Women’s Underground - part I

The following is the first installment which will introduce you to the workings of the Woman’s Underground and its subsidiary, the Revenge Squad. More to come. Any names similar to those used in other stories is purely coincidental. I'm merely a recorder of events.

Simon squirmed nervously in his seat as the woman facing him from behind the desk read over the report given him by the president of Omega Phi, the frat he was rushing that week.

The fraternity had presented him with an assignment, sealed in an envelope. He was forbidden to open it; instead, he was directed to the address of a warehouse in an industrial part of town to deliver the contents of the envelope to a woman by the name of Charlene. Apparently, Charlene, a forty-five year old brunette who took extraordinary care of her self, had been expecting him because she greeted him at the door and escorted him to a desk in a room, vacant but for a desk and a couple of chairs.

She surprised him with a pat on the behind as she offered him a seat. From the moment she took er seat, she leered as him, like a wolf contemplating a fatted calf. “You’re very cute.” she informed him with a wink. “I can’t wait to see what your fraternity has in store for you here.”

Charlene gestured towards the envelope in Simon’s hand until he remembered, with a tinge of embarrassment, that he had to give it to her. She accepted it, grazing her hand over his, and tore it open. She opened the report and began to read.

And then Charlene laughed; a slight chuckle at first which increased in volume as she lost control of herself. She paused to gaze at Simon in an attempt at seriousness, but then continued to laugh even more uncontrollably.

The laughter did not go unnoticed because two muscular women, both casually dressed -- one in athletic gear and the other in boots and jeans -- entered the room.

“What’s so funny,” asked one of the women.

“Well, Gina” began Charlene in an attempt to speak through the fits of laughter, “remember that guy Mike from last year. He was rushing that frat.”

“Yeah,” replied the other woman -- Jessie -- with a grin. “Oh, you don’t mean ...”

Charlene nodded.

Gina then braced Simon with her hand and leaned over towards him. “Sorry to break this to you, but you’re here to smell feet.” She laughed and the others followed suit.

Simon still couldn’t make heads or tails of this. “I don’t understand.”

Charlene then showed Simon the report. “The frat ...” she began, “sent you hear to smell stinky feet. Lots of them.”

‘‘He sure came to the right place,” remarked Jessie with a giggle. “These ratty old sneakers always make my feet stink.” The others laughed as Simon turned to observe her sneakers. They were indeed ratty looking.”

“Yeah,” and just wait ‘till he gets a whiff of mine,” added Gina. “I wear these workboots everyday.”

The three of them laughed some more.

”I love this,” remarked Jessie with a grin. “I’m gonna get my feet sniffed tonight.”

“We’d better get back to that guy,” said Gina with a giggle. “Those women are crazy in there,” she chuckled. “If we don’t get back soon, God knows what they’ll do to him.” Gina then turned to Simon. “Can’t wait to rub my stinky feet in your face. I haven’t inflicted my foot stink on a guy in ages.”

Gina and Jessie shared conspiratorial glances as they left the room. “Shut the door,” asked Charlene. They did so, and the door shut with a loud click.

“Oh, don’t look so frightened,” said Charlene. “No one’s going to hurt you. Well, maybe just a little. Just a little humiliation and lots of stinky feet.” Charlene resumed her laughter as Simon began to contemplate how best to leave. It was all too strange.

As her laughter subsided, Charlene pulled her chair back and set her feet on the desk, one at a time. She was wearing knee-high boots, which she crossed one over the other, revealing the scuffed, dirty soles. “’Course, you’ll be smelling my feet too; every inch ... even under my toenails. I’m not going to miss out on the fun. And I I just love having my feet licked. But we’ll deal with that later. For now, let me just explain where you are and what we plan to do with you; and assure you that you’re going to be very popular here. I mean, if you love stinky feet, the next couple of days are going to be a blast.”

Simon gulped before stammering a response. “I think I’d better leave.”

“Oh, not until we’re done with you,” replied Charlene firmly. “You’re going to be too much of an asset for me to let you leave. Smelly foot sniffing is very popular among the women who come here; in fact, many of them come here just for that reason. To rub your stinky feet in a man’s face is just fiendish good fun. Besides, we don’t often get cute young guys like you, and we have a couple of local sororities who would love to get their hands ... and feet on you. When you’re done, I’ll give you a glowing recommendation to the fraternity. ”

“No, really. I should go.” Simon stood and approached the door. But it was locked.

“Oh, it’s just feet ... Simon. You do want to join this fraternity, don’t you?”

Simon, shocked by the entire proceeding, didn’t know what to say.

“Just relax,” she remarked,” and I’ll explain everything.” Simon sat down.

“This is a private club which caters to women,” began Charlene by way of explanation. “They come here to live out fantasies which involve humiliating or punishing men. They pay us money to be abusive and mean, or just to have a laugh at their expense. We have a small cadre of beautiful young men who we pay to suffer these indignities; but many of the men don’t work for us. They pay to be humiliated just as the women pay to humiliate. Everyone’s happy. “

Simon continued to shift uncomfortably in his seat.

“But what takes place depends entirely upon what the women want to do. But just to give you a flavor of what we do, let me mention our revenge gang. A woman will come to us interested in punishing a man in some way, and we send out a group of women to do just that. If someone wants an ex to be forced to smell lots of stinky feet, we send out some women who can muster up some healthy foot odor and who can be forceful ... like Gina and Jessie. Our revenge program is pretty successful.”

“Now, you’re here to do some serious footsniffing. Many of our loyal clients come here to get their feet licked and sniffed; and many of them come here after work so you know their feet are pretty sweaty and smelly. Now there are men who come here for this brand of humiliation, to have smelly feet rubbed in their faces; but we emphasize that the women do what they want, not what the men want. I warn them but I still get the complaints that feet were too stinky and the experience too humiliating. But it’s not about that they want. It’s what we want. You smell our feet because we want you to.“

“You’ll be here to do what our young male employees do, except you’ll be given the assignments involving stinky feet. Now ... let me think. Where can I send you?” she asked herself, tapping her fingernails on the desk. “I’ll probably have some of the girls ... maybe Gina and Jessie .... train you a bit. Mold you into something we want. They just love the smelly foot humiliation.”

Then Charlene grinned. “I know a place with lots of girls your age with stinky feet.” Charlene punched a button on the phone so that the dial tone was audible as she glanced over a sheet. She then dialed a number, leaning back in her chair as the phone rang. She had put it on speaker phone for Simon to hear.

“Gamma Delta,” answered a young woman.

“It’s Charlene from Woman’s Underground. Who is this?”

“Katie. Hey ... remember me. You’d sent us a guy last month. The one we stripped and had clean our sorority house in the nude. I arranged that with you.”

Charlene laughed. “I’m glad you enjoyed that. Yes I remember you.”

Charlene leaned closer to the phone. “But I have something to offer, since you girls have been such good clients of ours. I have a young man here rushing a fraternity.”

“Is he cute?” asked Katie.

Charlene gazed lustfully at Simon. “He sure is. And I’m giving him to you as a gift to enjoy for a night this weekend.”

“Yeah. I guess we could use another nude housecleaner,” replied Katie with a giggle.

“Well, there’s one condition. I know how sometimes you girls come in for a little smelly foot humiliation.”

“Yeah, we love that. Most of us are pretty active in sports so are feet are always getting sweaty and stinky. We love coming over there after practice, and rubbing our dirty sweat socks in a guys face and having our smelly dogs sniffed and licked. It’s such a blast.”

“I need you girls to give him a heavy dose of stinky feet,” continued Charlene. “I figured you girls could be relied upon for a healthy foot odor.” Turning to Simon, she whispered, “I hear their feet really stink.”

“You want us to make him smell our feet? You sure? Cruel and unnatural punishment. Most of us have pretty stinky feet but should we try to get our feet really stinky then?”

“Yes,” answered Charlene. “Have him sniff your old socks, sneakers ... and have him lick everyone’s feet.”

Simon could hear Katie howling on the other end of the line. Female voices could be heard and then more giggling.

“How ‘bout tomorrow night. Let’s say 6:00. Most of us have practice in the afternoon. We’ll wear the same socks we’ve been wearing and no one will take showers. I’ll invite over a few friends and the sisters will be here. Oh, just one thing. Can we keep his underwear as a memento. We always do.”

Charlene laughed. “Of course ... he’s your gift. Just have him smell your feet for a good while. alright?” “Thanks. 6:00 then.”

“Yes,” said Charlene before hitting a button to end the call.

“Well, that takes care of tomorrow .. now for tonight.” She mused to herself again. “Well, I’m sure that some of our clients tonight could be prevailed upon to offer their feet. But ... “ began Charlene as she uncrossed her feet and swung her legs down to the floor. “I’m going to have to work on my smelly feet before I take you on the tour and before I leave you with the crew to train.” She smiled.

“Oh,” she remarked as if remembering something. She reached inside her desk drawer and pulled out a pair of skimpy red briefs. She dangled them for Simon before tossing them over to him. “Put these on before you do my feet. And when you do, remember. Long licks from heel to toe, and between the toes. “

Simon, still too shocked to know what to think, hesitated.

“Well, strip,” said Charlene with a smile. “Or I’ll have the crew -- Gina, Jessie and the others -- come in and help you.”

“I’d rather leave,” said Simon, firmly. “You can keep your stinky feet in your boots.”

Charlene laughed. “You’ve got fight ... I like that.” Then Charlene buzzed an intercom. A woman answered. “I think I need some of you in here. This young man refuses to try on his outfit.” “We’re on our way,” chimed in a female voice, followed by a few giggles.

“Look ... please let me go. I don’t feel comfortable.”

Charlene stood and sauntered over to him, sliding a hand over his chest. With her face inches from his, she spoke. “We’re here to make you comfortable ... and make you smell feet.” Overcome with a fit of the giggles, all she could do was laugh as Simon struggled to open the door.

And then The door swung open, throwing Simon onto the floor. In walked Gina, Jessie and two other women -- Pauline and Andrea -- all of them muscular and attractive. Pauline, wearing jeans shorts and old running shoes without socks, knelt down and grabbed hold of Simon. “Are you being a naughty boy?” she asked him with a grin.

Andrea, in casual pants and high-heel loafers, knelt down and pulled of one of his shoes. “Let’s strip him girls,” she squealed with delight. The others fell upon him and pinned him to the floor. They grabbed at him and pulled at his clothes. His shirt was pulled up over his head, and hands fumbled for the buttons and zipper on his pants. Simon, struggling to free himself and beet red with embarrassment, could not overcome this onslaught.

Just as they yanked his shirt up over his head and off his arms, the women, all smiles and giggles, pulled his pants off in one fell swoop. The four of them reached for his boxers and roughly yanked them down his legs.

With their clothes in their hands, they stepped back to taunt Simon. Charlene tossed him the red briefs which he lost no time in putting on. “See ...” began Charlene “he’l wear them now.” The women laughed.

Then Charlene pulled a chair over to the middle of the room. “Hold him down with his head near the chair,” she told them. Gina and Pauline grabbed hold of him, still chuckling to themselves and, along with the other two who pulled his legs from under him, pushed him to the floor and sat on him. They held his arms and legs tightly. Try as he might, Simon couldn’t move. “This isn’t funny anymore. I don’t want to join the frat this badly. Please.”

Charlene sat in the chair and leaned over to gaze over him. Simon returned her gaze. She then began to unzip one of her boots. “You’ll be smelling and licking lots of feet this weekend, so you might as well start with mine.” She unzipped the other one. “You’re going to take a big whiff for me, like a good boy.”

Simon heard one boot fall to the floor and then another. And then he saw them: her black stockinged feet, held aloft a couple of feet over his face. The musty, stale stink of foot sweat and boot leather assaulted his nostrils as Charlene wriggled her toes within the stockings. One foot at a time, she placed them on Simon’s face; and, by then, the pungent odor hit him like a slap in the face.

“They smell,” he pleaded. “Please, don’t” Simone struggled to move his head, but Jessie and Paula pressed their dirty, raunchy old sneakers against his head to hold it still. Charlene slid her stockinged feet over his face, gently at first, as if taunting him with the smell.

“Let’s hear you breath it in,” asked Charlene as she cupped her stocking toes over his nose. Simon still attempted to pry his nose free of her smelly toes.

“That’s it,” remarked Charlene, angrily, She shifted in her seat and then pulled her feet from his face as she slid her panties over her ankles. She dropped them on his face. “Put them in his mouth.”

Gina, amused by Simon’s protests, squeezed open his mouth and began to stuff Charlene’s pungent, wet panties into his mouth, enough that he could no longer speak. He continued to moan in protest.

Then Charlene carefully applied her smelly, damp stocking toes to his nose. Simon, attempting not to inhale the odor, held him breath. But nature kicked in, and he took a deep breath. They could all hear it and they cheered.

The smell was dreadful .. of vinegar and sweat ... sweet and sour. And it was strong. But Simon had no choice but to inhale again and again, much to the delight of everyone. He couldn’t get over how disgusting this was, having a woman rubbed her unwashed, sweat-soaked stocking feet over his face so freely, and to squeeze his nose as if it were just good fun.

The laughter and the sharp, cheesy smell of Charlene’s sweaty stocking feet were too humiliating for him to just accept it; and he continued to struggle for all he was worth. But the struggling was strenuous, and he found himself taking deeper and deeper nosefulls of her foot odor.

Charlene playfully wriggled her toes over his nose and then brushed the tops under his nostrils. “You’ll learn to accept this and to smell feet with enthusiasm and appreciation.” Simon couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

”And just you wait until you do our feet,’ interjected Jessie. “Charlene’s feet smell like roses compared to our nasty toes.” The women chuckled at this. “We’ll have you clean ‘em too if the stink of my sneakers doesn’t knock you out first. ”

For upwards of ten minutes or so, Charlene rubbed her moist stocking feet all over his face, making sure that he sniffed under her toes, the tips of her gamy toes and even her heels. Already, Simon was growing accustomed to the odor and breathing quite normally. The women had loosened their grip on him and spoke freely amongst one another about the business of the day.

And then Charlene began to slide her stockings down her legs; and, one by one, slid her stockings off over her size seven feet. Charlene’s soles were slightly dirty on the heel and the ball of her foot; but they seemed to be well taken care of. Charlene’s feet, now cool -- the sweat dry and caked to her feet -- slid over his face, the tips of her cheesy painted toenails grazing his cheek and mouth and nose. She cupped a set of smelly toes over his nose and invited him to “enjoy the aroma.” She pressed her big toes against his nostrils so that he could sniff under the nails -- and what an ungodly cheesy smell they produced. Simon wrinkled his nose with disgust and the women giggled.

”I’ll make a footboy of him yet,” explained Charlene. Charlene once again had Simon sniff every inch of her sweaty, smelly feet before pressing yanking the panties from his mouth. Simon choked and sputtered as he took a deep breath of fresh air.

But Charlene promptly pressed a dirty heel over his mouth. “Suck on my heel and clean it with your mouth.” She pressed her heel into his mouth, leaving him no choice but to taste it and press his tongue against it. She then slapped his face with the sole of her other foot; he groaned from the pain.

”You’d better start licking my feet all over. You don’t want to see me mad. I’m a regular ball buster.” The others laughed and gripped him tightly.

Simon struggled to overcome his disgust as he sucked on her heels and the ball s of her feet, licked her soles and sucked on each of her dirty toes. He was forced to lick specks of dirt and fabric from between her toes until her feet looked shower fresh. Occasionally, Charlene would moan softly as she appeared to be enjoyed the contact of Simon’s tongue all over her feet. “Mmmnn. I just love this,” muttered Charlene with eyes closed as she dipped her toes into Simon’s mouth. “You learn fast.”

”Yeah,” added Jessie,” but he hasn’t sniffed any stinky feet yet.”

”I bet the women in 4B,” said Gina, “have smelly feet. Their shoes look old and beat up and I always see them with the same shoes. Besides, I think some of them never wear socks.”

We’ll take him on a tour and then leave him with them,” replied Pauline.

But I want you girls to give him a proper training,” said Charlene. “I want him to be prepared for the sorority girls.”

”Oooh,” added Gina, “he’ll get more stinky feet than he bargained for. “ everyone laughed.

Charlene affectionately squeezed his nose with her toes before pulling them from his face. “Alright,” she began. “I’m going to show him around. And don’t you girls take off your shoes.”

’Hell no,” giggled Andrea. “I want them to be good and smelly for him. He’s going to sniff them real good.”

”Poor guy,” added Jessie with a shake of her head. The women laughed some more.

Simon, somewhat shaken by the experience so far, was hoisted up by the muscular women and slapped on the rear end.

”This is only the beginning,” remarked Charlene who was putting on her boots, now without her stockings. “This is going to be a long weekend for you, fratboy. Women are just going to love having you smell their feet.”

Jessie and Pauline laughed as they pushed him into the hallway, wearing only the skimpy red briefs.

by Byron

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