After fifteen minutes of sniffing Carol's feet, she then told the others to take off the rest of my clothes. The rope was removed from one of my wrists as my shirt was unbuttoned and pulled up over my head along with my undershirt. They pulled my hand out of the shirt and reattached it to the table leg. A couple of the others promptly placed their stocking feet on my chest and began to rub my chest, stomach and arms with them while a few others continued to rub their feet over and between my legs. Carol then asked Monique if she wanted a turn. Carol stepped away and Monique took her place, placing her rather long, narrow but delicate stocking feet over my face, covering my eyes. She said that she hadn't washed her feet for two days and that she hoped I might enjoy them. The smell was powerful but nothing quite as rank as the smell of Carol's stocking feet. Monique wiggled her toes through the sheer black sheath of her stockings and she begun to rub the tips of her toes under my nose. I noticed that her nails were painted a soft pink. She took a less vigorous approach than Veronica or Carol and used long sensuous strokes over my cheeks and nose. She rubbed my nose and chin against the ball of her feet and told the others that it felt wonderful. Carol agreed and said that my nose and chin probably gave a better footrub than my hands. Monique continued to rub her feet over my nose and squealed with delight. I'd never seen her in such ecstasy since I placed my hand between her legs on the plane during the last business trip. She enjoyed me like this for about fifteen minutes or so, during which time she removed her stockings and rubbed my face with her long smelly barefeet.

Lisa then asked if she could have a go. Monique pulled her feet from my face and stepped away as Lisa hopped into the hot seat. Always a tease, Lisa held her feet above my face and wriggled her toes as she slowly lowered them to my nose, caressing my nose with the big toe of her left foot. She then brought her big toe to my nostril and carefully plugged it as she rubbed her other stocking foot over the rest of my face. I noticed small feet with little plump toes and that the toenails were unpolished. I didn't really notice much of a smell but felt quite relieved that Carol's stockings were no where near my face. I might not have been breathing very hard because she said that it wasn't fair that I took deep sniffs with the others and not with her. I felt a sharp pain in my cock, followed by two sharp pains in my testicles that almost made me tear. I promptly took a succession of deep breaths until Lisa had been mollified. She slowly rolled off her stockings and I spent the next twelve minutes or so sniffing her bare heels, soles and toes. Just before Lisa finished, the door swung open and a young woman I'd never seen before stepped inside. She looked at me and then spoke to Carol saying that she couldn't believe that she was really serious about this foot-sniffing business. She sat down somewhere and I heard her say that she wouldn't mind having a go. Carol told her to take her shoes off and that all good things came to those who wait. Lisa told this woman to be sure to rub the balls of her feet over my nose and chin because it was quite relaxing; and Lisa did just that.

Carol then told Lisa that her time was up and Anne, the typist, stepped over me and sat on the chair. She placed her feet on my chest and slowly brought them up my neck and onto my face as Carol held my head tight between her knees. As Anne brought her toes up to my nose I noticed that the nails were painted black, or maybe dark red; but it was hard to make them out through her hose. I was again relieved to sniff toes which were musky without being fetid, strong smelling without smelling foul. I breathed in the odor as she playfully wriggles her long toes over my nose. As Anne amused herself, I heard the other woman mention that this would be good for the bachelorette party she was planning next weekend. She said that her friends would probably really go for the stripping and foot sniffing, though they might probably pass on the genital torture. Carol responded by telling her that I'd be free that weekend and that I'd be more than happy to lend myself out for the amusement of a group of women. This woman asked Carol if she was sure that I wouldn't mind if a group of strangers pulled off my clothes and rubbed their feet all over my face and Carol said "certainly not." By this time, Anne had removed her stockings and was rubbing her bare feet all over me; it turned out that her nails were painted black, in stark contrast to her pale skin. I'm sure that everyone had their feet on me because I felt cool, flat flesh being rubbed all over my body, head to toe; and I would occasionally feel the pinch of toes curling over my flesh so I was literally covered in the feet of eight women. I'm sure that the other woman was helping herself because she mentioned something about this being a lot of fun, though I couldn't see much with my head clamped between Carol's knees. Every now and then, someone would tease me by pressing her toes into my balls or wrapping them firmly around my penis and squeezing it. I felt sure that I might explode at any moment but struggled not to. I wanted to warn them but there was nothing I could say. It was just as Lisa was finishing that someone made the fatal mistake of giving my penis a vigorous succession of squeezes with her toes; and with Lisa's toes still cupped gently over my nose I began to convulse with reckless abandon. It had been over a week since I'd felt the caresses of a woman and I must have made a fine mess. I heard Monique say that it was disgusting and that she got it all over her toes. She told the others she was going to the bathroom to clean up and Carol told her to bring paper so they could clean me up. Carol then remarked that I was very bad and I felt four sharp tugs in my testicle region which made me want to scream. I could feel a tear fall down my cheek. Carol told me not to do that again.

Carol then told Rachel, the intern, that it was her turn. Rachel giggled as she sat down and quickly pressed her black nylon feet over my face. It was a potent, musky odor, a very strong foot smell, which greeted my nose. Rachel said that she hadn't washed her feet for days; but I was so relieved to be sniffing feet that smelled neither fetid nor cheesy that I inhaled deep. Her feet squirmed and she said she was ticklish. Lisa then told her to rub the ball of her foot over my nose, which Rachel promptly did. I noticed that she closed her eyes before telling the others how wonderful and relaxing it felt. Her feet were large for such a small woman and her toes were long and supple. She soon made good use of them as she manipulated my nose with them. It wasn't long before her stockings were off and my nose was cupped by bare toes with unpolished nails.

Fifteen minutes of this brought her turn to an end and the woman I'd never met before sat in the seat as Lisa placed my head between her knees. Unlike the others, this lady was wearing black fishnets and quickly lowered her toes, the nails of which were painted with white polish, onto my face. The odor was sharp and I could distinctly detect the smell of leather and stale foot sweat. She began to rub the ball of her foot over my nose while she rested the toes of her other foot just under my nostrils. She said that it felt great and to be sure to invite her when they did it again. This lady, who was something of a talker, then said that while a bachelorette party is a good excuse to tear mean's clothes off and to observe the male nude, it's a far better opportunity to have their feet fully appreciated by a man. She then went on to say how this reminded her of a time in college when she and several female friends of hers played a practical joke on a male student who'd had sex with them and dumped them. They lured him into a dormitory room, overpowered him, stripped him naked and tied him down. They didn't do anything with their feet though she wishes they'd thought of it; but they took turns sitting on his face with their crotches over his nose. They made him smell between their legs before grinding their cunts onto his nose as if they were squeezing juice from an orange. Carol said that she liked that idea and that she was glad that that woman mentioned it. The others laughed. Carol then asked anyone if they would like to orgasm on my face. I heard frenzied shouts of "yes," "god yes," and "let's do it." Carol then told the woman to finish up so they could start phase two. Monique had recently returned from the bathroom and they cleaned up the mess that I'd made. The woman finished her session with a few playful wiggles of her bare toes as she'd removed her stockings just five minutes into her turn.

Carol then yelled for a free for all and before I knew it if got dark as they piled their feet onto my face. I didn't know whose toes I was smelling at a given moment because I couldn't see; but the scent changed every few seconds; there were changes in textures and in the varying degrees of coolness. Five minutes of frenzied chaos elapsed before Carol yelled phase two. The other woman told them to fix the tape on my mouth because I would have trouble breathing through my nose when they sat on my. Monique held my jaw up and the other woman pulled off the tape, tore it in half and reapplied it vertically to the middle of my mouth so I could breath through the sides of my mouth. Carol stood up and I saw her pull off her panties. She removed the chair and then sat on my face. Her skirt covered my face and for a few minutes I couldn't see a thing. I soon felt something wet and rough on my mouth and I could smell the pungent fishy smell of her snatch as she slowly pressed my nose inside of her. She asked me if it smelled nice before she began to grind her body over me as if she were trying to have sex with my nose. My eyes adjusted to the dark and I could see everything: black hair surrounding a gaping hungry mouth as Carol brought it to and from my face. A good eight minutes elapsed as she rubbed herself against me and with increasing rapidity and ferocity. I heard Monique say "You go girl" and laugh. I could hear plenty of laughter from the others and it wasn't long before Carol uttered a moan and arched herself off my face. My face was soaked with juices which tasted just as they smelled. Carol waited a few moments to catch her breath before standing up. Monique said that I was a mess as she removed her panties and proceeded to press my nose into her vagina, begging me to sniff hard before attempting to get off on my face.

Six more women and a couple of hours later they finished. They wiped me clean and Carol said that she hoped that I'd learned my lesson and that I'd modify my behavior accordingly. Monique then asked for the camera and began to take pictures of me on the floor. She said that the pictures might come in handy if I ever attempted to get back at them. I felt a few last tugs on my cock and balls before I felt the cord removed. The women got dressed, slipped on their underwear, stockings and shoes before untying my hands. They began to clear out and I had enough time to pull the tape from my mouth, wipe my face and tell them that they were all fired. It felt like a feeble response to what had happened and hysterical laughter only heightened my embarrassment. I wasn't prepared to admit it at the time but I did quite enjoy the experience and found it intensely gratifying.

Needless to say, Monday rolled by and I arrived at work only to be jumped on, stripped naked and asked to wear a skimpy jock strap which concealed nothing. I had trouble getting to my work as I was too humiliated to really think clearly. At lunch, a few of them came into my office demanding foot rubs. They explained that if I didn't behave I wouldn't get my clothes back and they might send my pictures to some people. I did as I was told and rubbed the feet that were shoved in my face. Several hours and several footrubs later, five o'clock rolled around and before I knew it, five of them were in my office demanding that I sniff their feet. They kicked off their shoes, threw me on the floor and took turns pressing their feet in my face, accompanied my much giggling. Once they were through with me they let me up off the floor and I noticed it was 7 o'clock. I got nothing done, I was behind on my work, and I'd spent a good portion of the day with female feet jammed in my face. Before long they told me not to forget the bachelorette party on Friday and that apparently those women were looking forward to the experience, especially after hearing about how I'd been behaving lately. They told me that my clothes were in the closet before laughing and stepping outside.

I'd concluded that my ambitious plans of building a public relations empire had been shattered. I could no longer think about my work and the others spent most of their time gabbing and reading magazines. There wasn't much I could do but I still wanted to come in to work and I did, knowing full well what to expect. The following days were very much like Monday and the rest of the week followed a certain pattern. I had no plans to attend this party on Friday but once I got dressed and made to leave, the girls muffled me, tied me up and left me in my office, They then told me that the bachelorettes would be arriving shortly and to make them feel at home. That would turn out to be an even more raunchy and intense experience with female feet; but that's another story. Suffice it to say that my life had been completely turned around. the girls ceased to call me Sir but now referred to me as footboy and footsniffer; they told me that I'd been put on this earth to serve as their footstool and not to create a public relations empire. Before being tied up and left for the perverse pleasure of excitable and horny women I'd been asked by my fellow workers to lick their soles clean. They told me that in the coming weeks they would require that I give them foot baths with my tongue. They even told me that I was becoming quite a skilled foot sniffer and laughed. I thanked them since they now required such courtesy of me. I thank them every time they shoved a foot in my face, at least since Tuesday when they mauled me furiously for not thanking them. They drew blood and I still have scratch marks to prove it. Anyway, my life was no longer mine and each of my co-workers had copies of my house keys.

The first home visit took place on Thursday when Carol and three of her friends dropped by to pull off my clothes and to force what seemed to be rather dirty, smelly feet in my mouth for me to suck. I could expect more visits in future, not just by women at the office but be complete strangers appalled by how I'd treated my co-workers. A woman even called the office and spoke to Carol while I was within hearing distance. This woman wondered if I'd be available for a foot session with some women. Carol cheerfully told her that I would be available anytime. I couldn't believe it but I was being prostituted for the benefit of women who had a secret desire to humiliate a man. Anyway, things got worse, beginning with the bachelorette party when about ten women converged on my office to give me an experience I would not soon forget. So, yes, I got my harem, but at what a cost. Nevertheless, if someone asked me if I were happy I would probably surprise myself by saying yes. 1 1