Women’s Underground -part III

So poor Simon was escorted from the private room by Jessica and Vanessa, who held a ratty old sneaker held to his face, compelling him to breathe in the noxious odor. He was taken downstairs, naked, in front of the women passing in the halls and through the lobby where his absurd presence elicited a few giggles and titters.

The young women brought him to a door, whereupon Jessica knocked. The door opened, and Gina could barely refrain her evident laughter at the ridiculous sight.

”Looks like you guys had some fun,” remarked Gina, opening the door. “Look girls, “ she added as she turned back towards Paula and another women -- Jennifer --dressed in stockings, heels and a skirt.

The other women stepped over and wrinkled her nose. “What’s that smell?”

”Probably my sneaker,” was Jessica’s reply. “I suppose we should get going,” she added removing the sneaker form over his head.

”Thank you for returning him,” said Gina. “We’ve been looking forward to seeing him.”

Jessica and Vanessa laughed and turned to leave, but not without inflicting a few had slaps on Simon’s behind. Gina, amused by these antics, grinned at Simon as she closed the door.

”I hope you’ve been enjoying your stay so far. You’re making quite an impression on everyone. “

Jennifer examined him. “So this poor guy has to smell our feet?” She wrinkled her nose again. “His face smells.”

Jennifer, Paula and Gina turned to each other and began to laugh. Gina then turned to address Simon. “Well, you’re here to be trained. Jessie and the others will be in a few minutes. But we might as well get started. Now, you’re here to please us. Since it amuses us to inflict our smelly feet on you, you’ll be smelling and licking everyone’s feet. “

Paula and Jennifer giggled.

Gina continued. “Now we thought we’d also have a bit of a competition. See who has the smelliest feet. Winner gets to have you to herself tonight.”

Paula howled and cheered.

”You’re going to learn how to smell a stinky foot without complaint, and lick a dirty foot clean without batting an eyelid. You’re going to treat our sweaty feet like gold. And you’re going to thank us for rubbing them in your face tonight.”

Paula and Jennifer continued to laugh. Simon wanted to tell them what they could do with their feet, but he refrained. What was the point of speaking his mind. They were going to do whatever they wanted with him, and they wanted to humiliate him with their feet.

Just then, the door opened. In walked Jessie, Andrea and a third woman, Susan, looking every bit a professional in a business suit and heels.

”You and Jennifer look so ... smart today,” said Gina to Susan. “What’s the occasion?”

”Oh, we did a revenge outing .. remember?” was Susan’s reply. “Four of us were dressed up to kick this guy’s ass. She wanted us to dress up like his co-workers and use our high-heels to give him what was coming to him. Stripped him and gave him a good working over ... standing on him ... kicking him.”

Susan sat down, nursing her ankle with a hand. “But these shoes are killing me.”

”Well, lucky you,” began Gina. “This young man is here to soothe your aching feet with his mouth.”

”Yeah,” said Susan. “Great, but maybe I should wash my feet first. I always sweat up a storm in these tight shoes and I’ve had them on all day ... not to mention the fact that I wore these pantyhose yesterday.”

”Oh, he won’t mind the smell,” remarked Jessie with a grin. “He’s here to smell stinky feet.”

”Ah ... so this is the guy,” observed Susan with a smile. “Well, in that case, let’s have some fun. ”

”And see who has the smelliest feet,” added Jessie while everyone cheered and whooped it up.”

”Why don’t we do this some other time,” uttered Simon. “It’s getting late and ...”

Gina cut him short. “You’re going no where until everyone in this room gets her feet sniffed real good.” Gina then turned to Jessie. “Why are you so sweaty?”

”Oh, I just went for a run,” was Jessie’s reply.

”Boy,” said Jennifer. “Someone wants to win this competition.” Jessie then squeezed Simon’s ass and gave his cock a squeeze.” Everyone laughed.

Gina then took a seat. “Alright, Simon, get on your knees.” Jessie gave Simon a gentle push, but Simon did not hesitate to do as he was told. He knew he didn’t stand a chance with this women, should they decide to rough him up. They were all pretty athletic and some of them were even muscular.

Gina, wearing shorts and work boots with white socks, crossed one bare leg over the other. She swung her booted foot close to his face. “Now take off my boot and smell my foot.”

Simon, slowly at first, untied the shoelaces and then eased off the boot. As she slid her sock foot from the confines of the boot, a powerful odor engulfed him and shocked his senses. It was the repugnant smell of well-worn socks, musty and heavy. As Gina pressed her foot against his face, curling her warm sock toes against his nose, the smell was sickeningly sweet, like fruit and cheese. And it lingered in his nose even when she pulled her sock foot away from him.”

”Take the other one off,” she commanded, as she continued to grind her stinky sock foot over his nose. He did so, and as soon as the other shoe fell to the floor, she removed the one sock foot and replaced it with the warm, ripe sock foot just released from the boot.

“Smell them so everyone can hear,” she ordered. He took a deep breathe so everyone for everyone’s benefit. And it produced giggles and titters. “I don’t know if I can beat that stink,” remarked Jennifer who appeared to be backing away form Gina and Simon.

”With her sock feet pressed firmly against Simon’s face, Gina pushed him towards the floor. She then began to rub her pungent sock feet all over his face, rubbing the balls of her feet against his nose and the heels. Jessie pressed her feet, sweating away in her rubbing shoes, on either side of his head to hold it firmly in place. Already, Simon could smell the sharp, distinctive stench of old sneakers.

Gina eventually removed her socks and began to humiliate him with her bare feet, slightly discolored on the heels and on the balls of her feet from walking barefoot somewhere. With her toes tightly clamped to his nose, she told him to “smell her cheesy toes;” and then with the tips of her malodorous toenails pressed against his nostrils, she asked him to thank her for letting him smell her feet.

”Ah ... thank you,” he mumbled.

Gina slapped his face hard, making him wince. “Say it like you mean it.”

”Thank you,” Simon responded.

”And tell me you love smelling my feet,” she added. To everyone’s amusement, Simon said just that.

”Your feet still stink to high heaven,” added Andrea who, like the others, was enjoying the spectacle of Gina inflicting her ripe feet in Simon’s face. Gina rubbed her feet, heel to toe, all over his face, rubbing the greasy sweat into his pores, and letting his nose slide between her sweaty toes.”

”Now for some advice. Just remember to show enthusiasm, even if you don’t feel it. Smell our feet like there’s nothing else you’d rather do. And thank us for having such wonderful smelling feet. Never show your disgust; and I noticed how disgusted you were with my feet. Bad form, that was. And, don’t forget, louder sniffs. Show your appreciation for the gift of our feet. No woman wants to know she smells bad.”

”What’s more, no woman likes to be dirty. And my feet could use a cleaning,” said Gina, wriggling her toes just over his mouth. “Open.” Simon opened his mouth, and Gina slid her toes inside, wriggling them enthusiastically.

”Now clean ‘em.” His tongue slid reluctantly against the underside of her toes. “Work your tongue around the toes and slide it between them. That’ll remove dirt.” Simon did as he was told, disgusted as he took bits of dirt and fabric into his mouth. “And then suck on the toes, slowly and sensuously; especially the big toe. Suck on them as if they were delicious fruit; and don’t make faces because of the salty taste.”

Simon tried not to reveal his disgust with the humiliation of licking a woman’s unwashed, stinky feet, as he followed her instructions. He licked and sucked on her heels as directed; and then sucked on the balls of her feet, using his teeth and tongue to scrape off dirt and wash them clean. She dipped her cleaned feet into his mouth a few more times before she announced that she was finished with him.”

”So far so good but you will have a lot to learn. So who’s next?”

Jessie stepped forward and leaned over Simon’s face. “Remember not to show your disgust no matter how smelly my feet are.” Simon gritted his teeth and closed his eyes.

Only a few seconds passed before the potent odor of smelly sneakers and the warm, sharp cheesy stench of sweat-soaked gym socks. He felt the rough, damp fabric on his face, before the full blow of the odor hit him. As her pungent and dirty sock toes curled about his nose, he wanted to shake them off; but he steeled himself, keeping his hands at his side.”

”He didn’t flinch,” remarked Jennifer, standing even further away. ‘I’m impressed.”

”I love this,” remarked Jessie as she took full advantage of his helpless position by rubbing her sock feet over his face, and holding the tips of her sock toes over his nose.”

Jessie then reached back for one of her sneakers. They looked as though they were falling apart.

”Now smell these without flinching, and then thank me,” said Jessie as she held an open sneaker over his nose. The warm stench flooded his nasal passages and his body lurched for the shock. It was rancid.

”Oh, anyone would have flinched if they had to smell those,” said Andrea in Simon’s defense. But Jessie was less forgiving. “Just for that, you’ll have to smell them for another minute.” She held it over his face, reveling in her power over him. “I’ve sweated in these for years, you know.”

Just as Simon came close to passing out from the overpowering smell of her sneaks, she pulled it away, letting fresh away penetrate his nostrils. “Now thank me.” Simon thanked her. Everyone laughed at his predicament.

”He’s learning,” remarked Gina, almost like a proud mother.

”I was hoping for a little more resistance,” declared Susan. “Thought Jennifer and I might trample him a little in our heels to break him down.”

“I think Jessie might win this competition hands down,” said Jennifer. “Or should I say feet down.”

”Oh, thanks for reminding me,” responded Jessie who peeled off her sweat socks to present Simon with a pair of dirty size 9 soles. She wriggled her toes, revealing flecks of red nailpolish which had flaked off. She pressed the ball of one foot against his nostrils, and the acrid, vinegary scent poured inside him. He fought his desire to push her unwashed foot away, and took a deep breath per his instructions.

”So you like the smell of my stinky feet,” remarked Jessie with a grin. “Maybe I’ll let you smell ‘em for a while.” Jessie used her parmesan-smelling toes to play with nose, grappling with it and sliding it between her toes. She slid her toenails under his nostrils and let him inhale the stink for minutes on end.

”Remember to keep the enthusiasm up,” said Jessie. “You love how they smell. Don’t forget.” Simon took a deep breath and the others, hearing this, applauded. Like Gina, she was thorough, and forced Simon to sniff every inch of her smelly feet.

”Now clean ‘em,” added Jessie. “Just like Gina told you too.” She presented him with her dirty heels and took him through the entire process of cleaning a woman’s dirty feet. He chewed on bits of sock and dirt as he licked the tart film of sweat on her feet, and sucked on the slightly calloused ball of her foot.

He worked on her toes, using his tongue to snake in between her toes, earning him a complement on his skillfulness. The women loved watching him use his tongue.

Jessie then surprised every one by using a file to scrape the dirt from under her big toenails. “Lick it off and eat it,” she ordered. He hesitated, but a persuasive and gentle jab of a high heel to his balls made his mind up for him. He licked it off and swallowed, disgusted more with the act than with the taste.

After once again introducing his face to the stinky toe ends of her crusty gym socks by dangling them over his nose, Jessie pulled her feet away. ”Alright, I’m done,” declared Jessie. “Who’s next?”

Jennifer stepped over and took a seat. “I don’t think my feet could ever be as stinky as Jessie’s. Smelly, yes ... but I’d never win a competition.” Everyone laughed.

Jennifer kicked off her heels, presenting Simon with the bottoms of her black nyloned feet. They gave off a strong, musty odor, foot sweat and shoe leather combined in a smell which overpowered but failed to disgust Simon. She pressed her warm feet onto him and began to slide them over his face, squeezing his nose between her eager toes. “Smell my feet ... and smell ‘em good,” ordered Jennifer.

Simon still found this abject position under a woman’s feet humiliating, but he endured it. After Jessie’s foul feet, Jennifer’s healthy foot odor was nothing. But her feet were extraordinarily sweaty and he could feel the dampness on his face as she played footsies with his face.

She slid her pantyhose off and , after scrunching the ends over Simon’s nose with her toes, she began to explore his face with the toes of her smelly size 7’s. She rubbed her feet, heel to toe, over his face, and appeared to relish the freedom. She ordered him to kiss them and to thank her for letting him smell them.

”You know,” mused Jennifer. “This is fun. I don’t know why we don’t do this more often.”

”When we do revenge assignments, we should do smelly, dirty foot humiliation,” added Andrea. “We should at least train our boys to worship feet.” Everyone agreed.

Once Jennifer had Simon lick her calloused feet clean and suck on her toes, Andrea took a position close to Simon’s face. She kicked off her high-heel loafers, and wriggled the painted toes of her slender size 9’s. The warm, musty smell of stale foot sweat reached his nose just before her toes did. And she immediately clutched his nose between her warm, sweaty toes.

Again, the smell was nothing compared to Jessie and Gina’s potent foot odors; but they still smelled like stinky, unwashed feet; and it was still humiliating. He took in a few deep breaths, audible enough for all to hear, and even volunteered a “thank you” to get on everyone’s good side.

”I think he thanked me for letting him smell my stinky dogs,” remarked Andrea with a giggle. Others joined in her amusement. Gina, with a smile, gently slid her hand over his inner thigh, giving him a sudden rush of pleasure. “You’re pleasing us; the more you please us, the more we’ll please you.”

And so from then on, Simon mustered all the enthusiasm he could for their stinky feet. He thanked them and kissed their feet without asking. Gina let her fingers play over his cock and balls. His hardon provoked additional comments and titters. “He’s smelling my feet and he’s hard,” was Andrea’s observation.

Simon cleaned Andrea’s feet and then Susan took her turn, sliding her smelly, musty-smelling nylon over his face, and sliding her toes under his nostrils. “That feels kinds nice,” remarked Susan as Simon breathed cool air being through her toes and into his nose. He scraped her callouses clean with his teeth and let his tongue slide along her sole, provoking a few moans. He was actually beginning to enjoy the process of giving the women pleasure in this fashion.

Paula was last to take her turn and stepped before Simon in her shorts and running shoes, worn all day without socks. “I think I might be able to give Jessie a run for her money,” she declared as she took her seat and swung a sneakered foot over her leg, just inches away from his face.

”As she pulled off the shoe at the heel and slid it off her foot, a warm blast of air hit his face. It was sharp and pungent; the smell of a foot sweat and locker rooms; more pungent than Jessie’s odor but not as potent. The running shoes seemed too new.

A sweaty foot found his face and then another, as Andrea began to rub her vinegary foot sweat into his face. As she curled her sweaty toes over his nose, he took a deep breathe. “Pretty stinky, huh” was Andrea’s remark.

”Oh, but not as smelly as Jessie’s” Gina replied. Everyone agreed that Jessie had the stinkiest feet. “It’s the sneakers,” was Jessie’s proud reply. “I’ve had ‘em for years. Imagine if I’d work ‘em without socks.” Some of the women groaned and then giggled.

Andrea, like the others, enjoyed rubbing her sweaty size 9 1/2 feet in Simon’s face, and especially loved the foot licking. “I’ve always wanted my own foot licker,” Andrea quipped. “Oooh, that’s it. Between my nasty toes.” Simon licked the gunk form between her toes and sucked on the balls of her feet until Andrea pulled them away, remarking, “That feels too good.”

Gina then called upon everyone to give Simon one more dose of foot stink, so that he could decide who had the stinkiest feet. Gina, Jessie and Paula laughed as they covered his face in feet, taking turns squeezing his nose and ordering him to sniff. The accumulation of foot odor was overwhelming, but Simon managed to show some enthusiasm, and sniffed loudly. And then Susan, Jennifer and Andrea took a turn. At any one time, three women had at least one sweaty foot on his face. Toes played with his nose and slid under his nostrils to be sniffed. Toes were pushed into his mouth for him to suck.

Finally, Simon was reminded of how everyone’s feet smelled. One by one, the women took their turns until Gina asked him who had the foulest foot odor. “I ... thought everyone had such lovely smelling feet.” There were sniggers. “But I suppose Jessie had the most powerful scent ... not that it was bad.”

Gina squeezed his cock. “I think we’ve made a foot boy of you. This is a proud moment.” Everyone cheered.

Jessie retrieved one of her sneakers and placed it over Simon’s nose, commanding him to breathe it in for a while. “The smell of victory,’ she said.

And so Jessie won the smelly foot competition, and after compelling Simon to endure the fetid stench of her rotten sneakers, she ordered him to stand and follow her. The women thanked him for smelling their feet and teased him about what he’d endured and about what lay ahead for him. They were full of smiles and remarks like “We could use a great footlicker like you when we get back from the gym” or “foot service like this’ll be great after a long day on our feet.”

”What a long night, huh?” remarked Gina. Simon said nothing.

”You'll have to work on being more polite, and answering when spoken to.” Jessie slapped his face. “Answer her,” she hissed.

”Yes, it’s been a rough night,” responded Simon, holding a hand to his face.

”We’ll make a great foot sniffer and foot licker of you yet,” was Gina’s final remark as Jessie pulled him by the arm form the room.

Jessie took him to Charlene’s deserted office where he dressed himself. Jessie then took him outside to her car and ordered him to get inside. She drive him to a small house on the outskirts of town, not five minutes away from the remodeled wherehouse where he’d spent this excruciating evening smelling stinky feet.

He pondered escape, but almost looked forward to whatever Jessie had in mind for him. She shot him lustful glances, and, though her feet were foul, she was young and attractive, and incredibly sexy. Jessie was sure of herself and knew what she liked. She was strong, assertive and athletic, and controlled Simon quite easily with her commanding presence.

And so Simon belonged to Jessie that evening, and I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Suffice it to say that she found many uses for his mouth and tongue, and kept Simon very busy. He got a fitful night’s sleep because she made him sleep with her ratty sneaker attached to his face, forcing him to breathe in the warm, heady stench all night. But he got enough rest, and had enough time to ponder what in God’s name happened to him.

But that evening, Jessie related a story about one of her assignments with the revenge squad; an incident that required her and her buddies to inflict their smelly feet upon one poor guy. The next installment will relate this story.

by Byron

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