren as she enjoyed he attention Simon was lavishing upon her toes.

One of the new girls spoke up. “He smells feet too? Ooh, but my feet stink. Maybe a foot rub.”

”Would you like to have him sniff your toes too?”replied Lauren.

”Yea, but they smell bad.”

”Well, if you want them sniffed, you should get them sniffed. He’s our footboy and he does what he’s told. Why do you think we go to such trouble to get our feet stinky. It’s more fun to force a guy to worship them when they stink to high heaven.”

Some of the girls laughed at this; and they all appeared to be in agreement.

”Alright,” responded the girl. “But don’t blame me if they stink.”

”Hey, my feet stink, and I don’t care,” said Katie. “And I’m going to get some first-rate foot worship, and have him sniff my stinky sweat socks too.” Katie giggled as did the others.

But this was only the early evening; and over the next several hours, women came and went. At times, there were about fifteen women present, most of them members of the sorority, and some of them friends. They came to have their feet serviced. And the girls wanted different things. Some of the girls liked to humiliate Simon with their foot odor. Others wanted to feel his tongue slide over their sweaty feet. Some wanted their toes sucked and others wanted their feet rubbed. Many just wanted the freedom of rubbing their feet all over his face, and using his face as a foot rest. As Katie would later inform Simon, “This is our evening. For us. It’s when the girls get to have a little fun, smelly feet or no smelly feet. It’s just good fun.”

Meanwhile, the new arrivals approached Lauren and Simon, as Simon slid his tongue between Lauren's gamy toes which reeked of old sweat socks.

"See," remarked Lauren with a blissful look on her face. "This is service. I wish I could always get this kind of treatment after a basketball game."

'Good game, by the way," added Stephanie with a smile. "Wait a minute," she added s she studied Simon. "I've seen this guy 'round campus. Woah. And he's got your nasty-smelling feet in his face." Stephanie chuckled to herself. "When do I get a turn."

"After me," interjected Allison. "I'm going to have him smell my toes for a bit and then get an excellent total foot lick. Track practice was grueling and my feet hurt." "As soon as I'm done," replied Lauren.

Once Lauren felt confident that Simon had thoroughly licked every inch of her sweaty feet, she ordered him to suck on her long, sweaty toes.

"Oh, he's great." moaned Lauren as she stretched in her seat and flexed her toes. "He knows how to use his mouth. And he smelled my feet real good even though they were incredibly stinky."

Allison laughed. "You could say that again. What do you expect when you don't wear socks?"

"I just wish we could have this all the time. Have a live-in footboy who'd always worship our feet. no matter how stinky. Get our toes sucked after a game. We could save money by not having to go the Collective for this."

Lauren then turned to Simon. "What would it take to persuade you to do this all the time." The girls laughed. "Like he'd willingly spend hours getting smelly feet rubbed in his face," said Allison."especially our feet. How degrading."

"But you'd love humiliating him, right?" replied Lauren.

"Of course," said Allison with a chuckle. The new arrivals followed suit.

"So how 'bout you servicing our feet on a more regular basis?" asked Lauren of Simon.

But Lauren has only just shoved the toes of her right foot into his mouth. He could say nothing.

"Being an athletic sorority, we do lots of sports; and that means we place high demands on our feet. We're such athletic goddesses because out feet get us though many a game. You may not be able to help us with foot odor; that's par for the course. But you can always make our feet feel good. So what do you say? "

Simon, his mouth still full of sweaty toes, grunted a response.

"Is that a yes?'

Simon shook his head.

"Well, just think about it." And Lauren yanked her toes free of Simon's mouth. The vinegary, cheesy taste still lingered on his tongue.

'My turn," yelped Allison as she sprung from the floor. Taking Lauren's place in the chair, she gazed at Simon, who lay naked at her feet.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Take off my sneaks and start smelling my sock feet." She then extended a size 9 foot.

When Simon pried the shoe from off her foot, his nose was assaulted by a hot rush of putrid foot odor. Without warning, she then pressed her warm sock foot onto his face and rubbed it all over, clutching at his toes with her sock toes. Simon, as was expected of him, withstood the degrading treatment, despite the laughter coming from those watching.

"I just love doing this. "

"You're feet stink," giggled Louise, a girl from the basketball team.

"I know," she replied. Turning to Simon, she raised her voice. "Smell them good. And don't wrinkle your nose."

He took a deep breathe, thoroughly disgusted by the ripe odor of overly worn, dirty sweat socks. "Now take off the other shoe." he did so and she immediately began to rub both of her socks feet over his face, and cupping her sock toes over his nose.

After having Simon remove her sweat socks with his teeth, She commenced to rub her sweaty soles over his face and pressed her cheesy toes up under his nostrils. Satisfied that he'd taken in her noxious foot odor, she leaned back and ordered him to give her feet the royal treatment using only his tongue. And so he licked every inch of her soiled feet and sucked on her toes "good and slow" (just as she requested of him).

And thus began an evening which, for Simon, never seemed to end. Girls who'd come only for footrubs were too intrigued by the idea of getting their stinky toes sniffed to be content with less. Lauren and Allison had set the example; and so when Stephanie took her turn, she expressly ordered him to "take big whiffs" before peeling off her baseball socks, working her stinking feet into his face and treating herself to the licking and sucking which was making him very popular.

And so Katie and the others -- Louise, Amy, Sue, Kristen -- returned from their other activities to occupy the fun seat, as it was called. Pairs of pungent, rip, unwashed feet were rubbed in his face, and a plethora of raunchy foot odors were inflicted upon him. The basketball players got their big sweaty feet sniffed and licked, as did the runners, volleyball players and baseball players. Sneakers, often worn without socks, were held over his face to sniff; and dirty, crusty sweat socks were ground into his face with stinky feet.

And Simon tirelessly gave them the best foot licking and toe sucking he could muster. So it came as no surprise that some of the girls came over for seconds, or that they called more friends to come over and treat their feet.

Girls came and went; at times, two or three of them would be rubbing their raunchy-stinky feet in his face at the same time. He'd have one girl's sweaty toes wriggling in his mouth, while another would curl her cheesy toes over his nostrils to sniff. Feet were rubbed all over his body, over his legs, arms, chest. Girls stepped on him and rested their bare feet and dirty socks feet over his face as if it were a foot rest.

They used him freely and casually, as if there were nothing odd about getting their feet licked and sniffed. For the most part, they acted as if he weren't even there. Apart from the occasional "smell my stinky feet," or "lick the sweat off," the girls talked amongst themselves about classes, guys and campus life.

Only until most of the girls either left or retired to bed, did the focus of the evening return to him. Katie, Lauren and Sue were still awake, and the three of them had at least one foot on his face. Katie and Lauren pressed cheesy toes against his nose while Lauren was getting her toes sucked for the upteenth time.

Then Lauren spoke. "I do hope you come back. You're always welcome here. Hopefully, we can give you some incentive to come back," said Katie as she grazed her fingers over his balls and grabbed hold of his hard cock. It was the first time that evening anyone had touched his privates with anything other than a foot. Perhaps that was because, for the first time, he had a hard on; as if the experience were no longer degrading but deeply erotic and sensual.

"Just promise us you'll come back and do our feet." said Katie as she affectionately squeezed his nose with her pungent toes. It's nice to have someone get into our feet when they stink. Please tell us you wouldn't say no to doing this again."

Lauren removed her foot from his mouth to allow him a few words. "I wouldn't say no," uttering his first words that evening.

The girls laughed. Lauren returned her toes into his mouth while Katie and Sue began to rub their feet over his manly parts. And that evening, the girls stayed up all night pleasing him as much as he pleased them.

It should come as no surprise that Simon returned to the sorority of his own accord. Though the women at the Women's Collective were as anxious for his full-time services as were the sorority girls. Rumor has it that the girls at the Women's Collective kidnapped him to humiliate him with their stinky feet once again. Once I discover what has happened to him since, perhaps it might be food for another story.

by Byron

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