There was nothing for Kyle to do but follow the girl inside. But the sound of voices made him anxious and he instinctively cupped his hands over his exposed crotch.


“I need some clothes,” he remarked.


“Oh, don’t worry about that,” replied the girl casually. “You won’t need those here. We’d just have to remove them anyway.”


“What is this?”


The girl turned. “What do you mean?”


“Why are you doing this to me?”


“But you’re our footboy. Though I don’t see why you couldn’t work your way up to something more. There are so many ways you can please us.”


The girl scrutinized his body and giggled. “When they told me all about you I couldn’t believe it.”


“Look. I’m just here to see Becca.”


“You’re here because Becaa told you to be here. And it’s her pleasure to see us happy. Which is your job. So you’re here for all of us, mister.”


And then the girl opened a door to reveal a room full of women. They turned to face the doorway, noticing Kyle in the nude. A cheer up as several women raced over to him, grabbing him by his arms and pulling him into the room.


Kyle recognized Amber and Cassandra as they struggled to pull him inside. He hadn’t spoken so much as a word to either of them; but how could he forget their unforgivably cheesy-smelling toes perched atop his nose?


But before he could pry himself loose from the clutching hands, someone pushed him from behind and he fell to the floor. The door slammed closed and the girls applauded. Some whistled at his nudity.


“Forgot anything,” said Amber. “Feel like a piece of meat?”  More catcalls.


The girl who ushered him in stepped towards him. All he saw were her scuffed canvas shoes. She wasn’t wearing any socks. The thought of smelling someone else’s stinking, unwashed feet made him nauseous. He couldn’t do it. 


“How pathetic,” observed the girl.


“Though I have to admit” responded a familiar voice. It was Becca, seated on a nearby loveseat. “He’s improving.”


Two of the girls he didn’t recognize. They looked like college juniors or seniors. He hadn’t seen them before. But they were cute, if a little sweaty-looking in their work-out gear. At least they were wearing socks, but their running shoes looked worse for wear. Neither of them were very tall, and from the size of it, they both had relatively small feet.


“So this loser really likes smelly feet, huh?” asked one of the two, a girl by the name of Stephanie. The other one laughed.


“I don’t,” replied Kyle weakly. How could he defend himself?


“Well it’s all you’ve been doing for the last twenty-four hours,” remarked another familiar voice. It was Karen, her legs crossed. She was still wearing the same funky slip-on loafers and the same rancid-smelling tights. This wasn’t happening again. It couldn’t be. “He must love it or why else would he be smelling so many feet.”


“He’s lucky I have naturally smelly feet,” answered Chrissy. “I don’t have to try. They just stink.”


“You can say that again,” replied Vanessa with a laugh.


“Mine get pretty funky too,” echoed Steph. “But if that’s what he digs, I’m all for rubbin’ ‘em in his face.”


The girls laughed at Steph’s enthusiasm.


“We got the right group, I think,” observed Becca.


Kyle scanned the room, seated beyond Stephanie and Chrissy were Karen and Becca. Nearby were the goth girls from that afternoon: Carmen, Niki and Jacklyn. Standing over him were Cassandra, Amber and Vanessa. It felt undignified crouched on the floor; but he couldn’t bare the thought of standing naked in front of so many mocking faces.


“Well, my feet were totally rank,” volunteered Niki with a chuckle, “and he got hard when he smelled them.”


“No I didn’t,” he replied.


“Don’t worry,” said Karen to the college girls. “He just pretends he hates it. But I bet he’s fantasizing just how cheesy your feet smell. It probably turned him on that they were filthy.”


“Shut up.”


Vanessa pressed her sneakered foot onto Kyle’s behind. Chrissy and Steph giggled


“So he has to do whatever we want?” asked Vanessa.


“I’ve totally got to see him smelling my feet,” said Chrissy. “I put in a hell of work out today. We ran all the way around campus.”


“Did you wear your lucky running socks?” asked the other girl.


Chrissy nodded and laughed. “Are you sure about this? My feet must be so super smelly right now.”


“I hope he likes them smelly,” observed Vanessa, “or this won’t be much fun for him.”


“That’s not the point is it?” asked Karen. “Now do you want him to worship your sweaty feet or not?”


Steph hesitated a moment before replying. “Fuck yeah.”


Then someone grabbed him by the hair and pulled him towards the sofa.


“If you’re a good boy, maybe I won’t have to tie you up,” explained Karen as she took Kyle’s face in her hands, giving him a playful slap before pointing to her clogged foot.


“Now head on the floor, face up,” commanded Karen.


What could Kyle do? He couldn’t run from it. And if he didn’t do what they wanted him to do, they could easily overpower him and securely bind him hand and foot. He would have to endure Karen’s filthy, reeking feet in his face; but at least he choose it rather than have it imposed upon him.


Kyle assumed the position, and he could see the sole of Karen’s clog hovering over his face. With a deft movement, Karen slid the clog off, flexing her blackened tights, creased from all her foot sweat. The overpowering stink of rotting shoes and unwashed feet was merciless. The stale, pungent stink was bad enough, but when she pressed her damp, sweat-soaked stocking foot onto his face and began rubbing it all over, the degradation really hit home.


There was a communal groan from the group and someone remarked: “poor guy.” But Karen’s enthusiasm for rubbing her malodorous feet all over Kyle’s face was infectious.


It didn’t help Kyle that the other girls whooped and applauded as Karen manhandled his face with first one smelly foot and then with both, kneading her foot sweat into his cheeks before cupping her stocking toes over his nose.


The other girls stepped back, their faces contorted with disgust. “That is so nasty,” replied someone. “He’s actually smelling them.”


“Smell my stinking feet, dumbfuck,” she ordered. ‘Smell them so they can all hear it.” Kyle followed orders and the girls loved it.


“You see, it’s that simple. And make sure he smells under your toes. He really likes that.”


“It’s his funeral,” remarked Vanessa with a giggle. “My feet get soooo sweaty.”


Vanessa took a seat next to Karen and extended her sneakered feet, placing one on his chest and then holding the other one just over his head, using his scalp to pry off the sneaker.


“I haven’t had a pedicure in ages though. My feet are a bit of a mess.”


“It’s for him to appreciate them no matter what.”


Vanessa shrugged as she kicked her shoe off and slid her soft, sweaty foot down his face until her toes wiggled just in front of his eyes.


Her feet smelled like corn chips with a faint whiff of something sickeningly clammy and tart. The pungent odor was tolerable, but her feet were sweaty beyond belief. And as she slid her foot up and down his face, his face was absolutely lathered in sweat.


“Go on,” she ordered, “Smell my feet, footboy.”


Chrissy and Steph laughed as Vanessa lathered his face with sweat. Vanessa had small but wide, solid feet; probably a size 6. The sweat must have kept her feet soft because she had no calluses of any kind. But he noticed that her grubby toes were a little dirty, particularly under the nails. They hadn’t been cut in some time and there was dirt between her toes. There were also flecks of black polish on her unkempt nails. If her feet seemed soft and well-taken-care-of at first, that was sheer chance because this girl didn’t take much care of her feet.


“Take off my other shoe,” she ordered. “I want you to smell my other foot too.” Vanessa turned to Karen and Becca. “This is so cool. I’ve never had a guy even touch my feet much less smell them like this.” She curled her toes over his nose playfully.


“I can’t hear you,” said Karen. And as Kyler removed Vanessa’s other shoe, he took a deep breath of her first foot as she curled her fritos toes over his nose. Another warm, sweaty foot slithered down his face and Vanessa replaced the first set of cheesy toes with the next. The smell was intense, and the stale whiff of toe cheese even more pronounced.


“I love this,” said Vanessa gleefully, sliding her size 6’s up and down his face, wiggling her toes all the while. Kyle could close his eyes and try to pretend he was someone else; but Vanessa’s feet were so playful over his face, it was hard to forget this sporty girl’s feet were all over him. He tried to hold his breath, but to no avail.


Karen’s stocking foot slammed down on his head before stocking toes pressed down hard over his nose. “You’re not paying attention,” yelled Karen. “Smell her feet when she tells you to.”


Karen turned to Vanessa. ‘When you’re ready to have him lick and suck them clean, just tell him.”


Vanessa grinned. “You mean he’s got to lick my feet too? They’re sooo dirty.”


“That’s what a footboy does.”


“He’s not hard yet,” remarked Chrissy. “His penis is still really small.”


“That’s why he still needs training,” said Becca. “One day he’ll be grateful for it.”


“Vanessa ordered Kyle to smell her feet some more before pressing her toes over his lips. “Open up.”


And as Kyle did so, Vanessa slid her toes into his mouth. Her foot was a little wide and she had trouble getting all her toes into his mouth, but once she did, the room erupted into laughter.


Kyle could feel her toes wriggling in his mouth. “Well, isn’t he supposed to suck them clean now?” asked Vanessa of Karen.


Karen stocking toes found his nose, the stench of sharp cedar assaulting his senses. Coupled with the stale tartness of Vanessa’s incredibly sweaty toes, he was feeling sick to his stomach. His mouth full, he had no choice but to inhale Karen’s indescribably foul foot odor again and again.


“Now do what you’re told and you won’t have to smell my toes at the same time.”


Kyle nodded and Karen releases her toes form his nose. He was relieved and all too happy to suck on Vanessa’s plump toes, if only to avoid having to smell Karen’s dirty feet.


“Suck on them one at a time,” insisted Vanessa. And Kyle did just that, tasting the tangy flavor of her thick, padded soles and toes.


“Ooh. This feels soooooo good,” moaned Vanessa. “I could have him sucking on my toes all night.”


“Well, that’s what he’s for,” remarked Cassandra, smiling down at him from above.


Vanessa then had Kyle lick the length of her wrinkles sole before sucking her filthy heel, all the while smelling the toes of her other sweaty foot.  


“Can I try,” asked Steph. “We all put in a great work out and my feet are totally killing me.”


“Kiss my feet and say thank you,” said Vanessa. He kissed her feet and thanked her, much to everyone’s amusement. “I’m done with him. I think he licked all the stink off ‘em. He’s all yours, Steph.”


“You’re going to love mine, stinky foot boy.”


Steph pried off her Adidas’ revealing two soiled sock feet. She immediately clasped them over his face. Her socks were like cheese cloth; the fabric caked with aged sweat, particularly the toe ends. Her sock feet were incredibly damp and stale-smelling.


Steph raised her arms and howled as she began rubbing her sock feet over Kyle’s face. “This is awesome.” She turned to Kyle. “Let me hear you smell them, loser.”


Kyle took a few whiffs through the toe ends of her socks. She had even smaller feet than Vanessa, probably a size 5. But there was nothing small about the odor. It was surprising.


“My lucky socks,” explained Steph when some of the others evinced disgust. “I always wear these running.”


Then Stephanie slide her toes into Kyle’s mouth and ordered him to suck on her socked feet. The taste was acrid and cheddary. It made his stomach hollow.


“Now bite on the sock without biting my toes.” Kyle did so and Steph began sliding her foot out of the sock. And, having done so, she wiggled the solid, gamy toes on her side feet before planting it securely over his face.


“Smell my toes, footsniffer.”


Her feet smelled vile. They smelled cloyingly, almost sickeningly sweet from all the foot sweat caked all over her toes. They were a little vinegary and tart.


As if that wasn’t bad enough, Steph enjoyed having him sniff under her toenails. “You like toe cheese?” she asked. The others laughed.


“This one’s a natural,” observed Karen.”


“Like you,” answered Becca.”


Kyle turned his head away involuntarily; quickly wishing he hadn’t. because within seconds, Karen was on top of him, her stocking feet slamming onto his face before scrunching his nose under her toes. “Move your head and I’ll make you wish you had no balls. No smell my feet reeeeal good.”


Kyle couldn’t stomach Karen’s feet. But he breathed it in loudly for all to hear. “More,” she insisted and Kyle gave her more. “Sometimes you have to be firm with him,” explained Karen. “It’s the only way.”


He was relieved when Steph’s vinegar-smelling feet replaced Karen’s. Steph had removed her other sock and was making full use of his face to rub her sweaty size 5s. Curling her toes over his nose, she demanded he smell her toes. “I bet you love them. Aren’t they just soooo smelly.”


And while he smelled her unwashed, pungent-smelling toes, she slid the toes of her other foot into his mouth. “You can start licking them clean.”


He began to apply his tongue to her stubby toes before working on the soft, thick flesh of the ball of her foot.


“I’ve got to have this done more often.”


Steph shoved her toes so far into his mouth, he gagged. He wasn’t amused, but everyone else was.


“It’s hilarious seeing him with his mouth full of toes.”


“I love his tongue between my toes,” she replied. He didn’t need to be told. He knew what to do and worked his tongue in and out from between her toes, dislodging dirt and lint in the process.


Kyle was at the depths of his degradation. The though of this girls filthy foot in his mouth, and of cleaning it was too repulsive. The women laughed amongst themselves almost as if he weren’t even there. He felt used. He felt worthless.


“More tongue,” insisted Steph and Kyle complied. “Did you say he’d lick other things,” asked Steph of Becca.


“If he’s a good boy, maybe I’ll let him give us some oral pleasure. But only if he’s well-behaved.”


He wasn’t sure if this turned him on or not. He enjoyed giving a woman oral pleasure, but he resented these women for humiliating him. How could it be sensual if he felt like such a tool.


The women loved the idea of receiving oral pleasure, especially Karen. “I want two really good orgasms from you, Kyle.”


“What bout him?” asked Chrissy.


“Fuck him,” remarked Niki as she pressed her booted foot near his crotch. “he doesn’t deserve an orgasm.”


“Maybe he fantasizes about smelling your nasty feet,” remarked Carmen.


Kyle wanted to object, but there wasn’t much point. They would believe whatever they wanted to believe.


“We should get pedicures first, though,” said Jacklyn. “I could use one.”


The girls continued to converse as Steph had Kyle lick every inch of her feet, sliding them over his face a few more times before giving him a few slaps with the soles of her feet.


“That was awesome,’ she exclaimed.


“You took long enough,” said Chrissy as she unlaced her running shoes. Kicking them off, she peeled off one sock and then another, dropping them onto his face and giggling.


“That’s the spirit.”


“I kinda wanted to do that with my last boyfriend,” said Chrissy. “Just when my socks were extra smelly like now. And then I wanted to …”


“What?” asked Becca.


And then Chrissy raised her soft, solid size 4 ½ feet. They were solid feet with plump toes. Her soles, however, looked a little dirty. She pressed them onto Kyle’s face, clutching hold of the toe ends of her socks before rubbing them over his nose.


“I wanted to do this. I wasn’t thinking I wanted him to smell them, but I guess I did. I wanted it to be disgusting ‘cause I was so pissed off at him. I think it would have been so cool to have him here so we could all have him smell our feet. This is sooo cool. I needed this.”


Chrissy was rough with her feet, rubbing her musty socks over his face before tossing them aside, flexing her pudgy toes and sliding the toes of one foot over his nose. “And now he has to totally smell my feet. And we did sooo much running too.”


Kyle could tell. Her feet were soft, but nauseatingly cheesy-smelling. What was it about these girls? How did they get their feet so disgustingly foul-smelling. Did these girls ever wash their feet. If he had to give them oral pleasure, he hoped they kept other parts of their body much cleaner.


Chrissy rubbed her feet all over his face, pausing only to having him take whiffs from under her grubby toes.


“Come to think of it,” continued Chrissy, “I guess I did want him to smell my feet after I got back from my run. I wanted him to smell them and kiss them and tell me how luck y he was to get my stinky feet in his face.”


“They are pretty smelly,” responded Vanessa with a giggle. “It’s fun, isn’t it? Though I feel a little bad though.”


“So what? He’ll be fine. Just stinky feet, is all,” explained Jacklyn. “I almost felt bad earlier, but not know.”


“Don’t worry about him,” replied Karen. “Just have fun.”   


“I kinda felt awkward about having smelly feet,” continued Chrissy as she grazed hr cheesy toes over Kyle’s face. “But now I don’t think there’s any reason to. I mean I’m just a healthy girl with a healthy foot odor.” Healthy wasn’t the word, thought Kyle. Virulent foot odor, more like. And this was the case with all these girls.


“Use a little more teeth on the heel,” advised Chrissy, her heel held over his mouth. “They’re looking pretty clean now. Awesome.”


Kyle gazed up and noticed Amber and Cassandra smiling down at him. “I can’t wait for him to work on mine,” remarked Amber. “They’re extra gross-smelling today. Same shoes. One more day of foot sweat.”


“Well, I’m done,” said Chrissy as she slid her feet over his face a few more times. “He’s all yours. Enjoy.”


“I will. And I want top notch footservice. I’ve been on my feet getting my feet as smelly as possible so my feet need some attention. But make a face when you smell my foot and I’ll kick your face.”


“You go girl,” said Karen with a laugh.


Amber was wearing her clunky loafers again. Sockless, of course. She squeezed his head between her feet before giggling. “Ready to smell some more super stinky feet, footboy?


Amber kicked off a loafer and a hot rush of blue cheese stench. It was revolting. Seeing Amber’s big size 10 foot, flecks of dirt on the wrinkled sole, was the coup de grace. What had he done to deserve such humiliation.


And then Amber pressed her warm, sweaty foot onto his face and began rubbing the sweat into his face. Kyle groaned involuntarily, and everyone laughed.


“I guess he must be enjoying this,” remarked Amber with a giggle as she curled her toes carefully over his nose. “Now take a deep whiff of my toes.”


Kyle did and instantly felt like gagging. Her feet were potently cheesy today. Her toes smelled like a cheese he wouldn’t want to eat; and yet here he was smelling them. And Amber was loving every minute of it, leaning back with her arms behind her back.


“This is the life. Kicking back with friends. Some loser under my nasty feet, smelling them.”


Amber wiggled her toes. “Keep smelling them real good. Footboy. I want you to smell ‘em until they don’t stink.”


Kyle took a few more whiffs. He wanted to throw her foot off, and he could have. But the feel of Niki’s boot on his leg reminded him of the possible consequences. That girl and her friends were too eager to inflict pain on him and he wouldn’t give them a chance.


“More enthusiasm,” insisted Amber.


Karen gave him a kick to the head. “Stop slacking,” she said.


Kyle breathed deep the heady, sickening aroma of Amber’s dirty, sweaty toes. It was unbearable.


“He still isn’t hard,” remarked Steph. “Can I try something?”


And then Kyle felt someone’s toes graze the skin near his privates. It was mildly arousing at first. And then the girls’ toes grazed his cock. His reaction was automatic. It didn’t matter that the stench of Amber’s foot on his face was nauseating him. He was getting hard, much to everyone’s delight.


Steph was sliding her toes up and over his shaft until he was fully erect. He was enjoying it tremendously.


“Look, girls,” declared Vanessa. “Not the biggest cock I’ve seen. But it’s pretty stiff. And he’s smelling Amber’s nasty feet too.”


“See. He does like smelly feet,” remarked Karen.


He wanted to protest, but the ball of Amber’s dirty size 10 sole was pressed over his mouth, her toes clutching at his nose.


“Keep smelling them, footboy. Make yourself useful.”


Kyle took a few more whiffs and then a hot stench assaulted his senses again. It was Amber’s other foot and she promptly thrust it onto his face and began lathering his face in her cheesy sweat.


“This is definitely the life,” she remarked. And while Steph kept Kyle aroused enough by grazing his crotch with her toes, Amber made full use of his face with her feet, having him thoroughly smell them before ordering him to start cleaning them.


“Suck on my heel, bitch,” she insisted. “They got extra sweaty since the last time you cleaned them. And I’ve had an active day, what with volleyball practice and walking all over town doing errands.”


Kyle began nibbling on the tart, hard skin of her heel.


“Good boy,” she remarked. He realized he was more enthusiastic about it. Was he more turned on by it? He couldn’t be. But he was still hard.


“He loves your feet, Amber,” declared Becca. “I knew he’d take to it eventually.”


“I’d rather crush his cock,” remarked Niki.


“Well if he doesn’t do a good job today,” began Becca. “If anyone’s dissatisfied with the service they get, then I’m handing him over to you afterwards. And you can hurt him, but no permanent damage of any kind. I want to make sure his cock still works. I have my own interest in it. Besides, it belongs to me, anyway.”




“He’s doing a great job,” said Amber as Kyle began licking the length of her wrinkled soles. Before long, Amber was thrusting her long toes into his mouth. “Suck my dirty toes. Suck ‘em clean.”


Amber closed her eyes as she relished every moment of having her stinking toes sucked. And Kyle noted he was even getting into it a little. Steph and now Chrissy were teasing his cock; not enough for him to cum, but enough to drive him crazy and keep him aroused.


Amber had Kyle clean between her toes before sucking on the balls of her feet before handing him over to Cassandra.


“Have fun, Cass. He’s yours.”


Cassandra leaped onto the nearest chair and crossed her legs. She was still wearing the same old high-tops from the day before. Her feet probably got really sweaty in them.


As if in answer to his question, Cassandra spoke. “My feet are soo sweaty. I’ve been wearing my lucky sneaks all day now. So everyone back up before I take them off and get this loser to smell them.”


The other girls backed away. But Vanessa, Steph and Chrissy still kept him in foot legth so they could keep him aroused.


Cassandra had trouble taking off her shoe and so thrust her sneakered foot towards Kyle. “You take them off. And your reward? You get to thoroughly smell them and lick them, every inch.”


Kyle was tempted to decline, but he’d handled things so far. Cassandra’s size 8s couldn’t be any worse. He’d had them in his face already anyway.


The shoe came off and Kyle held his breath. It was no use because Cassandra’s long, slender toes made for his nose and began squeezing and twisting it. Kyle took a breath. Her toes smelled putrid. There was a faint odor of parmesan cheese about them and something sour and milky.


“Smell my feet, footboy.”


Kyle noticed that her toenails were dirty and unpolished. They’d been polished at one time, but neglected since. A few calluses made the skin a little rough as she began sliding her greasy, smelly foot all over his face.


“He’s still hard,” observed Vanessa. “Wow.”


“He’ll learn to get hard when we shove our feet in his face,” noted Amber.


“This is soooo much fun,” said Chrissy. “I love this.”


While Cassandra cupped her toes over his nose and made him smell them, she worked her other converse sneaker off with a gasp. As she wiggled her toes, flecks of dirt fell, but the rest remained embedded between her toes and in the crevices on her sole. Why couldn’t these girls take better care of their feet?


Cassandra replaced the first foot with the new one, and the smell was intense. “Breath right through my toes. Ooh, that feels so good.”


“It does feel nice,” echoed Vanessa. “I guess your feet have to be kinda hot so you notice the cool air getting sucked up between your toes.”


“I loved getting my toes sucked,” said Steph. “I want him to do more of that.”


“We’ll all have a little more private time with him later,” said Becca with a smile. “My gift to everyone. So have him do what you like. Though I’m going to have him lick more than just my sweaty toes.”


Some of the girls laughed. “You’re going to get real value out of him, huh Becca,” said Karen. And Kyle noticed that Karen’s stocking foot was close to his head. Her pungent foot stench was unmistakable, even with Cassandra’s toes pressed up against his nostrils.


Cassandra suddenly thrust her long, squirmy toes into his mouth. “Now start sucking on them,” she said.  He had no choice and did what he was told. He didn’t even question the commands now. He wanted to please them , if that’s what it took to earn his freedom back.


Kyle licked the tart flesh of her touched feet for five minutes or more before Karen thrust one of her filthy bare feet onto his face. Her grimy toes smelled of the sharpest cheddar.


“Sorry, Cass,” said Karen. “I think he needed a whiff. Besides, I wanted to see if he could stay hard smelling my nasty dogs.”


“I’ll have him finish later. Go ahead.”


And then Karen thrust her other sticky bare foot onto his face, covering it with her grimy soles, and wiggling her toes over his forehead. “Right where he’s always belonged. I wish I realized this sooner.”


“Why bother cleaning our feet,” interposed Niki. “And I’m next by the way.”


Karen curled one set of grubby, oily toes over his nose. “Smell them like you mean it.” 


Kyle struggled with her feet. He just couldn’t stomach them. The cheesy scent was sharp as hell; it made his eyes water. It wasn’t right. It wasn’t fair. “Louder,” insisted Karen. Kyle was trying his damndest. But her feet smelled to pungent, almost acrid.


Karen squeezed his nose with her toes. “Now thank me, foot boy. Thank me for letting you smell my dirty, stinky, sweaty feet.”


“Thank you.”


“Louder,” she insisted, slapping his face with her foot.


“Thank you,” he repeated for everyone to hear.


“Well, he’s still hard,” noted Becca. “So he loves it, even your feet.”


Kyle turned to notice that Vanessa and Steph were still playing footsies with his cock and balls. How could he be aroused. Karen’s feet were hideous. There was nothing attractive about them and they smelled liked they hadn’t been cleaned in days.


“How does collective girl power smell, footboy?” asked Karen with a fiendish grin. But Karen’s sweaty foot was too firmly clamped over his face for him to respond.


The girls cheered.


“Speechless, huh?” remarked Karen. “Well, I’d rather you be smelling my toes than talking. I don’t want to hear your voice. Just do as you’re told. That’s the kind of boy I like.”


“Girl power,” yelled Vanessa. And her friends followed suit.


“You can sniff better than that,” said Karen. Kyle didn’t want to disappoint her. She could be cruel, so he sniffed her revolting-smelling cheesy toes as hard as he could. “That’s better. I want you to take in the full flavor.”


“Alright, ladies,” said Karen to Niki and Carmen. “Knock your self out.”


Niki and Carmen eagerly leaped over to Kyle, Niki in her knee-high boots and Carmen in her huge buckled high-heels. Nick slammed her feet onto his chest, while Carmen scrunched his head between hers.


“Alright, bitch. Smell  them good or I’ll make you rue the day.”


Carmen pried off her shoe using his head and the smell of her solid size 8 stocking foot hit him hard. The stench of old shoe leather and crumbly old cheese. Her stocking foot slithered down his face until she clutched at his nose with her warm, sweat-soaked hosed toes.


“I was missing this already. Now smell my feet, bitch.”


Kyle breathed in the heady stench. The fabric was drench with so much ill-smelling sweat it was difficult to breathe.


Carmen’s other clammy stocking foot joined the first until his entire face was covered.


“I don’t hear you smelling my feet,” said Carmen. Niki slammed her foot into his stomach and he gasped for air. BY this time he was losing his hard-on. The thought of Niki wanted to hurt him made it difficult for him to relax. He felt so vulnerable around the volatile girl.


Kyle took a deep breath of the sour, fetid stench of Carmen’s sweaty stockings.


“Same stockings I’ve been wearing all week. Why wash them now?” Carmen then lowered her face to Kyle. “They stink real bad, don’t they?”


“Still no comment,” responded Karen. “Kick back and enjoy it, Carmen.  And Carmen did just that, clutching at his nose and face with her stocking toes and demanding he take deep breathes as she curled her toes over his nose.


She began peeling off her stockings, presenting  Kyle with the reddened soles of her incredibly sweaty feet. She flexed her toes before sliding them over his nose and moaning. “I love using his face to massage my feet. I should take him home and make him a permanent foot massage stool so I could rub my feet on his face whenever I came home.”


“That would be awesome,” replied Niki. “And then I’d beat his ass when I’m pissed off. And he’d thank me for it, just like he’d thank me for shoving my nasty-assed feet in his face and making him totally smell them.”


“Lick my soles clean,” insisted Carmen. “Come one, stick out your tongue so I can wipe my feet on it.” And Kyle stuck out his tongue so Carmen slid the length of her filthy, unwashed, stale-tasting foot over his tongue. And then she insisted on having her toes sucked individually and all at once, shoving them into his mouth until all of the fit. The imbedded dirt on her heels and the tough skin on the balls of her feet made it especially difficult to get through the task.


“Now that’s a sight,” observed Carmen. “I can’t even get a footrub from a guy and here’s this poor guy cleaning them with his mouth.”


“That’s so fucking cool,” said Niki. “Your foot totally in his mouth. I’m going to do the same thing. And you better clean my feet real good cause my nasty feet got dirty and really sweaty again.”


“Your feet are always really sweaty,” said Jacklyn.


“So what?”


“That’s the spirit,” said Karen. “Let your footboy worry about that.”


“I am loving this,” said Carmen as she had Kyle suck on her cheesy toes.


Niki began unlacing her boot. “You’re taking too long. I want him to worship mine,” said Niki.


Niki pulled her foot free of her boot. Her fishnets were in so many holes it was as if she hadn’t been wearing stockings at all. Her uncared for feet and uncut toenails were dirty, as were the calluses on the side of her foot.


“My feet are so nasty, I love it.” And having said that, she pressed her foot hard onto his face, smooshing it under her wrinkled sole. “That’s what you deserve,” she remarked. “Straight out of my boots and to your face.”


Niki raised her hand for Carmen to smack and Carmen high-fived her. “This is too cool,” said Carmen.


“Someone better be pissed off with his performance today because I’m taking this bitch home and really putting him through his paces,” declared Niki. “I’m really going to make him my bitch.”


“Well, he’s still my bitch,” said Becca. “But I’m generous.”


“Awesome,” replied Niki before turning to Kyle and grinding her toes over his nose as if she were squeezing an orange. “Smell my rank feet.”


“And they are sooo rank,” giggled Jacklyn as she peered over, holding her nose. “You don’t take it easy on him.”


“Why should I?” she said, still grinding her toes over his nose.


The smell of Niki’s foot was extra vile this evening. Clearly, she’d been wearing the same boots and stockings the remainder of the day and it was overwhelmingly and intolerably demeaning. Her feet were disgusting; and the torn aged fishnets made it seem even more disgusting.


“Smell my toes. Now.”


Kyle followed orders and breathed it in, the full dank reeking noseful of it.


Niki removed her other boot and thrust another foot onto his face. The stocking was so torn that her toes weren’t even covered by fabric. She wiggled them over his nose. :Smell them good and maybe I won’t hurt you too bad later.”


Kyle endeavored to please but it never seemed to be enough. Her foot odor was nauseating, but she wanted him to take whiff after whiff of it. It was punishing.


Niki slid her feet over his face before plunging her dirty, filthy toes into his mouth. “Eat my foot, bitch.” And he began to suck on her toes which she shoved deep into his mouth. With her other toes clutched over his nose and smelling of Camambert or some other French cheese, he could barely breathe. His senses were overwhelmed with her odor.


And as she removed her stockings, he remembered how callused her feet were. Couldn’t any of these girls take care of her feet. It was too much. And they took such delight in shoving their nasty feet all over his face like it didn’t matter. Repulsive.


Kyle turned to see another stocking feet held over his face, unpainted toes protruding from the fabric. “I’ve been waiting too long,” said Jacklyn with a grin.


“You did this last time,” said Niki, her feet covering his face almost possessively. “He’s worshipping my feet. And he hasn’t finished cleaning them.”


“Well, I want him to have a whiff first, while they’re still moist. Niki thrust her soiled toes into his mouth while Jacklyn pressed her warm, sweaty stocking toes over his nose. The potent odor of sour milk was too pungent. They didn’t smell as awful as Niki’s but it was still sickening to have them in his face, much less over his nose.


“Now smell my toes, boy,” ordered Jacklyn. “And do a better job this time.”


“More tongue,” insisted Niki as she wiggled her toes in and around his tongue. He could barely breath, what with Niki’s cheesy toes in his mouth and Jacklyn’s milky stocking toes cupped over his nose.


And then he felt something slither near his crotch, He was getting aroused again. But with Niki’s other foot over his eye, he couldn’t see who was teasing him.


Niki removed her toes from his mouth. “I guess that’ll have to do… for now,” she remarked as she wiggled her toes and admired how clean they were. “This loser totally cleaned them again. Unbelievable.”


Jacklyn pried off her other boot, making full use of his face to massage her stinking, stocking feet. She made him smell her toes fir five minutes or so before rolling off her stockings and sliding her sticky, sweaty bare soles over his face. “This is where you belong, footboy. Right under my sweaty feet at the end of the day. Now make them feel good. Smell them until I get chills down my spine.”


Kyle took more whiffs, but the odor was unbearable. It wasn’t overpowering but the faint cheesiness of her sour-smelling bare feet was making him sick. And it wasn’t getting any better. What’s worse, he remembered how callused her feet were; and despite how sweaty they were, they still felt rough on his face.


Nonetheless, he remained hard. Carmen was sliding her toes over his cock and around it. He was about ready to explode, he was sure of it. Even with these filthy, disgusting bare feet in his face.


“It’s so cool having sweaty feet. I love how this sniffing feels.”


“Is he doing a good job?” asked Becca.


“It’s alright. It’s not bad and it’s not great. But I want some premium toe sucking, footboy. She pressed her toes over his mouth and Kyle reached up to put her big toe in his mouth and start sucking. Jacklyn laughed. “Cool,” she replied, closing her eyes. “Keep it up, boy. Make my feet feel great. Love tasting those stinky feet, huh?”


Kyle’s mouth was full and once she had him clean the first foot: the soul and the toughened rubbery skin of the ball of her foot and her heel. Then she presented him with the other foot which she ordered him to smell first. “A few more whiffs before you lick the stink off ‘em.”


He’d been licking and smelling feet for hours, but it didn’t feel any less humiliating. The organic, cheesy aromas were just as repellant and just as foul to the taste.


And then Becca plunged her size 11 running shoes onto his chest. “It’s about time I had some fun, don’t you think?” she asked. “He belongs to me and I want some awesome foot serve for my super stinky feet.”


“Thanks, Becca,” said Jacklyn. “You’ve got a great footboy there. He’s really learning fast.”


“We’re all learning fast how much fun this is,” said Becca. “Those internet stories don’t seem so weird now.”


“Those are tame,” replied Niki. “I was reading them a couple of days ago. They should have beat these guys up to once they humiliated them.”


“Well, to each his own taste,” said Becca as she pried off one of her ratty old Nike’s. “I’m really looking forward to having my feet in your face again. I know you’ve been through a lot, but you still deserve this.”


She kicked her shoe off to reveal the same creased, soiled gym sock. He was afraid of that. And he could already smell her foot. The smell of gym socks and aged sweat was always revolting to him, and here he was,  one sock foot and then another resting on his chest.


Becca laughed. “Smell my feet good, Kyle.” And then she pressed her big foot onto his face, grinding the crusty sock fabric over his nose. The scent of cheetos was so potent and pungent it was sickening. Her feet smelled much worse today.”


“I’ve been wearing the same socks all day,” said Becca as she rubbed her sock feet over his face.  The fabric felt rough on his face. “You so deserve to be under my sweaty feet.”


There wasn’t anyone touching his cock, but he felt himself getting hard. Did he still have feelings for Becca? And did he really feel like he deserves this humiliation at her stinking, cheesy sock feet?


She reached over to peel off a sock before presenting him with her long size 11. She wiggled her toes, flecks of dirt along the sole and even under her nails. Even Becca could have taken better care of her feet. He noticed a small callus forming near the side of her foot. But then she slammed her foot onto his face.


“Smell my toes, boy. Smell my totally smelly toes so I know how sorry you are.”


“Go Girl,” encouraged Karen. “Give it to him. Remember how he made you feel.”


With both feet bare, Becca began slapping his face around, much to the delight of the other girls.  The mirth continued as Becca began squeezing his nose roughly between her long toes. She had strong feet which manipulated his face to such a demeaning degree. And her feet smelled stale and vinegary. He’d never smelled them so bad, not even the night before. The nacho cheese aroma was really potent. Could he eat nacho ships again without thinking of Becca’s big feet manhandling his face. Or could he eat or smell any cheese without thinking of the many humiliations over the past couple of days?


Becca had him lick her huge feet, from toe to heel for ten minutes of more. But the others were getting bored.


“I want my private time with him,” insisted Niki. “I’m going to bend him over and …”


“Later,” Said Becca who was enjoying having her feet licked to want to stop.”


“I mean it. I want to take him home and work him over.”


“Is everyone else done?” asked Becca.


“Hell no,” said Vanessa. “He owes me a pedicure.”


“Get up,” said Becca as she slapped his face for good measure. “Stand up for everyone to see you.”


Kyle felt week and he could barely stand. He didn’t realize how little he’d been eating. He was lightheaded and overwhelmed with foot odor to think straight. “Now go into the bathroom and get black bag. My pedicure kit is in there. Everyone gets pedicures.”


Everyone cheered.


“Well, hurry up,” said Karen, giving Kyle a swift kick to the rear. He stumbled and the girls laughed.


“He’s so pathetic,” observed Niki. “I can’t wait to paddle his ass raw. Disgusting little foot sniffer.”


Kyle stumbled into the bathroom, grabbed the bag and returned. Becca took him by the shoulder and pushed him to the floor at Vanessa’s feet. The girl’s feet were clean. He’s licked them thoroughly. But the nails needed to be cut.


And so one by one, Kyle sat at their feet, trimming their nails and painting them with polish. Some of them hadn’t cut their toenails in weeks and weeks. There was no attempt to keep them clean since many of them had dirty nails which he had to clean out. He was relieved not to have their stinking, sweaty feet in his face; relieved until Niki grabbed the file with her toenail crud on it and pressed it to his mouth.


“Eat it off,” she said. The thought of eating her toe cheese and dirt revolted him, even though he had already done so. He looked to Becca, hoping she’d note that this was going too far. But she only backed Niki up.


“Well, do as you’re told,” said Becca, much to Niki’s amusement. “It would be disappointing for all of us to see you defiant.”


“Gross,” intoned Vanessa. “This is going to be good.”


“I should have had him eat my toe jam,” said Karen who was getting ready for her pedicure. Kyle felt sick at the thought; and then, without thinking, he let Niki shove the file into his mouth and he licked it off and swallowed it. The thought of what he was eating was more revolting than any residual cheese taste.


The girls cheered. They loved the audacity of the move; and Niki was pleased with herself.


Needles to say, the remaining girls followed suit, insisting he eat everything he picked out from underneath their nails. He steeled his stomach and tried not to think abou tit. But he had no choice. It amused them too much  and they loved making it as disgusting as possible. It took his ever last nerve to mange swallowing all of the dirt from underneath Karen’s toes. He was tempted to leave it where it was, but she wasn’t having any of it. She wanted her toenails completely clean. And to the groans of the audience of giggling girls, he cleaned the file with his tongue; almost throwing up in the process.


“Nothing from my body should be too disgusting for your mouth,” explained Karen as she leaned back to let Kyle paint her nails.


His workmanship wasn’t perfect and it was made note of.


“A little sloppy, Kyle,” said Karen as she gazed at her toes, now painted with black nail polish. “It’s smudged.”


“So that means he’s mine?” asked Niki.


“Not so fast,” replied Becca. “We’ll take a vote later, see if anyone thinks he needs substantial improvement in how he serves our needs. How well he satisfies.”


“I want more of his mouth,” giggled Vanessa. Her friends joined suit. “I’m probably really sweaty down there, though.”


“Get your mouth ready, Kyle,” said Becca. “I want you to give everyone an orgasm using your mouth. Everyone deserves at least one. Give everyone two and maybe I won’t let Niki have her wicked way with you.”


“You promised,” said Niki.


“Like I said. It’s up to the vote.”


But Niki sulked. “You’d better let me have him.”


Kyle finished giving pedicures, endeavoring to do the best job he could. But Niki and Carmen weren’t making it easy, shifting their feet so he made a mess. “What a klutz,” said Niki with a fiendish smile. “Your ass is sooo mine.”


Becca kneeled next to Kyle. “Good boy,” she said, ruffling his hair. “Now time for some real fun.” She stood. And everyone gets about twenty minutes of private time upstairs. That’s good for one or two orgasms, at least.


The room erupted in cheering.


“You’d better lick me good,” said Cassandra.


“Yeah. You need out positive votes or Niki’s going to work on you. And you won’t get a plus vote unless I get two great orgasms.”


“Alright, foot whore,” said Karen. “Upstairs,” she added, slapping his bare behind. “And you’d better bring some smiles to our faces.” “Now who’s first?” she asked.


Kyle was too oblivious to hear who it was. He found Becca’s bed and curled up on it. He closed his eyes. Could he pretend this wasn’t happening. He’d never felt so used and cheap. Any other time, he would have been thrilled to have such an opportunity to have girls riding his face; but not today. It wasn’t his choice anymore. He was required to do it.


Someone came bounding up the stairs. It was Becca. She peered into the room and smiled. And without saying a word, she pulled a bag from the closet, brought it to the bed and opened it.


“It’s been a while since you’ve been here,” she remarked.


Kyle was too irritated with how he’d been humiliated by her and her friends to say anything.


“And now here I am practically prostituting you out. Not your cock which is mine. But your big mouth.”


Becca produced a blindfold from the bag and approached him. He did nothing to stop her from putting it on. It didn’t matter now. Anything was better than having filthy, ripe feet shoved in his face.


“For modesty’s sake so you don’t get to see anyone naked. You might not have a problem with being naked in front of a lot of women but they might have a problem with being naked in front of you. And I want them to feel comfortable to have fun.”


“Did I really hurt you so much,” was Kyle’s feeble reply.


Becca said nothing as she pulled some cord form her bag. Kyle didn’t realize what he was doing until she began affixing his wrist to one of the bed posts. But he pulled his arm free.


“What the hell are you doing?”


“I want them all to feel free to sit on your face without you grabbing them or touching them. They’ll know what to do. Just work your mouth and make them happy or … well, Niki can’t wait to take you home and make you her bitch. I’m sure she has her own sinister ways.”


“When do I go home,” he asked without giving her his other hand.


“Give me your hand or I’ll have them come up and help me. And then I’ll definitely leave you with Niki and her friends.”


Kyle surrendered his wrist and she affixed it to the other post. He was secured and blindfolded. And then he heard the rustle of clothing before Becca leaped on top of him, straddling him and quickly shoving his face between her legs. Her scent was strong, and she wasted no time as she began rubbing herself over his mouth.


“Start using your tongue,” she ordered. And he did. “That’s it.”


It wasn’t long before she came and stood up, cupping her toes over his nose for a few moments before leaping off the bed.


She said nothing, but Kyle needed to talk to her. Sex alone felt cheap.


“That’s it?” he asked.


“Yeah, I’m done. I got what I wanted. Besides, there are others waiting to have some fun with you. You did good, bitch.”


“Isn’t this enough, Becca? Do you have any idea what I’ve been through here?”


“Don’t be such a baby, Kyle.”


“Their feet … they …”


“So what. So they’re feet stink. You survived. I’m not going to feel anything for you, Kyle so I don’t care.”


And then she was gone. He needed to talk to her. There was so much to say. He needed to understand why she was doing this to him; why they all enjoyed humiliating him and using him this way. What had he done wrong?


There were more voice and Vanessa entered the room, closing the door behind her.


“I hope you’re good ‘cause I could really use this.”


And the girl clambered on top of him. He wished he could see her naked. She was attractive and sweet (despite how much she enjoyed humiliating him with the others.)


She was remarkably enthusiastic and wasting no time in grinding herself over his face. She was sweaty, and the smell was a little tart at first, but it wasn’t that bad. She came quickly enough but wanted another. 


And on it went, one girl after another, each of them making use of his mouth for their pleasure. He was excited most of the time, but none of the girls made the least effort to help him get off. In fact, they completely ignored his needs and didn’t even bother thanking him once they got what they wanted. If they enjoyed it they told him he did good. Otherwise they were quiet. He wasn’t even sure who he was pleasuring since some of the girls said nothing. The girls tasted sweet enough, though some, like Niki, were inordinately smelly. And his mouth and tongue was getting tired; and it was becoming increasingly painful to pleasure anyone.


And then Karen took her turn. She made it clear it was her. She was the last person he wanted to please. She’d taken such a hand in humiliating him and enjoyed it so much, he despised her. And here she was, anticipating how he was going to orally please her.


“How cool is it I can just command you to worship my feet and pussy.”


Kyle wanted to insult her but he held his tongue.


She began tying something around his head and judging form the sharply acrid stench, it must have been her tights. Leaving the crusty toe ends to dangle over his nose, she laughed.


“You are pathetic, Kyle. But I might as well get something out of you. Now lick my pussy good and I might be nice to you.”


She climbed on top and thrust his face near her privates. It smelled pungent and sweaty with a whiff of urine. It was a little off putting; but he had no time to be turned off because she was rubbing herself over his face.


“This is really hot, using you like this. And to think you get nothing out of it.”


He tongued her until she came and when she demanded another one, did the same thing. He was exhausted.


“Not bad, bitch,” was her compliment. “Felt good. I needed that.”


And then she was gone. He wanted to tell her to remove her stockings, which still flopped over his nose. The stench was still pungent and sickeningly sharp, but he couldn’t remove them from his face.


And then it was quiet. Had that been everyone? He was tired and fell asleep, only to be awakened by a loud bang.


‘Alright, bitch,” roared Niki from somewhere in the room. “Your ass is mine now.”


“Just tie his wrists together, Carmen.”


It was Kyle’s plan to break free as soon as his arm was free. But Carmen wasn’t about to loosen both restraints. She loosened one and before Kyle realized what was happening, had affixed it to the other one.


“Aren’t I free now?” asked Kyle.


“Yeah right,” laughed Jacklyn. “You might have pleased the others, but we have higher standards.”


“I did everything you wanted.”


“Well, Niki’s been looking forward to this,” explained Carmen as she untied his wrists from the post. “And we weren’t going to let her down by voting to let you go free instead of with her.” His wrists remained tied together and his eyes blindfolded. He couldn’t have bolted from the room naked and blindfolded. He had no choice but to follow them.


“Get up,” yelled Niki. And Kyle, his hands tied before him, struggled to his feet before someone tripped him. The girls laughed.


“So pathetic,” remarked Niki. “I guess he wants to get back on the floor to smell our feet.”


The scent of unwashed, sweaty feet greeted his nose just seconds before someone’s warm toes slithered over his face. He got to his feet while the others laughed. When would his humiliation end? Where was the pity? And why was it going from bad to worse all the time?


“This is going to be awesome,” remarked Niki as she kicked him from the room. “Now we do what I want.”


The girls attached a collar to his neck. The collar was attached to a leash which the girls seemed to enjoy using, dragging him downstairs by the neck, past Karen and her friends and into the kitchen where they proceeded to pilfer the contents of the fridge.


“He must be hungry.”


“I don’t care.”


“Are you hungry?” asked Carmen as she removed a container of what appeared to be mashed potatoes. She then sat down, placed the container on the floor and removed her clunky heel, revealing the torn stocking over her stinking foot. She then opened the container and proceeded to dip her toes into the mashed potatoes before removing her foot, covered in food, for Kyle.


“If you’re hungry, eat.”


Kyle was starving. He couldn’t remember when he last ate. There was nothing to think about and he eagerly lapped at the food from over and between Carmen’s dirty toes. The other girls whooped it up, grappling with other food items to feed him.


“Can you believe this guy?” observed Carmen.


It was degrading, but Kyle was beyond thinking about degradation. And when Carmen presented another filthy sole covered in food, he lapped it up enthusiastically. Even the cream cheese on Niki’s toes was inviting and he licked it off.


“That’s so gross,” observed Jacklyn as she watched Kyle eagerly clean the cream cheese from Niki’s toes. Kyle didn’t care. He needed food.


“And I thought you thought my feet were nasty,” said Niki with a smile. “And they are nasty. But if you can stand them.”


The girls laughed. They knew what had happened to him. He’d become their slave. But did he realize that?