I ran a pretty tight ship at my downtown public relations firm. Some people called me a taskmaster but I don't know how else to maintain a productive and efficient work environment. My partner, Gail Vernon, is a woman whom I've conquered on countless occasions; however, our relations have cooled somewhat owing to her knowledge of my other conquests at the office. A financially successful man draws remarkable looking women to him like planets to a star. It's a fact of nature and I may be so bold as to say that my staff was a collection of some of the most attractive women I've laid eyes on in this town. Gail was rather pretty; otherwise I wouldn't have slept with her as often as I did. Not six months ago we took on a lovely young associate by the name of Veronica Patterson to assist in business which, to be perfectly frank, was booming. We were soon spending many evenings together during which she would cater to my every need; and I was a very happy man indeed. Under the three of us, and under me on numerous occasions, were our three secretaries Carol, Monique and Lisa, three fine specimens of womanhood, but all possessed of a great deal of malice as I would later discover. We'd also taken on an intern and a typist, both on a part-time basis, to help with the neverending overflow of work. I'd handpicked all of these young women to suit my professional taste, not to mention my aesthetic taste. Gail would always tease me about my tendency to hire only attractive young women who might be thrilled to receive the attentions of an older and more experienced man. I don't mean to sound boastful when I say this but, during the last six months, I've laid all of them except for the intern who's professionalism apparently leaves no room for pleasure. I've always fancied myself a sultan who keeps a private room of women to gratify his desires; and, considering the current situation, I couldn't say that I was disappointed with what I'd accomplished.

Unfortunately, some of the other women were not as appreciative of my sexual generosity as I'd imagined they would be. My advances to a number of my girls were rebuffed owing, apparently, to the fact that I've placed my affections elsewhere. I've disappointed a few women, namely my secretary Carol who, I suppose, wanted to maintain the illusion of being the only object of my desire. Such grumblings have manifested themselves in other forms and I was lectured by one of the secretaries for laying a hand on her behind, something which, until then, elicited no complaints. Fortunately, Lisa, Veronica's secretary would still greet the friendly pat on the rump with a hearty laugh. I may have made some enemies but I still had some friends; or so I thought. The knot of disagreement centered around my secretary Carol who told me that if I touched her behind again she'd tear off my balls. I was too shocked to fire her on the spot, but I felt, at the time, that I would be able to bring her back to the fold. Of course, for the first time in my life, I'd made the wrong decision, but I didn't know that at the time. Her spirit of disagreement infected Gail's secretary, Monique, in addition to the part-time typist. My work requests would be met with complaints that I worked them too hard and that they needed more time to complete the work. I don't think they understood that a business doesn't run itself but runs on sweat and tears. We would not be able to maintain our success if the office staff took it upon themselves to conclude that they were not going to work very hard. Monique even had the effrontery to ask for higher wages if she was going to be on her feet all day. I silenced her when I told her that she was free to find a better job at a higher wage.

I placed much of the increasing workload onto Veronica, her secretary Lisa and the intern, Rachel, who, as a result, began to work for us full-time. I was glad to see more of the Rachel and decided that the time was ripe to elevate our professional relationship into something more lively and meaningful. Unfortunately, my secretary and Gail's secretary took her into their knot of disagreement before I really had an opportunity to charm her. Consequently, Rachel maintained a considerable reserve with me. It wasn't long before Veronica's secretary, and even the intern, turned against me by complaining that I made them work too hard and that I should hire some new employees to handle the work load. I explained that it wasn't economical to hire new employees if the current employees could handle the work load if only they worked hard enough. Lisa asked me if she could work with her shoes off because her feet hurt, but I told her that it would be unseemly for office staff to walk around n stocking feet and that she would never succeed if she couldn't handle a little pain. This silenced her. However, that wasn't the only complaint about sore feet. My secretary, Carol, claimed that her feet were sore from running around the office all the time; but she was in no position to complain now that I'd given much of her workload to the others. Nonetheless, Carol dared to inform me that if I worked them so hard that I could at the very least provide them with foot rubs. When I told her that her sore feet were her problem, she quickly responded that if I weren't careful she'd make her feet my problem. I concluded that feminine problems must have made her irritable and let it go; this was my second mistake.

My partner Gail later took me to lunch to explain that the grumblings were being voiced in angry and vehement tones while I was away and that the women, even Veronica, were complaining to her that I took some perverse delight in working them too hard. I told Gail that it was my philosophy that if you don't work hard you won't succeed. She agreed but warned me that emotions at the office were volcanic and might erupt any day. She also mentioned that I could alleviate much of the disagreement by permitting everyone to work without shoes. I told her that a professional appearance is everything and that once everyone dresses down, the quality of the work deteriorates. Gail shook her head and told me that I couldn't say she didn't warn me. When I asked her to explain what she meant by warning me she just asked me to take it easy on everybody and that I'd even begun to order her about, treating her like the others. I sensed that she was going to complain about having been set aside so I could develop my relationships with the other employees, so I quickly changed the topic of conversation .

That week, the women said very little to me and I said very little to them. I would often walk by as they sat in groups and talked in hushed tones. I berated them for not attending to their duties and they dispersed to their respective work stations without talking back to me. It seemed that I'd finally stamped out this incipient rebellion by being strict and inflexible; unfortunately, I went the entire week without carnal knowledge of any of them and I found this extremely frustrating.

Friday began inauspiciously enough; however, it seemed that my girls were particularly friendly towards me and even quite receptive to my advances. A pat on a tender and gorgeous bottom was received with a courteous smile. It seemed that we would finally be able to pick up where we'd left off. Work got done without a single complaint; and Veronica invited me to her office at 5 for what I could only assume, at the time, to be the long overdue resumption of our carnal relations. Veronica drew me into her office, shut the door behind us and took me by the hand. She told me that she wanted to have a little fun now that Lisa had left for the day, since the two of them shared an office. She pulled me toward the center of the room, between the two desks and brought her mouth to mine. We kissed briefly before she grabbed me gently by the lapels of my jacket and attempted to pull me to the floor. She then sat on my lap, facing me, and she gave me a prolonged and passionate kiss full on the mouth. She asked me to take off my jacket, which I promptly did. She then took her hands to my shoulders and pushed me to the floor; which I let her do. Still sitting on my lap with a leg on either side of me she proceeded to inch up my chest so that I could gaze up her skirt . She wasn't wearing any underwear and before I knew it I had an erection that threatened to break free of my pants. She then grabbed me by the wrists and held them down over my head. Her breasts hung playfully over my face.

Veronica then screamed "ready." I was in the process of telling her to lower her voice when the door burst open and the others poured in and threw themselves on me. Monique grabbed my feet; the part-time typist, Anne, sat on my ankles; Gail sat just below my crotch and Carol grabbed hold of my arms. I struggled to break free but there was too much weight on me. While the six of them held me down, I noticed that the intern was attaching rope to the legs of the desk just below my feet. I then looked behind me and noticed that Lisa was doing the same to the desk behind my head. I demanded to know what they were doing but Carol only told me to shut up and that I'd find out soon enough. Carol asked for the duck tape which the intern promptly passed to her. Carol tore off a long piece which she placed over my mouth so that I couldn't speak. She and Monique then took the liberty of calling me names like fuckface, motherfucker, little dick and smallcock. I was surprised by the filth that came out of their mouths especially since it was directed at me. Monique began to attach the rope to my ankles while Rachel helped. Lisa and Carol did the same to my wrists. I had to withstand a few minutes of verbal abuse before I felt the ropes on my ankles and wrists tighten. Carol said "alright" and everyone got up. All of them stood above me smiling and I was shocked to see Gail there as well. I struggled with the ropes but they were too tight. Carol wanted to know how it felt to be helpless; I was prepared with curses but I think they only heard a muffled shout; they laughed. Monique said that tonight the tables were finally turned and that they were now going to have a little fun with me. Lisa picked up one of the chairs and placed it just over the top of my chest. Carol then asked the others to take off their shoes and the sound of the black pumps, which I'd required as part of the dress code which also included tight shirts , short skirts and sheer black stockings, being thrown onto the floor. Carol looked over my face and asked me I had any objections to their being in their stocking feet. I attempted to speak through the tape but I couldn't say anything. Again I heard laughter. Carol then asked me if I had any objection to their resting their hot, tired feet on my face. I tried to urge them to stop this charade, and to promise them that they would no longer need to wear shoes at work, but I heard only a loud moan come from my mouth. Carol laughed and said that she was glad that I had no objections. She turned to the others and asked them who wanted to go first. I heard cries of "me," "let me go," and "let me" before hearing Carol ask Gail if she wanted to start. Gail said that maybe she'd watch for the time being. Carol responded by saying that as the boss Gail should go first and that since it was her idea to begin with she should be the first to benefit from it. I couldn't believe my ears. I couldn't imagine that Gail would suggest that they humiliate me in this manner. Gail said O.K. and sat down on the chair. Monique sat behind me and squeezed my head tightly between her knees. I could see Gail looking down at me and there was a faint smile on her face. She said that she was sorry but that considering how I'd been behaving that I'd asked for it. I attempted to plead with her but again I couldn't make myself heard.

Gail lifted her knees until I could see the soles of her black stocking feet above my face. As she wriggled her toes I noticed the pink of her polished toenails through the sheer stocking. She slowly lowered her feet until they almost brushed my face. I could already smell the heady aroma of her sweaty feet but I wouldn't say that they smelled unpleasant. She slowly pressed her feet onto my face and cupped the toes of her left foot over my nose until it was completely buried in her toe groove. I could see the tips of her polished nails directly in front of my eye. She proceeded to rub the other foot over my cheeks, up to my forehead and then down to my chin. She playfully wiggled the toes which she'd placed over my nose and then giggled. I heard laughter coming from the others. Carol told me to take a deep breath through my nose but I tried to ignore her. Carol then told me not to enjoy myself too much and even made so bold as to remark that I'd een put on the planet to sniff their sweaty, smelly feet. Carol then told me to sniff harder and, for the first time that evening, someone called me footboy. Gail pushed her foot up against my nose before lifting it off and replacing it with the other foot. I inhaled deeply as I really didn't have much of a choice because of the duct tape. I noticed that she started to roll her stocking from her left leg down to her ankle, ultimately pulling it off at the toes. She wriggled her bare toes a bit and then replaced her stocking foot with her barefoot. I found the smell of her barefoot quite tolerable; but I knew that Gail took care of her feet and usually kept them very clean. I must say that she had beautiful feet, as far as feet go; they were soft, neatly pedicured and freshly painted; small and rather delicate. I would have gladly rubbed her feet but I think I would still have declined the opportunity of being forced to smell them. Anyway, she removed her other stocking and placed her other bare foot on my face. Some of the others laughed when Carol, once again, demanded that I show Gail some respect by sniffing harder. Damned if I was going to do that, but every time I held my breath for a long period of time I would have to breath in all the more deeply. I decided that I was better off taking quick, regular short breaths. Gail continued to rub her feet all over my face, keeping my nose busy with the toes of at least one foot. She rubbed the underside of her bare toes under my nostrils as well as the tips of her toes. During this time, she was smiling as much as she used to when I would reluctantly but passionately perform oral sex on her.

I would estimate that between 10 and 15 minutes elapsed before Gail said that she had enough and pulled her feet from my face. Veronica remarked that she should have a go, especially since she was second in command. Veronica practically pushed Gail off the chair and then sat on it, pressing her stocking feet firmly on my face. I didn't realize how fortunate I was to have Gail's feet on my face until I received my first whiff of Veronica's feet. The smell was strong and I almost chocked on the odor; however, I wouldn't say that they smelled foul. They smelled like feet might smell after a long day at work so I wasn't surprised. I think I objected most to the fact that Veronica seemed to relish the freedom of rubbing her feet on my face. She seemed to be trying to force her toes up my nose and did so with undue enthusiasm. I noticed, through the stockings, that her toenails were unpolished. I suppose it could have been worse as her stocking feet had been drying for about fifteen minutes now; and dry feet are preferable to moist sweaty ones. Veronica demanded that I sniff harder and Carol seconded it. I continued to take small almost imperceptible sniffs but Veronica was getting frustrated. She said that she went out of her way not to wash her feet for two work days and she wanted to hear me sniffing her toes so that her effort would not be in vain. Carol commanded me to take a deep sniff and laughed before telling me that I had no manners and that I didn't know how to treat a lady. Veronica continued to rub the toes of both her feet over my nostrils. I continued to breathe inaudibly.

Carol called me inconsiderate and said that she knew how to make me behave. She called the others over and whispered a few words to them. I heard some giggling before they disappeared. I soon felt the weight of two of them sitting on my left leg. I could feel the pressure on my ankle disappear as the rope was taken off. They brought that leg toward the other leg and someone held my ankles quite firmly. I then felt someone fiddling with my belt and then I could hear my pants being unzipped. Hands quickly and roughly pulled my pants down my legs. I knew that, at the time, I had an almost bestial erection and I felt my cheeks redden for shame of having it revealed to all of them. Carol whistled and said that she'd never seen my penis looking so splendid. They giggled as they pulled my pants and shorts off one leg and continued to giggle as they retied my ankle to the table leg and returned me to a spread eagle position. I soon felt slight pressure on my balls as a smooth, springy cord was would tightly around the top of my balls. I also felt something wound around the base of my cock. A few minutes elapsed before a sharp tug on my cock and balls made me wince. Carol said that it worked and they all laughed. Carol then said that if I didn't do as I was told that they'd give the cord a good tug and that if I was bad they'd pull on my cock and that if I was really bad they'd give my balls hell. They continued to laugh uncontrollably at my predicament. Monique then said that they could now make a real foot sniffer of me. I don't think I've ever been so humiliated. Almost all of them have seen me naked but I've never been forced against my will to reveal my nakedness to all of them at once. I was mortified but when Veronica told me to take a deep breath, I inhaled long and hard. Veronica accepted that and said that that was more like it. I continued to sniff her smelly feet like I'd never sniffed before. The others laughed at my enthusiasm. Veronica rubbed her stocking feet, from toe to heel, all over my face, but, like Gail, she spent the entire time with the toes of at least one foot pressed firmly up against my nostrils. After ten minutes, she said that I just wasn't sniffing hard enough anymore; with that I felt a sharp tug at the base of my still erect cock and then loud peals of laughter. Veronica then said that my sniffing was abominable and then I felt another sharp tug on my testicles that made me wince and gasp for air. I took a deep breath which seemed to satisfy her. Carol then told her that she was running out of time and to try it with her bare feet before it was too late. Veronica pulled off her stockings one at a time and cupped the bare toes of one foot over my nose. I'd never really notice her feet before but they were larger than Gail's, maybe size 7 1/2. She clearly took care of her feet and was in no need of a pedicure. Her toes were long compared with Gail's little toes, and Veronica wriggled them quite energetically even after fifteen minutes of rubbing them in my face.

Carol then told her that she'd had enough and that it was her turn. She called me footboy which drew chuckles from the others. Veronica removed her feet from my face, giving me a few seconds to catch my breath but I couldn't get the pungent foot sweat smell from my nostrils. Veronica stood up and told the others that it was great fun and that she wished that they'd thought of doing this to me sooner. Carol sat down and held her stocking clad feet above my face. Her feet were larger, maybe size 9, and as she wriggled her toes I noticed through the hose that her toenails were painted bright red. Carol asked me if I could smell them already, which I could even though she held them a foot away from my nose. She said that hadn't washed her feet for several days in eager anticipation of this moment. It was an overpowering musky smell that was faintly cheesy. Carol then asked me if I remembered when I told her that she'd make her feet my problem. "Well," she said "now my feet are your problem;" and with that she pressed her warm feet firmly on my face and I was overcome by the smell. It wasn't so bad that I wanted to throw up but unpleasant enough. Carol noticed my discomfort because she laughed and said "Enjoy them that much?" The others laughed too. She then told me that I could do better than that. I then felt a sharp tug at my cock and I then breathed in the odor of her feet as if I were breathing in the fragrance of fresh flowers. She told me that that was more like it as she stretched and wiggled her toes over my nose. Five minutes into this she began to pull off her stockings. She soon replaced her stocking feet with bare feet and I was relieved to be forced to sniff something that smelled far more pleasant than her stocking feet. I took a few deep breaths in appreciation but I was soon appalled with myself at feeling gratitude for being given the opportunity to sniff Carol's smelly bare feet. She continued to rub her feet over my face and I notice the red on her toenails was so bright it was blinding. I could make out large muscular feet that might belong to a dancer. I shouldn't forget to mention that she lectured me, during this time, about how important it was to allow them enough time to take the pressure off their feet and that it was cruel of me not to allow them to take off their shoes because their feet got extremely hot and sweaty. She then told me that things were going to change and that from now on I would be required to give foot rubs whenever called for and that they would be working in their stocking feet from now on. I heard some of the others say "Here, Here" and then giggle. And to ensure that I didn't overwork them, Carol said that anyone would now have the opportunity of getting their feet sniffed by me between 5 and 6 p.m. after work. I heard cheering. Carol also said that there would no longer be a dress code except for the fact that I would not be able to wear anything more than a skimpy jock strap which she would bring to work on Monday; and that if I attempted to flout these rules, my cock and balls would answer for it. Again I felt a sharp pain in my testicles and I let out a long moan. They laughed. Carol asked me if this was acceptable. I attempted to tell her how I truly felt but I couldn't say anything. She told me that she'd take that as a yes and everyone cheered. The others had already begun to rub their feet over my bare legs and even up my shirt. 1 1